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Holiday Shopping Deals: My Fave Fashion Hub!

The worst thing about holiday season is that shops are usually closed. The best part about holiday season, is that online – life goes on. And on it goes in the most brilliant way, assuming you love fashion, and are a bit of a sartorial shopping addict who enjoys the inherent online best buys debauchery over a glass of prosecco. Or maybe two, or three. Ah crap, make that a bottle. Those who know me know that among many, many, many, many waaaay too many guilty pleasures I have a case of massive obsession with sales and online hubs that have it all. Fashion wise. Like – I’d rather go to a shopping website that has all the best brands and designer goods from coats and dresses to shoes and bags, from posh and smart wear to activewear. It’ll save me more time and also…