It comes as no surprise that I adore clashing styles and experimenting with looks and clothing pieces that apparently don’t work together. So my 2012/2013 Fashion Resolution will be to just do it and try everything as long as it makes a style statement and looks cool & urban. For sometime now the parkas have been a huge fall & winter street trend, and thanks to some designers, such as Altuzarra for instance, this trend continues to be great. It never left the hot season in the first place. Remember those tiny, thin military green parka jackets? They did come in handy on some crispy cool evenings or mornings when heading out, and they continue to resist with stubbornness throughout the cold season of 2012/2013.

Parka Style & Look - 2013 Winter Trends
Parka Style & Look – 2013 Winter Trends; photo via Pintrest from

How to style your parkas? See parka look, inspired from above via

Parkas Looks & Styles Winter 2013
Parkas Looks & Styles Winter 2013

1. PARKA –; 2. BOOTS –; 3. BRACELETS –; 4. NECKLACE – pret-a-beaute-com; 5. WHITE BAG –; 6. PARKA –; 7. JUMPER –; 8. BAG –; 9. SHADES – polyvore; 10. BOOTS – Tumblr;  11. PARKA –; 12. DENIM SHORTS –; 13. SWEATER –; 14. NECKKLACE –;

More Parka Street Style Looks that I love:

Parka Styles & Looks - 2013 Winter
Parka Styles & Looks – 2013 Winter; photo from Harper’s Bazaar

Longer or shorter hems, in blues, blacks, browns or greens, with or without the fur trimmings  – parkas give the I-so-don-t-care-how-I-look-vibe. A bit like Kate Moss or any model on their day off. My personal favorites are the military parkas (well, with military being a trend in itself, it was bound to hit the parkas too, right?in washed out green, fur trimmings & slightly oversized. Fantastic attire for work or going out, the parka can be thrown over silk blouses, T-shirts, jumpers, posh tops or grunge/vintage shirts. No fashion rule applies to this new It-Coat of 2012/2013 Winter Autumn so you’ll find it can give edge to a rather elegant or office attire outfit (shift dress, tights, boots, heels, flats, girly & feminine accessories). You can make it fun on a sexy night out: heels, skirts, shorts, tops of all cuts and designs. Personally I love how it looks with heels and grunge bootsleggings or skinny jeans, comfy cool jumpers or mini skirts. Of course I’d always throw a pile of jewelry, as nothing is too much for me in this area, and there you have it – a winter fashion that keeps us warm and looks fabulous.

Parka Look - Street Style
Parka Look – Street Style; via pinmarklet from
Parka Look - Street Style, Winter 2013
Parka Look – Street Style, Winter 2013, via pintrest &
Parka Look - Street Style
Parka Look – Street Style, via pinmarklet &

From the streets to the celebrities, it’s a look bound to be big. The truth is they’ve big quite common for a while now, I mean I can still picture Mr. Liam Gallagher rocking the stage in his long green parka while singing with Oasis, back in the day. Hmm, I wonder if we could hold the rock-stars responsible for this fashion come-back? Will we give the parka a fashion-for-the-winter-boost or will we tire of it pretty soon?

Celebrities in Parkas; Looks & Styles
Celebrities in Parkas; Looks & Styles, via Pintrest, from
Olivia Palermo Parka Look
Olivia Palermo Parka Look; photo via Pintrest
Olivia Palermo Parka Look & Style
Olivia Palermo Parka Look & Style; photo via pintrest

Where To Get The Parka Looks from?

Alexander McQueen Hooded Padded Cotton-Twill Parka via Net-a-Porter; €891.51

Alexander Mcqueen Parka - 2013 Winter Fashion
Alexander Mcqueen Parka – 2013 Winter Fashion; photo via

ASOS Oversized Hooded Parka, via; €112.92

Asos Parka
Asos Parka; photo via

Burberry Raccoon-trimmed cotton-blend Parka; via Net-a-Porter; €1,150

Burberry Parka
Burberry Parka; photo via

H&M Parka; photo via; £39.99

H&M Parka
H&M Parka; photo via h&

River Island Faux Fur Collar Parka; photo via; €134.09

River Island Parka
River Island Parka; photo via


  1. Hi! I’m just wondering if you know where the parka in the very first picture (with the blonde girl in the sweater & shorts) is from? I love it!


  2. I really like this parka, green with the furry inside. Would love to know where I can purchase e-mail address is meme_boy2005 thanks.

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  6. Hi! does anyone know who the girl in the first picture is? Is she a model/actress? or what the brand of the first parka is? it looks absolutely stunning!!!!


  7. thank you for the post! have no clue how I got to the website but my long search of finding a good parka for a canadian winter is now over 🙂

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  13. Aha! Perfect timing because I just bought a parka. Only it’s more for fall… so now I definitely need one of those with the fur trim. Hey I guess that means I need to go shopping….

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