Undercut – The Haircut All MEN Should Get!

The biggest hairstyle of all times – the undercut – makes all men look hot as hell. TheΒ UNDERCUTΒ seems to be the one haircut and men hairstyle that’s been going on for quite sometime, reminiscent of those 1940’s dapper looks. What is the UNDERCUT? “I’d like to shave my head, but still have long hair please.” No problem. In a nutshell it’s :Β shaved on the sides and long in the front hairstyle. Say what you will about it, truth is, it’s got so many options, from super edgy to toned down, from extravagant to office appropriate, it’s so versatile and flattering on most face shapes – that it’s no wonder boys are getting it like crazy. Boys, if you rock the undercut, or you did in the past, kudos!Β If not, what the hell are you waiting for? Maybe you feel it’s ubiquitous hence boring? No such…