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Individually. Connected. T-shirts.

#GuideToCool We’ve all got staples we love, and #ootd we obsess about, but I strongly believe that the T-shirt is the sartorial star behind a lot of our fashion daily choices. And when that choice is backed up by a special kinda message we wanna convey to the world, well… it don’t get no better. The title of this style-post is not random. Well, few things about me are. Actually no, not really. Anyway, there is a perfectly tailored meaning to the above. The T-shirts I’m wearing are designed by a Madrid fashion brand – Individually Connected – around the very idea of CONNECTIONS and how we’re all tangled and united in this life and world, or strive to be so, while keeping our individuality and unique razzamatazz as intact as we can. I LOVE this, and I love how beautiful and simple they convey…

Retro T-Shirts: The Coolest Tees Of 2016

There are trends you take and trends you leave for others to rock, you know. Yeah, me neither. At least not as many times as I’d like to. There’s this fucking uncontrollable urge I have to bloody sample all the looks I rant about here on FashionTag, so I go shopping and always end up broke, with clothes that barely fit my closet anymore, some still with a price tag on, just to show me how bad I actually needed them. Anyway, yesterday I did just that. Went shopping for… I can’t even remember what, and 2 hours later I had a few things in my bags that, today, upon post-redemption, got me thinking about the why’s behind the purchase. Lemme tell you. Among other things I bought some ugly slippers (Birkenstock inspired), a pair of incredibly ugly cropped jeans, that make me look ridiculous…