pandora-beadsFor a while now FashionTag has been chatting with British brand Steffans and so we were introduced to Pandora jewellery – a brand that was founded in 1982 in Copenhagen Danemark. And what caught our eyes with the now internationally known jewellery brand, was their exquisite combination of fine high quality design, beauty of the hand crafted jewellery and the modern design of their itemsstylish & very classy pieces in glittering silver & gold and expensive stones. With the Holiday season here and Christmas a couple of weeks ahead we’re all going a bit mad over what to buy our family & friends, or our colleagues for the Secret Santa at the office. Then, given that you’ve figured out what to get them, it’s a matter of where to buy it from & making the time to go shopping. Oh my… a bit of a holiday chaos isn’t it? Sure some of us may love spending time going from shop to shop during the winter holiday craze… but we may not have too much time on our hands, so… I was quite pleasantly surprised with the Pandora gift ideas! Their online store at Steffans is literally packed with all the fashion and style bits from the world of jewellery. (click here to shop)

Pandora11Autumn-Winter Pandora Sterling Silver Ice Skate Charm –  £30.00

2. Pandora Sterling Silver Christmas stocking charm – £25.00

3. Pandora Sterling Silver Red Enamel Love Letter Bead –  £35.00

4. Pandora Sterling Silver Chrysoprase May Ring – £45.00

5. Pandora Sterling Silver Strawberry Fruit Bead – £20.00

6. Pandora Sterling Silver Stars Bead – £20.00

7. Pandora Sterling Silver Spiral Onyx Rose Ring – £50.00

8. Pandora Sterling Silver Snowman Bead –  £25.00

9. Pandora Sterling Silver Smiley Frog Animal Bead – £20.00


In teaming up with the brand, FashionTag has fallen in love with Pandora gift ideas, especially the popular customisable Pandora bracelets, which are the perfect gift for Christmas, and what Pandora is most famous for actually! You basically pick one bracelet and add as many beads in as many shapes, designs, themes as you want and make it your own one-of-a-kind jewellery. Such a bracelet can be customed to any person and taste as Pandora beads (which I am head over heels over) come in what looks like millions of tiny sweet and delicate shapes and designs: Christmas trees, tiny houses, bugs, cute animals, little boys & girls, name initials, hearts, flowers, shoes, boxes. Each of these charms tell a story and marks a moment in someone’s life so giving such a gift just comes to show how considerate you are and what an amazing taste you’ve got in fine accessories and jewellery.

Pandora21. Pandora Sterling Silver Scroll Forever Together Bead –  £30.00

2. Pandora Sterling Silver Ring with Rhodonite Stone & Flower Detail –  £95.00

3. Pandora Sterling Silver Pink Single Platted Leather Bracelet – £40.00

4. Pandora Sterling Silver Pierced Flower Safety Chain – £40.00

5. Pandora Sterling Silver Pandora Clip Bead – £30.00

6. Pandora Sterling Silver Open Work Flower Bead –  £20.00

7. Pandora Sterling Silver Monkey – Baby Chimp Bead –  £25.00

8. Pandora Sterling Silver Letter C Charm-Bead – £30.00

9. Pandora Sterling Silver House -Chimney Bead – £20.00

pandora-braceletPandora gift ideas are a load of stylish bits that you can browse around on (click here to go to their online shop) and find your match as they’ve got quite a range of pieces and styles at very accessible prices (sweet and perfect beads from under £30.00 to classy, elegant trendy ones at over £200.00). I loved their Christmas collection, the bracelets, the flower earrings and my all time favorite – the beads. Loved the waving cat silver & pink enamel bead, the sterling silver gold mum, the silver British rose and Union Jack bus bead. Plus you’ve got a range of necklaces, rings & earrings to choose from such as the flower earrings that are fabulous. And the best part about all these fantastic little pieces, which are so sweet and delicate… is that they can be extremely stylish and upgrade any look. A splash of those elegant classy silver earrings or drop down charm beads can turn any simple classic dress into the star of the evening for your Christmas dinner party. A basic turtle neck top can look rather trendy yet fashion-timeless with a necklace customised in all the beads your eyes and heart desire. The simple yet intricate designs make Pandora the brand to go to when in need of a great present. Besides… it’s all one click away (click here to browse and shop) and fits any taste and pocket. And the best part about jewellery gifts is that they last a lifetime, plus they can be styled to any look and outfit.


1. Pandora Sterling Silver Horseshoe Drop Bead – £35. 00

2. Pandora Sterling Silver Heart Lock Bead – £30.00

3. Pandora Sterling Silver Hedgehog Animal Bead – £25.00

4. Pandora Sterling Silver Happy Turtle Bead –  £25.00

5. Pandora Sterling Silver Grey Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings –  £35.00

6. Pandora Sterling Silver Graduation Cap Drop Bead – £35.00

7. Pandora Sterling Silver Friends Forever Butterfly Double Bead – £45.00

8. Pandora Sterling Silver Elephant Bead – £30.00

9. Pandora Sterling Silver Drop Down Girl Bead – £25.00

pandora-charm-braceletThe Pandora charms and beads will definitely remain at the top of a stylish list as they not only look great in their intricate simplicity but can be styled to a certain look and personal statement. And you know what? It’s something about these tiny sweet pieces that makes us all women and girls get in touch with out girly girl side and uber childish-feminine persona. So clashing a bit the styles (young and fun with more mature and classic) will give you a bit of an edge and fashion personality. Or… you may just keep it basic and simple if that’s what you want, because that works too! If celebs (who are always spotted with one too many charm Pandora bracelets adorning their wrists) can rock these sweet and cute pieces with all our constantly-criticizing-eyes on them, then I’m sure we can take it up a notch ourselves and pick from the Pandora gift ideas for Christmas 2012. They’re fun, ultra chic and feminine, trendy & rather bohemian yet classy!

Pandora41. Pandora Sterling Silver Cup & Saucer Bead – £25.00

2. Pandora Sterling Silver Crown Bead – £25.00

3. Pandora Sterling Silver Bible Book with Cross Bead – £25.00

4. Pandora Sterling Silver Angel Bead – £30.00

5. Pandora Sterling Silver And Pink Zirconia Posy Chain CZ Ring – £65.00

6. Pandora Sterling Silver 14ct Gold Love You Cube Bead –  £65.00

7. Pandora Sterling Silver & Red Garnet Santa’s Sleigh Bead – £25.00

8. Pandora Sterling Silver & Tourmaline Cubic Zirconia Flower Stud Earrings – £35.00

9. Pandora Sterling Silver & Purple Enamel Heart Bead – £45.00


Pandora51. Pandora Sterling Silver & 14ct Gold Twist Earrings – £60.00

2. Pandora Sterling Silver & 14ct Gold Flower Drop Bead – £50.00

3. Pandora Sterling Silver & 14ct Gold Christmas Tree Bead – £65.00

4. Pandora Readymade ‘My Special Girl’ Bracelet – £85.00

5. Pandora Readymade Red Hot Love-Bracelet –  £200.00

6. Pandora Readymade Forever Yours-Bracelet – £270.00

7. Pandora Silver Clasp Opener With Pink Zirconia – £35.00

8. Pandora Silver And Green Stone Drop Bead (May) – £35.00

9. Pandora Purple Faceted Murano Glass Bead –  £35.00

pandora-uk-style-jewelleryPandora61. Autumn – Winter Pandora Sterling Silver With Gold Heart Jewellery Box Charm – £55.00

2. Autumn -Winter Pandora Waving Cat Silver & Pink Enamel Bead – £30.00

3. Pandora BEST OF BRITISH Union Jack Bus Bead – £40.00

4. Pandora Black Double Leather Plaited Bracelet – £45.00

5. Pandora Fabric Necklace-Bracelet Purple – £20.00

6. Pandora BEST OF BRITISH Sterling Silver British Rose Bead – £40.00

7. Pandora 14ct Gold & Melanite Drop Down Charm Bead – £155.00

8. New Autumn – Winter Pandora Sterling Silver With Pink Stone Stud Earrings –  £35.00

9. Best Seller Pandora Sterling Silver & Gold Mum, Pink CZ Stones Bead – £70.00





  1. I love Pandora!! I discovered it years ago when they were still a tiny company and then I got totally addicted. It was always so much fun going in and picking special beads that would mean something to me for years to come. Woohoo for this post!

  2. So lovely, and you can make so many amazing arrangements to suit your style…I wish Santa would bring me something like this :)))

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