How Do You Like Your TRENCH COAT?

Beige, black, fitted, loose, crumpled or not, over time the Trench Coat has been all the above and so much more, while remaining a staple. With autumn settling in and the weather turning to its inconsistencies: warm, cold, windy, cloudy, rainy and sunshine (sometimes all in one day), we’re left in a tiny fashion predicament: What To Wear? And look good? The Trench Coat. D’ohh. Literally the best fashion invention and mixture of trendy & comfy – the gabardine Audrey Hepburn’ish piece will forever be our go-to transition coat.… >> Read more

Will East London’s Hackney Become The New ‘Fashion Hub’ In Town?

The New London Fashion Hub – Hackney; Street style; India, 18 year old model; via It comes to no surprise that East London has and will always be a synonym to art in all its forms, be it street, fashion, paintings, music etc. What better proof might one have than the street style over there or the hidden cool lofts designers live in (Christopher Kane or Giles Deacon used to live there). It’s Hackney! Underground, subversive, fun, colorful, gloomy, sunny, fashion forward, anti-fashion while being stylish and fashion all the way.… >> Read more

Backstage Peek Into London Fashion Week – Spring 2013!

Backstage London Fashion Week – Roksanda Ilincic; I’ve noticed how after each Fashion Week I tend to do an article and close-up on the street style of that particular fashion capital. Today though, I will venture into something else, as London Fashion Week has ended. So FashionTag will take you, my lovely readers from the British catwalks, behind the scenes of London Fashion Week Spring 2013. Though backstage peek is not a an estranged post to FashionTag… it has been a while, to be honest with you.… >> Read more

Street Luxe. True Fashion Lies In Details

Paris Kate Spade Chocolate-bar Bag
Have you noticed what always seems to catch your eye in an outfit or a person you see passing by on the street? It’s her bag. Her ring. Her bracelet. Nail polish. Necklace. Lipstick. Shoes. It’s always the details that make us turn heads. Or turn our heads. And why not, ’cause in the end no matter what you wear, regardless of brand or price tag when you add just the right piece – it makes all the difference. Sure we add our little, cost efficient items (but still so amazing) – while celebs and VIPs relish on (sometimes inappropriate) opulence and luxury.… >> Read more

The Trench Coat. Our 1st and Only True Love

When Renee Zellwegger wore a red trench coat for a dress on the red carpet in 2011 America’s fashion critiques were at a loss: praise or blast her. A reaction that must have resembled society after WWII, because it must have been more than their practicality that had all the post war ladies steal these smart and effortlessly chic looking coats from their husbands. Renee Zellweger in Red Carpet Dress Trench Coat post WWII Ladies in Trench Coats The trench coat designed somewhere between 1850 and 1901 by Burberry and Aquascutum was to become the world’s most sought after, trendy, classic piece.… >> Read more