How To Wear Combat Boots AND Look Chic & Feminine?

Yes I am actually asking this question for self-interest reasons if anything. Shocking, I know, but I do sometimes feel that slightly masculine pieces – aka combat boots – make me feel maybe less gracious or something. Not all the time. But sometimes certain items, like wearing big chunky otherwise very cool boots, feels overwhelming. […]


Can We Wear Sweats Outside The House Or The Gym? HOW?!

Are sweats the new jeans? Are they so trendy and versatile we can literally trade any outfit for a sweats outfits and pull it off anywhere, and everywhere? Regardless of age, season, or personal style? Hmmmm. People… I am inclined to say YES to all the above, except maybe office days. Yeah. Those don’t work […]


Are Plaid Pants The Best Trend Of 2018 Or What?!

The biggest, the best, better than the rest. Everyone sing with me. No? Okay. (feels embarrassed, sits down) While I might be getting slightly ahead of myself here, with the singing and all, the fact is every now and then fashion is just amazing. How it takes one ugly or boring item and makes it […]

3 Weekend Outfits To Copy ASAP!

Sartorial lovers never sleep. In fact they use ‘relaxing-moments’ such as the weekend, as excuses for more fashion adventures. It’s not my case of course, as I’d rather live in sweats all day every day. Cool looking sweats, but sweats nonetheless. However, sometimes even slobs like myself need a little fashion jazz awakening. So weekend […]

Shopping For Maternity Style: What To Buy?

I am of course talking about myself here. And clothes. How un-selfish of me, I know. Truth of the sartorial matter is I’ve tip toed around my maternity style for 6 months, debating weather or not I should invest in some maternity clothes, or given that I’m still sort of the same size’ish… I can […]

The Ultimate Hairstyle Trends For 2018

2018 in three words. Bold. Creative. Beautiful. It’s the start of the year, and the pressure is on to begin things right. Whatever happened in 2017 is history, and we’re starting on a clean slate. Time to break a sweat to lose all the holiday food-munching, time to quit that job you hate to pursue […]

Interview Outfit & Career Goals: How To Dress For Interviews?

Turns out graduating from college was the easy part – now you actually have to land that job you’ve been training for over the past 4 (plus) years. Selling yourself on paper to an employer who doesn’t yet know the glory that is you is hard. Convincing them in an interview that you are the […]


Belt Bags & Fanny Packs: 2018 Fashion Trends!

If you feel weird wearing no bag, Fashion doesn’t care. I wrote this tiny intro few days back #editorialcalander and what do you say, what do you know… things have already changed. You can say all you want about Madame Le Fashion but you can’t say she ain’t moving fast. Lemme shed some light: While […]


New Year… New Jewellery Trends!

You might have thought of some great New Year’s resolutions ready for a fresh start in 2018, or you may simply be continuing into the new year as normal, with no major changes needed. However, there is one thing you should be doing in 2018 and it relates to your ever-expanding wardrobe. And new jewellery […]

Pregnancy Style: Non-Maternity Dresses!

If I had a dime for every time I heard ‘just wait till your pregnant’, I’d probably be half rich. (some of those were true). For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram – YES, I’m pregnant with a little baby girl, and we’re really happy and blessed and excited for all this […]