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PARKA: The Winter Coat ALL Men Should Wear

What is sexier than a beautiful man? A beautiful man in a parka. Duh.  If you think I forgot about men, you’re right I did. But thanks to friends and a nagging brother with a penchant for fashion I dedicate today to you: the boys who wanna know what jacket to wear this winter! And if you think the title is misleading with the ‘ALL men’, it’s not. So dad, yes, this one’s for you too. I really think, contrary to its disguising ubiquity – the PARKA coat is the most flattering and warmest coat of them all. And YES, men of all sorts look a bit better in it. Okay, they look hot, and probably feel hot as well. Tall, short, fat, thin, super sexy men, not so super sexy men, winter lovers, summer lovers – any, and all boys wear parkas. Or should…