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2017 Winter Trend: (Faux) Fur Coats

Once upon a time (faux) fur coats were quite a niche look: either super rich socialite, OR granny chic style you know. So if you secretly loved fur coats but were neither a grandma nor a rich socialite, and instead had a 9-5 job, a tube ride to work every day, and just a strong a penchant for fashion well then… too bad for you. Sometime circa 2013 though, fashion decided enough is enough! Everyone wants to look like a million bucks, and there are more gals out there who love luxe then those who don’t, and you really don’t need to wait until you make your first million, or reach the beautiful age of say 60 to be socially acceptable in a fur coat. Nope. So for the last 5 years or so fur coats have been the IT coats of winter, and 2017…

2017 COATS Trend: 5 Styles To Wear This Winter

Were it not for the little perks of winter – sartorial and holidays both – this season would not get a lot of likes had it had an Instagram profile. What is there to like? It’s cold, damp, hence the bad hair days and dry skin, it’s uncomfortable and gloomy. But it’s got great clothes, and hot chocolates, and cappuccinos served in cozy beds and cozy coffee shops, while wearing some autumn-winter perfect outfit made out of knits and soft fabrics, with always a coat over those perfect shoulders. No cold season is ever complete without coats. And if you’re one with a penchant for what’s HOT out there each season, the Q of what coats to wear in 2017 winter probably crossed your mind already. There’s no rocket science behind the trend-ish side of coats in 2017, ‘all is in’ pretty much remains the…