2014 bob hairstyles


Hairstyles Talk: The LOB VS The EXTRA LONG Hair

Not long after I did this post everyone started chopping off their locks, in what seemed to have been the Miley syndrome. So, as our mouths and egos got bigger and bigger our locks got smaller and smaller. Yeah, the undercut slash the soccer mom (JLAW I’m looking at you!) are making waves in the hairstyle world, but more so than these, are the LOBS.Β  What the hell is a LOB? A somewhat longer version of the bob. In 2013-2014 any version of the bob haircut is a massive hit from medium length (just above the shoulders) to super short (see Beyonce or Ciara), with or without bangs, blunt or layered, straight, wavy or curly.Β It’s said to be the most versatile haircut, to fit any woman, any face shape, any style any whatever. And if you have straight hair it’s said to be the shit.Β Well……