How To Wear White Jeans The Right Way?

I’ve said it time and again: no matter how passé or obnoxious an item is, if you have style you will make it work. Of course, the above statement addresses the style issue thang which we talked about here. Anyway… for some reason when it comes to white jeans I feel like as amazing as […]

Track Pants Trend: How To Wear Them From Casual To Office?

All hail to the Queen Fashion for the track pants trend! They say if you’ve lived long enough for a trend’s comeback don’t do it the second time around. First of all, who the hell is ‘they’, and second I don’t really care for this rule when it comes to the track pants trend. Back […]

Silk Scarf TOPS: A DIY Trick That’s Pure Fashion Gold!

Has your heart ever skipped a beat over a look that you feel will still be fabulous 100 years later, and felt like a damn Queen for having discovered it when no one else around you did? Ah, that style buzz you get… And then have you ever felt like you want to keep it […]

Activewear Shopping

You know I have this theory – when all is blue #Mondaylife, shop; when all is pink and rainbows, shop. Shopping, much like wine never fails us, yet unlike the latter we can splurge on it anytime, all the time. Add this mantra to the active life that’s so fashionably IN these days and you […]

Best Bikinis For Tanning!

Being a summer girl through and through has its perks. #lifeinabikini Yes, I confess I love all beautiful guilty things of life, but most of all I love summer, and I basically live in a bikini four months a year. And I don’t even live by the ocean or the sea. Just have a pool […]

Dressy Pants. Are They The New Skirts Of 2017?!

Is Fashion starting to grow into this sophisticated woman, or what? Dressy pants are the new IT look, or trend if you will of 2017 summer. They crept up upon us like a sly spy and we love them even more for this not-in-your-face quality they hold. They’re so grown up, sophisticated, and incredibly sexy […]

#ShopTheLook: The Wrap Dress

Years and years since it was invented – thank you DVF! – the wrap dress is still the holy grail of style. To this day it remains the most flattering cut, the most appropriate style, and the most versatile. Easy to wear, to put on, and take off (#MondayCheekiness) it can easily go from office […]

6 Major Prints To Wear In 2017: How Are They Any Different From Past Prints?

A very long time ago prints were all over the place, and Olivia Palermo was the queen of prints alongside Blake Lively and the Gossip Girl squad. To be honest prints were the one style gimmick you could pull off and get away with being a slob, or a fashion ignoramus. Fashion Week streets were […]


Get A Jump On Hairstyle Trends for Fall

You’re in an exclusive club of women if you’ve had the same hairstyle ever since you were a little girl. A British study reports that only 6% of women have never changed their styles at all, while more than three times that many say they change theirs just about every single year. The study goes […]

The One Shoulder Trend

Monday morning. Tired af. Can’t bother with fashion, but still doesn’t wanna look like a slob. #lifestruggles Therefore raises hand to ask question. “Uhm… is there one style trick to make me look put together, sophisticated and basically like I made an effort, but actually haven’t?” “Yes, replied Fashion in her jaded bored kinda way. […]