rihanna red carpet dress


Evening Glamour: What To Wear To Break Hearts & Turn Heads?

If attending red carpet events is your your cup of tea you will LOVE this read. If it’s not, but you need the glam in your life to go with your fab self, again… scroll down. If you hate the glam and the events, but you need a beautiful dress for a special occasion that does not allow your jeans go-to outfit… ah! you’re in luck with this post. You see, however you look at it, at one point in our lives we all crave forΒ Oscar red carpet dresses. Some more than others. (who, me?!) Evening lights, luscious venues of white mixed with dark red and black decor. Β Stunning flowers, and velvet curtains, and big chairs, and marble floors. The sound of your heels, the sight of your long evening gown as you literally turn all party heads when you walk by them. Β Champagne flowing,…