how to wear thigh high boots


9 TIPS: How To Wear Thigh-High-Boots With Dresses Or Skirts?

Uhm… sans looking like a professional ‘Pretty Woman’ who’s stuck in the 80s in latex and way too fitted mini dresses on an incredibly hot body nonetheless, with a beautiful head the size of a IRL barbie doll – perm curls, pink lipstick, blue eyeshadow et all. Three things the 80s bombshell borderline call-girl always seemed to have on: a lot of sass, a lot of hairspray, and a pair of thigh high boots. Fast forward a few decades and 2 things continue to reign the trendy sartorial world: sass, which is replaced by swag, so tomato tomato there, AND thigh-high-boots, the latter being still the hottest shoes in history, with the most epic superpower of them all – they can wowza any outfit in a millisecond, dressing up the most boring piece of shit you have on. On one condition: that you dare to…

2013 Autumn BOOTS! Thigh High All The Way. OR Not?

When Pucci showed their 2013/2014 Fall Winter collection, packed with hot heeled thigh high boots I was head over heels (and thigh) with this boot trend. But I can’t help and wonder if, ladies can we pull off the thigh high look on a daily basis? And if so, is there a limit (besides the over-the-knee) to this sometimes-too-sexy borderline BDSM look? First thing’s first though, when it comes to 2013 Boots Trend the high boots are getting a whole lot of attention (next to the motorcycle, cut-out boots, kitten heels, chunky heels, wedges, ankle boots, printed boots etc.), yet this sexed up look is not at all a new thing in our little fashion world. It’s been done before, almost every season, and it keeps coming back as if to just feed our sexy shoes obsession and keep us channeling our inner hotness. What…