2017 golden globes red carpet


2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

A little longer than one week into 2017 and a lot has happened. Like the 2017 Golden Globes, with a red carpet that left me a little disappointed at first, but then kinda grew on me. Maybe I have high standards, or maybe my life is beyond boring but I was not blown away by any dress or look. Certainly not at first sight. So… with no coup de foudre happening I decided to sit on it, and let it sink in a bit before I start ranting about it. And so I did. Meanwhile I realized Brad Pitt was at the globes, so for me that was it. sigh. Three days later the world wide web is talking more about Meryl Streep’s and Ryan Gosling’s speeches than the red carpet Golden Globes. Have we grown up? I must say…. I did cringe a little…