#ShopTheLook: The Wrap Dress

Years and years since it was invented – thank you DVF! – the wrap dress is still the holy grail of style. To this day it remains the most flattering cut, the most appropriate style, and the most versatile. Easy to wear, to put on, and take off (#MondayCheekiness) it can easily go from office […]

6 Major Prints To Wear In 2017: How Are They Any Different From Past Prints?

A very long time ago prints were all over the place, and Olivia Palermo was the queen of prints alongside Blake Lively and the Gossip Girl squad. To be honest prints were the one style gimmick you could pull off and get away with being a slob, or a fashion ignoramus. Fashion Week streets were […]


Get A Jump On Hairstyle Trends for Fall

You’re in an exclusive club of women if you’ve had the same hairstyle ever since you were a little girl. A British study reports that only 6% of women have never changed their styles at all, while more than three times that many say they change theirs just about every single year. The study goes […]

The One Shoulder Trend

Monday morning. Tired af. Can’t bother with fashion, but still doesn’t wanna look like a slob. #lifestruggles Therefore raises hand to ask question. “Uhm… is there one style trick to make me look put together, sophisticated and basically like I made an effort, but actually haven’t?” “Yes, replied Fashion in her jaded bored kinda way. […]

Ribbons & Bows: The Detail Trend Of 2017!

The moment a trend that is even remotely preppy rises like a bloody Phoenix, I panic. At the first sight of ribbons and bows last spring I thought nothing of it – at first –  just a poor case of trying to bring back preppy style. So I concluded it all with a pfff! Phulease. […]

Tea Dresses: The #1 Dress For All Body Types & All Occasions!?

Beach dress. Check. Office dress. Check. Cocktail dress, weekend dress, date night dress, flirty dress, preppy dress. Check, check check, check. If you think I’m throwing around words, you’re wrong. Reaching adulthood (#eyeroll) has also made me reach some new sartorial conclusions: staples will always beat trends, and trends are better when they come from […]

#OOTD: White Dress X Stiletto Sandals

Do you ever get those annoying fashion headaches that usually begin with random subtle throughs of what to wear to … (*insert occasion)? Yeah. Me too.  If you’re in the following situations please note a white dress and stiletto sandals will be your style salvation! (standing ovation). summer cocktail party bride or bride to be, […]


3 Office Outfits For Summer With Clothes You Already Have!

Sometimes you love to dress up, and lay out your office outfits for summer 3 days in advance, but sometimes you just can’t be bothered. It’s fine. I mean somewhere between not falling asleep fast enough on Sunday, and that Monday blues and never-enough-coffees who gives a shite about fashion anyway? What to wear suddenly […]

Office Shoes: Can We Actually Wear Slippers (Slides) To Work?

Who’s with me on this one? Okay, truth be told I go back and forth between slaying in stiletto heels as high as my ego, and wearing flip-flops with a power suit? Btw, can I do that? By the looks of fashion for the past 3 years we kinda can do whatever the hell we […]


How To Wear The Denim Skirt In 2017 Like A Grown-Up?

Somewhere between the 90’s and the 2000’s you broke hearts in this skirt. You wore it to high-school a la Beverly Hills 90210, to college a la Twin Peaks style, to parties a la Justin & Britney Denim Love Homage. That mini denim skirt was your best friend. the staple of a very grungy, slightly […]