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Every week we keep talking about new fashion trends, new ideas to mix and match clothes and rules to follow or break… but how about we talk about a style you can always adopt, no matter what – The Retro Style! The only thing is, it has to match your personality, not everyone can be retro, but if you feel that this fashion style can fit into your wardrobe than you don’t have to wait for a famous designer to state that you have to dress vintage one season or another, you just have to buy the right pair of big sunglasses, a pleated skirt, a polka dot dress or a nice pair of flared trousers. These and many other items are the distinguishing elements of the retro style. 111111111111tumblr_ly9ahvrCSE1qhefpco1_1280soft-retro-lookretro-style-60s-dressLook how beautiful are these women wearing over-the-knee dresses. You don’t have to necessarily show a lot of skin to look good. Choose a colorful dress, vintage heels or sandals to wear with socks and there will be nobody as retro as you’ll be. Just remember a small rule: don’t wear flats with over-the-knee dresses if you are a mignon 😉 retro-style-taylor-swiftretro-lookretro-trenddita-von-teese-retro-styleretro-style-fashionretro-styleTo be sincere I never liked printed trousers (any kind of print), but if you know how to wear them and add the right accessories you can pull off a nice outfit. fashion-trendAs you already noticed, retro style includes garments and accessories that are characteristic of old times, but you can wear them also in combination with current clothing. Here are some street-style examples of how these girls managed to match retro or vintage with up-to-date trends, like black & white or even better into a striped black & white outfit. retro-style-hatstreet-style-retroretro-chicretro-style-look

By the way….Happy Women’s Day for all of you, gorgeous 😉


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  3. I love all the outfits you’ve chosen except the last one, only because I’m not a fan of flared blue jeans. I love vintage, though. It’s pretty much always in style if you keep it updated!

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