Moda In Pelle’s Tips For 2012 – 2013 Autumn/Winter! ‘How To Wear Boots In Style This Season’!

With us Brits already being exposed to the cold weather which characterizes the winter season, finding ways to wrap up warm whilst still looking stylish has become a priority. While there is plenty of advice on hand for those in the market for a new coat or jumper, the world of footwear is largely overlooked – a travesty which we hope to overthrow. Naturally, the dominant item of footwear for the winter season is boots – offering a level of comfort and practicality rarely afforded in other styles of ladies shoes.… >> Read more

Leather Takes Over Autumn Winter 2012-2013! S&M Trend?

Leather Trend – Autumn Winter 2012-2013; Diane von Furstenberg; photo via Have we all gone mad with the Fifty Shades Of Grey bestseller? Or do designers long for those grunge looks of the past? Whatever the case one thing is certain. In 2012-2013 Autumn & Winter we are all plunging into a Gothic glamour and elegance and giving in to obsessive looks of Bad Girls. Collections from the most classic designers took this S&M road, with leather trousers, jackets, straps, belts, gloves.… >> Read more

Head Wraps Fashion Trend. Celebrities & Street Style

London Street Style
Whether inspired by pin up beauties, 1960’s movie stars, ethnic cultures, fashion shows or even celebs – head wraps are so hot right now! I’m seeing so many beautiful sexy edgy styles of this trend in London that I have declared it the next street trend! Who copied it from who I have no idea. And it doesn’t really matter does it?  Celebs got some inspiration from edgy nonchalant street trendsetters and we get courage and ideas from the rich and famous!… >> Read more

The Trench Coat. Our 1st and Only True Love

When Renee Zellwegger wore a red trench coat for a dress on the red carpet in 2011 America’s fashion critiques were at a loss: praise or blast her. A reaction that must have resembled society after WWII, because it must have been more than their practicality that had all the post war ladies steal these smart and effortlessly chic looking coats from their husbands. Renee Zellweger in Red Carpet Dress Trench Coat post WWII Ladies in Trench Coats The trench coat designed somewhere between 1850 and 1901 by Burberry and Aquascutum was to become the world’s most sought after, trendy, classic piece.… >> Read more