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Why Strappy Heels Are The Perfect Shoes For Your NYE Party Outfit?

I know NYE parties usually happen in late December. I know that’s winter, and I know it’s usually too cold for anything other than puffer coats and comfy boots, BUT when we talk the biggest party of the year, we need the best shoes in the world. Which are always any kind of high heels.  And yes, for the record, in my book those usually are strappy heels. No shoe in the world will ever be as sexy and as ready to party and look glamorous like a strappy heel. Whether it’s minimal, super luxurious, opulent, adorned with details, edgy, chunky, dainty, black, nude, red, or bright shades of God knows what colour – strappy heels oomph up any party outfit and give it that holiday sparkling and sexy vibe to it. And they look great with anything. OR they make anything look great. But then…