High Gladiator Sandals – Trend Alert For Spring! Do You Love The Strappy Shoe Style?

When last season at Fashion Week the catwalks were invaded with high-gladiator sandals I couldn’t help but wonder if  they’re all mad, and couldn’t contain my skepticism as to how successful these retro-futuristic shoes were gonna be… All this, not due to my blunt dislike (no way!) au contraire. Questioning their trend-feature simply came from my mistrust in […]

How To Create A Perfect Working Area? Home Office Ideas For Inspiration!

Today I feel like straying away from fashion (for just a tiny bit) and share with you some of my ideas, thoughts or latest fads in interior design. Actually home office spaces & design to be more specific. My future husband and I are considering buying a bigger house in one year time so you can […]

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What Are The Biggest Hair Trends For 2013? Get Some Color Inspiration…

When it comes to hair this season, forget haircuts and hairstyles and focus on color or better yet coloring techniques that are uber hot in 2013! What am I rambling about? Why it’s the Hair Veiling & the Color Flipping Trends, that will supposedly be replacing the Dip-Dyed Hair. Well… I’d rather they add up to the […]

Will The Checkered Obsession Take Over This Spring? YES Or NO To The Checkerboard Print Trend?

Apparently 2013 Spring is bringing to the spotlight a trend I am quite reticent to… The Checkerboard Print Trend. Responsible for the fashion victims turned clowns over night is none other than Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton with his 2013-2014 Spring /Summer collection. Remember last fall at fashion week in Paris when the runway was […]

Sweatshirts For Spring 2013! How To Style The Luxe Sweatshirt Look?

Ever since Proenza Schouler, Marc Jacobs or Balenciaga reinvented the sweatshirt for their 2012 fall collections, streets and savvy posh fashionistats can’t seem to get enough of the Sporty Chic Style: The Sweatshirt. Long gone are the days when this sporty attire was only gym appropriate (ha! can’t believe how far we’ve come). So I […]

Loafers For 2013 Spring? YES Or NO To The Comfy Shoe Trend?

As Spring slowly settles in and the sun graces us bit by bit with its beams, we slowly ditch our ankle boots & winter shoes for more summer’ish soles. And as every season has it… 2013 Spring will too bring us a new fashion trend. The Loafers, ladies! From the catwalk to the streets and […]


Street Styles At Fashion Week! Are We Obsessed With Beanies, Fedoras & Headscarves?

There are trends (born from the catwalk) and then there are Trends! The capital “T” is well deserved, as it is us… the non VIPs, the watchers or bloggers, the ones who work in fashion/arts/beauty who, upon attending fashion month, let loose on creativity and imagination, and quite frequently combine beauty with comfort. We dress up. Get photographed. […]

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Black & white for a colorful spring. Who’s up for a challenge?

by Ghintare Survilaite Yes, it’s almost spring and you can finally pull out from the closet your favorite colorful items…it’s the best way for you, fashionistas, to celebrate the arrival of this wonderful season. Actually spring is by far my favorite time of year, it’s all about sunny days, ice-cream, long walks and happiness…the joy […]

How To Nail It This Spring? Best Nail Trends For The Hot Season!

As we leave behind all the red carpet season with its repetitive blog posts and take a tiny break from fashion week, I’m so excited to write and share with you this post on 2013 Spring Trends! OK, so Spring might not be here yet (got my cold to remind me), but who says we […]


Scarves! Accessories To Play With & Jazz Up Your Style!

Article by Ghintare Survilaite Accessorizing your outfit is one of the best ways to personalize it and stand out from the crowd even wearing pretty regular clothing items. It’s not expensive either… of course, if you’re not a pashmina fan. You can choose from a high variety of scarves, having different textures, prints and fabrics to suit your wardrobe […]