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Hottest 4 Coat Styles For MEN In 2015 Winter

As of recently every weekend seems to come with tons of material for me to write about the following week. And this weekend was no exception. Hell it was even better as I got menswear-topic-requests from none other than men. Ha. What do you say, what do you know? Our boys really do give a shit about what they buy and wear. Or maybe… such as my brother so bravely admitted, have no idea what to buy, hence the plea for a woman’s style guidance. Thank you. 😉 Come to think of it, the men I know seem to be less style clueless rather than the opposite, which only makes me throw them a great kudos and feel a bit of a bloody ignorant trying to play the menswear stylist here. Ah… worst case scenario, I have no clue, they have no clue, and it’s…