10 Shoes Styles To Wear This Summer

10-shoes-styles-for-summer (2)You know the saying, ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world’? Well designers have certainly put their minds this season to prove this saying right (as if it needed more proving) and to make us more financially irresponsible when it comes to shoes. Like that was possible.

Of course it was. Doh. 10 pairs of shoes for this summer is not such a big deal, especially since some of these styles we already own. Who’s to say we can’t buy extra though? Different colors. Different textures. I mean, Victoria Beckham buys the same dress in every possible color, cause… it’s not the same dress if it’s a different shade. DOH.

Same goes for shoes ladies. 10-shoes-styles-for-summer (2)I think we can all agree, when it comes to the feet-adorning-expensive-ludicrously-sexy-versus-comfy-soles-with-a-body, ALL women love to spend, and own as many pairs as there are days in a year. Designers know this. So do retail chains. And it seems as if this summer there’s a fashion conspiracy to make us bankrupt in fabulous shoes. Almost ALL styles are IN, and sitting this one out would be such a shame. So let’s get this thing rolling and see which shoes we MUST buy and wear this summer. SPOILER: the best ones have made the cut, from comfy to impossibly sexy, YET other styles are not excluded. With one amendment though, they must make us feel like a sartorial connaisseur/bitch-I-own-this-look! – on heels or not.10-shoes-styles-for-summer10-shoes-styles-for-summer (6)1. SNEAKERS. They’ve been around since, well forever, but only for the past say… 4 years have they been in the fashion focus of things, paired with anything that crosses our minds from skirts to sequined dresses to suit trousers or sporty attire. (this of course is a no-brainer, but still stands the test of time). No longer a gym or geek’ish shoe, sneakers and trainers go to Fashion Weeks and even on the red carpets (hello Kristen Stewart!). This summer the white sneakers and thick soled ones are a massive hit as well as the bright styles that just pop against a completely mismatched outfit. sneakers-summer-stylessneakers-summer-styles (3)sneakers-summer-stylessneakers-summer-styles2. GLADIATOR SANDALS. This is not Sparta, but this is Fashion Land for sure. Romans meet Greeks on the streets of every town anywhere in 2014. Thin or slightly thick soled sandals made of thousands of straps that cage the feet all the way to the ankles or even knees – are the shoes to wear this summer if you wanna walk for miles, and miles, and miles, while looking very very chic. Black ones are quite the dark edgy statement, nude ones elongate of course, and white ones (in fewer straps) look kinda posh. Colored ones… I don’t fancy, but I’ll take gold or silver styles anytime. Heels too please. :) gladiator-sandals-summer-shoes-trendsgladiator-sandals-summer-shoes-trends (4)gladiator-sandals-summer-shoes-trends3. ESPADRILLES. Ah… the shoes of summer. Of course they’re back, and we already talked about styling them hereespadrilles-summer-shoes-2014 (4)espadrilles-summer-shoes-2014 (3)4. CHUNKY SHOES. It wouldn’t be the revival of the 90s without these ones, nor the heavy 70s influence going on for a while now. So boho-chic looks are IN. Well… it only makes more sense to go full-70s, or half-70-half-90s on this one, and do the chunky heeled sandals, the heavy looking shoes, the big square heels. You know, the ugly shoes that actually look great! chunky-shoes-summer-trend-street-stylechunky-shoes-summer-trend (3)chunky-shoes-summer-trend (2)chunky-shoes-summer-trend5. STILETTOS. Opposites coexist. Extremes meet. Contradictions give birth to great styles. It’s the season of all is in, so if you pass by a girl in 70s shoes on the street and then one in stiletto heeled pumps (you know, the classic ones Kim Kardashian is rarely seen without since her Kanye style period), keep walking, in your sneakers or ballet pumps. You’re not off-trend, and neither are they. Buuuut, I’l say this about the stiletto pumps trend: THANK GOD! We’ve been wearing them forever, and who the hell are we kidding, stilettos look so much better than chunky. And make ANY outfit look absolutely trendy. stilettos-summer-shoes-trend (2)stilettos-summer-shoes-trendstilettos-summer-shoes-trend (3)stilettos-summer-shoes-trend (4)stilettos-summer-shoes-trend (6)6. LACE-UP SANDALS. Err it’s stilettos and high-end gladiators reunion people. A party of luxe & fashion at your feet, which, we’ve already covered herelace-up-heels-shoes (2)lace-up-heels-shoeslace-up-heels-shoes (3)lace-up-heels-shoes (4)7. MULES. Ugly shoes, ugly shoes. (read this as if you sang: ‘smelly cat, smelly cat’). I started off spring with a slight meh for this trend. Today… (as it usually happens with me) I got bitch slapped by the very trend and woke up loving it. Wore mules once, shall wear them again. More on these shoes heremules-trend-summer-2014 (2)mules-trend-summer-2014 (5)mules-trend-summer-2014 (3)mules-trend-summer-2014 (4)8. BIRKENSTOCKS. Ooooooooh it’s the infamous shoe! Cindyfuckingrella-turned-queen-over-night shoe. I’m still in denial with this one, yet I bow to those who know how to wear the ugly sandal AND look great! More looks here. birkenstock-sandals (2)birkenstock-streetstyle-8009. ANKLE STRAP SANDAL. The sexy shoe was on a roll last summer and is still up high in the sky, trending big time. More on the hot as hell sandal here. Oh… and it goes with anything. Literally. ankle-strap-stiletto-sandals (2)ankle-strap-stiletto-sandals (3)ankle-strap-stiletto-sandals (4)ankle-strap-stiletto-sandalsankle-strap-stiletto-sandals10. CUTOUT BOOTS. Remember this post on summer boots? Well… the trend is still in, apparently, but more niche oriented. Errrr… sartorials only, cause seriously who else would wear heavy boots in summer? The look is absolutely fantastic for a more rocknoll edgier style, so why the hell not. cutout-boots-styles-for-summer (2)cutout-boots-styles-for-summercutout-boots-styles-for-summer (3)What shoes could you not live without, were you to choose?