florals-stripesWhen in doubt, practice what you preach. That’s what I thought when I was gifted by Persunmall with this amazing floral bomber jacket and super stylish striped blouse, and I found myself asking the ever daunting question of “How should I wear them?”

‘Question no more’, cried the fashion schizophrenic inside my head, ‘and just do the very first thing that pops into your mind’. Ha! I’d wear them both, at the same time. stripes-and-floralsBoth are trendy. Both I adore. Both are rocked separately and together by sartorial lovers all over the world wide web. And so I did, only to find myself at the end of a week of which I’ve practically lived in these 2 items worn separately as well as together, not just in love with them, but having a major epiphany: they’re my new staples.


Easy peasy. Cause they go with everything, and if you dare me, I swear I could rock the shit out of my chiffon black and white striped blouse in all seasons (click here to see it & get it). 13persunmall-look-chiffon-blouseActually, as I’ve worn it with black jeans & black ankle boots one day, and the next with bright pink skinnies, it hit me: I can’t wait for those Celsius degrees to start boiling up so that I (1) stop freezing my ass, and (2) wear this incredibly silky and slippery blouse that’s got a wrap V-neck design, with shorts and skirts right after a day spend in the sun or at the beach. It’s fabric feels sooo luscious and luxurious and keeps you cool that I really can’t wait to nail the after-the-beach-evening-relaxed look. black-and-white-striped-blouse-style11stripes-blouse-lookOf course until then I’m just gonna keep on wearing it everywhere cause it goes with any bottom, from super office and smart or sophisticated & feminine to edgy or glam. I love the print (doh. I have a stripe addiction so… ) and the fabric is exquisite. I know it’s like the 3rd time I’ve said that, but yeah… it’s true.

If it looks a bit large, that’s cause it is. Scared of not nailing the right size I thought I’d go a number up, so I did. Tip for you: in case you wanna get it, get the right size. 😉

I don’t mind it oversized, though. It’ll be great for those fat days. Get the look here.  persunmall-blousestripes-chiffon-blouseBeing rather chilly this past few days I was in luck that I could just throw on, over the above staple, my new bomber jacket (click here to get it). It’s got floral prints!!! I love love love it. It’s not too thick, so it’s more of a spring, late summer, early autumn attire. It looks great with just about anything from long tops to cropped styles, from jeans to skirts or shorts. fashiontag-bomber-jacketfloral-bomber-jacketI love it paired with the stripe blouse, cause it looks more chic. It’s got a bit of that fashion chaos you don’t really get, but instantly fall for. Mismatched prints? Well… they’re the best, cause fashion is about having fun, right? I love its bright pink/red’ish flowers against its black background. It makes this jacket easy to style and quite exotic in a very edgy kinda way. persunmall-bomber-jacket (2)street-style-bomber-jacketpersunmall-bomber-jacketTo have an idea of how much I adore this new staple let me just say this: since I got it, I haven’t worn my leather jacket anymore. And I love leather. I feel kinda guilty about it, but floral bomber? Seriously, I’d be mad to not mix it and mismatch it with every single top in my closet. Get the look here.  persunmall-lookbomber-andstripesFor more styles, to get the look, or just to browse, check out their shop. Fashion alert: they’ve got some amazing style bargains and fashion must-haves. 😉 Shop away, lovelies! Right here:  Persunmall shop


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