Fashiontag-blogWeekends come with the inherent relax/hangover moods but also tons of casual-fun-styling opportunities, when our fashion monster is out and we can wear whatever the hell we please. Or we can just as well not give a crap for once, but still manage to have that cool effortless vibe going on. HOW? 

Easy. Peasy. Statement Jewellery. Or just fun accessories. The BLING has this hidden secret power that it can make absolutely any, I repeat ANY outfit look amazing. I know I’m slightely biased on this one, as a bling addict, but I’ve noticed that even if you don’t pile on jewellery like a mad jewellery-piler (for lack of better word), and you just choose to keep it simple, it still works. The secret power. You know. My new crush and secret accessories weapon to get the job done is Rings and Tings. (click here to check out the fab shop. well worth it.) rings-and-tings-braceletsWhen they gifted me with 3 amazing pieces I was so happy. Thank you. <3 Now (after 2 weeks of wearing them)… let me just say, ecstatic does not begin to cover my mood. I LOVE their pieces, and I wear them almost all the time, with the risque of being fashion redundant. But I just can’t help myself. rings-and-tingsThe Necklace (see it or get it here). It got so many compliments and I’ve worn it with anything, as both a dare and love affair towards it. And it looks amazing with anything from a plain T-shirt, to an office silky top & blazer. Sweaters, jersey tops, dresses – this gold & black dramatic feminine piece blends in perfectly with any outfit. ringsandtings-statement-necklace-FashionTagQuality? Check. (I’ve worn it sooo many times and it’s still as good as new). Shipment? Super fast. Price? Too good to be true, but it is. Length? Adjustable, so you can wear it longer or super close around your neck. Choker style.

More necklaces here.

fashionTag-street-styleThe Earrings (see & get them here). I’ve always wanted statement yet quite classy earrings. I love dangling pieces, as it feels they’re enough of a statement without being too much. I’ve worn mine with one of those baseball type jerseys and loved the style clashing. Then with a dress and a smart top. But for today’s post I’ve just piled them all together for a chop-chop shooting and just to see how this too-much-bling-thing looks and feels. ringa-and-tings-earringsjewellery-style-post-for-rings-and-tings-by-fashiontagNot too bad. It felt edgy-glam and kinda cool a little bit. But then again, when it comes to bling, nothing is too much for me. 😉

More earrings here.  dana-cristina-straut-rings-and-tingsrings-and-tings-earrings-by-dana-cristinastyling-rings-and-tings-jewellery-fashiontagThe Bracelet (see & get it here). It’s a 3 piece bracelet: 1 coin charms, 1 silver crystals, and a thick golden black one. They look great together or separate, but I love them all on the same wrist for a cool piled effect. And yes silver and gold go great together.

More bracelets here.  rings-and-tings-bracelets-dana-cristinawearing-rings-and-tings-necklace-braceletThese are my Rings and Tings goodies, but let me tell you their shop is a heaven for us fashion lovers. They’ve got TONS of fabulous jewellery, incredibly affordable. Colored, silver, gold, fun, funky, elegant, edgy, rock, glamorous, modern, classy – from necklaces, to rings, to bracelets, to earrings – they’ve got it all. dana-cristina-straut-fashion-tag-rings-and-tingsrings-and-tings-dana-cristinstrautBling, be it statement or not, is the best style investment a girl can make. Definitely one of my fave online shops.

See for yourself here. 


Have a lovely weekend! xoxo


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