Are Ripped Jeans Still Cool In 2017?

There was a time I thought ripped jeans were like the holy grail of cool style. Then, as years passed me by so did this thought. Truth is,  when my dad asked me to go with him on a family visit and specifically asked me to not wear ripped jeans, worried and wandering whether or […]

Fur Shoes: This Summer’s Biggest Shoe Trend?!

Everyone stand up and let’s give fashion its well deserved standing ovation. I swear I LOVE fashion. I adore makeup, clothes, sexy heels, beautiful looks. So in all this pretty world, where do fur shoes stand? And, more importantly where do we stand towards them? Truth is, some trends we love, and some we hate. […]

Online Shopping: Hottest Deals Of The Week!

Do you ever wanna just random shop? Like legit fantasise about all the online shopping deals in the world and put in all in your cart? Valentino shoes on sale, Chloe bag, Topshop flirty dresses, MAC lipstick… sigh. I got your back though. As an obsessed human with fashion, online shopping, IRL shopping, and sales […]

5 Jackets For Summer: Tips & Tricks To Summer Layering!

Okay, by the looks of it there’s gonna be no summer this year. Best case scenario we’ll have a cool summer, and I don’t mean that in the hip-hip-hooray kinda way.  Just plain ugly cold. So… why fight it when we can embrace the perks of cool days with a dash of summer crisp? Hello […]


Summer Fashion for Men – Infographic

It’s always girls we have the fashion talk for, but the men in our lives love clothes and looking hot and cool just as much as we do. If not more, actually. So once the sun’s out and the sky’s brighter the summer fashion for men talk is due. What do men wear this summer? […]

Butt Ripped Jeans: From Instagram To The Streets!?

Some trends you do over and over, some you sit out, and some… you do in your imagination. With every Instagram scroll not one day goes by that a peachy butt cheek says hello from under some cool jeans with a very well placed under-butt cut. The butt ripped jeans is a look, if not […]

2017 Coachella Fashion: Best Summer Outfits To Copy

2017 coachella fashion

You know those internet memes in which some sketched stig figure with mermaid hair and long legs is swamped under piles of work, on her 3,945,345 cup of coffee, going through 45,056,978,098 unanswered emails, getting no work done, but endlessly pinning nails and 2017 Coachella fashion outfits? The said sketch depicts moi 100% on any […]

Easter Egg: Styles & DIY Ideas

Holidays are for two main things: pigging out on food and drinks, and lazying like a slob. Somewhere in between come the social innuendos (which hopefully lead to more food and booze), and the occasional fashion situations, triggered by the necessary socialising, which require clothes. Either way you’re fucked. Easter Holidays, while they’re not too […]

Off The Shoulder Tops: How To Wear This Spring’s Sexy Trend?

Off the shoulder tops

There are hot looks that stop traffic and cause excessive sweating on the lookers, and then there are the subtle sexy looks, that seems even better by lack of excessiveness or something. When it comes to alluring trends for 2017 Spring/Summer off the shoulder tops is by far a fave one among designers, Instagramers, bloggers, […]

Hoodies For Women: Fashion’s Favourite Trend

You know those outfits you wear without any sartorial connotations? Yeah I know it’s a hard one, but I’m sure there are a few, like sweatpants, t-shirts you wear around the house, or hoodies for women when you workout or go shopping. Little did we know the things we take for granted are the most […]