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Men: What To Wear To New Year’s Eve Party?

I’m either a workaholic with a fashion-obsession-tendency or I’ve missed home and work a little bit too much, but frankly I couldn’t wait to get back to my writing. Another thing I did this past week was spend A LOT of time thinking about New Year’s Eve party outfits. The outcome? More ideas without any actual picked outfit yet, AND one more question to wonder about: DO MEN GO THROUGH THE SAME FASHION OUTFITS ORDEAL FOR NYE PARTY? And if so… why shouldn’t we be the ones to give ’em a hand you know. Okay, the last thing I’ll ever be is a men’s stylist, BUUUT I know a good looking man when I see one. And, as much as I’d like to say appearance counts less, well… my dearest boys, STYLE, let’s read that again, STYLE, is one motherfucker you have to own. Or…

Man Up Girls!

I have to say I think there’s just something so SEXY about a woman dressed in a man’s clothes, that it’sΒ irresistible. The sex identity game behind it, the idea of her stealing her man’s fashion attire or simply a well mastered ‘can’t be bothered attitude’ from her part, might make a girl appear sexier in a tuxedo than in an evening dress. Now all you girls who have never dressed in, or stole your BF’s clothes for a laid back afternoon, put your hands up. My point exactly. And since we’re all charged with the same crime, I have to ask: ”What is it about dressing in a man’s clothes that we simply can’t say no to?” Could it be the feeling of empowerment? Masculine sexuality? Whatever the case… one thing is certain. You can put a woman in a cotton sack and she’ll pull…