The ’80’s Are Back!

Dirty Dancing, MC. Hammer, tracksuits, power-suits, aerobics, big earrings, big hair, purple, color block, broad shoulders, metallics, shimmer, bold makeup, cinged waist, tight versus oversized, geometric prints, big chunky sneakers… Oh my… I swear I have never in my life been so overwhelmed and contradictory. Half of me used to hate this decade for its kitsch and impossible to relate to fashion of 5 years ago. The other half of me though secretly loved it. I’m a 80s child, so I witnessed all the beautiful kitsch and incredibly strong feminine style at its most with my mom’s style (SLAY), and my very poor late 80s attempt to look like those cool 80s kids. #Majorfail. Anyway… I can remember that all I ever wanted back in the day when I was like 10 or 12 was to grow up as fast as possible so I could…

3 Pastel Outfits To Wear This Winter

Pastel will be the #1 trend this spring, if you didn’t know that now you know. From dusted pinks, to baby blues, to de-saturated greens and ice-cream 50’s colors, pastels were back on the runway for SS2017 collections and they will be invading retail shops soon as the damn winter is over. Truth is pastel was never really gone, and sartorials were picking light clothes over dark ones for sometime now. Hello nude trend, grey outfits, and white in winter. So why not step outta the comfort zone and try a little pastel adventure to better master this trend come spring, you know? It’s only light pinks and blues after all, right? Aside from the sheer panic I feel, that I’ll be super exposed and pajama-like draped in pastels, and that these colors don’t really compliment my not-so-fair-skin-tone… I LOVE this trend. I love it.…

#IndianStyle: Tips To Styling Dresses In A Perfect Way

In India, kurtis and salwar suits are the go-to attire for most women. Although these were originally popular as traditional wear, kurtis have gone through some changes in the past few years, making them the perfect modern attire with a traditional appearance. Not only are salwar suits and kurtis immensely comfortable apparel for most women, they are also available in trendy designs, colours, and patterns. While the patterns and designs are extremely important in determining the look of a dress, there are several other things that have to be considered. For example, most women are unaware that the salwar or the bottom, which is paired with kameez dresses or the kurti has a great deal of importance in determining how the final look will turn out. This article, discusses different types of dresses, the most loved fabrics, patterns and designs popular in India along…

2017 Trend Alert: Small Sunglasses

I never thought Madame Fashion would ever go for anything small but I guess she showed me. Oh, but she still fancies big sweaters and massive sweatshirts and maybe the occasional pair of baggy jeans… but according to designers’ collections for SS 2017, and to some very cool celebs there’s a new IT look in town involving sunglasses. Oversized is so last Tuesday. Small sunglasses are IN. (I am cringing right now. Slightly panicked too.) But… I took a deep breath, rolled my sleeves and decided to plunge into research with an open mind. We can cope with small. God knows we’re striving for a XS in every goddamn piece of clothing we buy, so why not shades as well? Cause they make us look ridiculous! (screaming voice) Anyway. I am wrong. Let me tell you that one hour post-panic-small-glasses-attack I realized I was having…

#ShopTheLook: The Things Everyone’s Wearing These Days

I know most people are natural born sartorials who wake up #OOTD inspired. Not me. I need fuel man, like doses of Pintrest and Instagram and sometimes Facebook, blogs, music, films, food… anything really. I can’t fucking wake up neither flawless nor inspired so I aid myself so ever cheekily with the above over a glass of wine in the evening or a cup of coffee in the morning. During these magnificent moments I have realized that people who love fashion these days are pretty obsessed. And the objects of their obsessions are very common and kinda cool, and prone to style emulation. There’s the fishnets (with jeans or per se), the Gucci logo T-shirt, the suede mini skirt, the shaggy coat, the nude makeup, the turtleneck, the neutral baseball hat worn with anything from heels to sweatpants. And then there’s the lazy cool look…

#CherHair: Is Waist-Length Hair The New Look?

From now on you may call me Rapunzel. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m working on it. For the first time in a long time I feel like I’m a step ahead of a ‘trend’… My hair is growing, life is good. Who knew that my overuse of coconut oil and my unabated hate towards scissors would ever pay off sartorially. Ha. At this point me and Kim Kardashian could be besties. I’m growing my hair past my ego (I really hope it reaches my waist by this summer. #hairprayers), she’s rocking the Cher inspired hair all the time lately. So… if you chose not to acknowledge this relationship, that’s your problem. This post practically hit me in the face on Monday when I realized something. While having my coffee, and still struggling with a damn running nose, planning my week, working (I know.…

#StyleTricks: How To Layer In Winter?

Things would be so easy if only I took my own damn advice. Like I wouldn’t have to fight a flu and miss my gym life had I only layered two sweaters or jackets. Right? But really now, how does one dodge the winter bugs, and the minus temperatures? How do we stay warm AND still have a life?

Is winter fashion friendly, or are we so cold at this point we couldn’t care less about the sartorial situation?

It’s probably a bit of both, with one great news that sort of bends both ways: LAYERING. It’s the #1 secret to both staying warm and looking sophisticated. And it’s road-tested by moi prior to my offline-flu-situation.

How to layer in winter?

1.WEAR TWO SWEATERS. As ridiculous as this sound it’s really not that bad, and this is coming from a girl – me – who is known to hate thick clothes and layering like a fucking onion. I just don’t like to feel like a damn sausage in clothes you know. I wanna be warm, but I also wanna be able to move and if possible look somewhat normal.

HOW: wear a tight thin fabric sweater and layer it over with a thick cardigan.

I love to keep both sweaters in the same color range (neutrals more preferably. it’s my current obsession). It looks more sophisticated. All black, all nudes and greys, all solid blues or reds.


2. WEAR TWO JACKETS. This is the definition of sophistication. Again… it may cause a wtf reaction but once you try it you’ll see my point.

HOW: layer spring + winter jackets. A leather or denim jacket under a long coat, or a fur coat. Play with texture, and lengths. Pop collars, add scarves, gloves, zipper details. You will look ‘Fashion Week Street Style Envy’.


3. WEAR BODYSUITS. Nooooo, not those ultra sexy sultry lace styles. The cotton ones, the cozy ones, with long sleeves. They are perfect for a keep-you-warm-base and easy to build on layers because they don’t bulk. I swear sometimes fashion is like architecture.

HOW: pick neutral colors (nudes, greys, black) and layer absolutely whatever you wish on top: sweaters, shirts, button-downs, dresses)


4. WEAR TURTLENECKS. Amen to turtlenecks. Nothing in the world will ever beat a turtleneck’s coziness. Maybe a perfect turtleneck bodysuit, BUT you can layer these two for a double perfect warm-style situation.

Aaaaaaaaah. (in singing voice).

HOW: you can pick fitted turtlenecks to wear them in a more 70s or posh kinda way, tucked in your pants or jeans or skirts, and layer them with vests, and shirt dresses, blazers, OR – you can opt for massive turtlenecks as big as your heart (awww!) in ‘clean’ colors – white, black, nudes – or, bold solids or prints. The good news is you can layer underneath these whatever the hell you want. You certainly got the room.


5. DO IT ALL AT ONCE #1 #2 #3 #4. Okay, let’s recap then: bodysuit + fitted turtleneck + sweater + cardigan + leather jacket + coat. And in case you’ll still be able to move throw a scarf and beanie in there.


How To Increase Product Demand Among Customers?

“Don’t find customers for your products; find products for your customers.” ~ Seth Godin. When this American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker spoke on TED Talks, on How to Get Ideas to Spread, all the promotional marketers followed his advice carefully. The marketing guru added that to get what you want, or cause the change that you want, you need to find a way to spread your ideas to as many people as possible. For any business, especially small business owners, driving product demand is key to earning revenues and profits. This is where brand promotion or promotional marketing can be of huge help. However, some thought needs to be put into choosing promotional items. They have to things that resonate with the target consumer. According to one of the leading providers of promotional gifts in Minneapolis MN, Embroidme, promotional marketing products like custom…

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

A little longer than one week into 2017 and a lot has happened. Like the 2017 Golden Globes, with a red carpet that left me a little disappointed at first, but then kinda grew on me. Maybe I have high standards, or maybe my life is beyond boring but I was not blown away by any dress or look. Certainly not at first sight. So… with no coup de foudre happening I decided to sit on it, and let it sink in a bit before I start ranting about it. And so I did. Meanwhile I realized Brad Pitt was at the globes, so for me that was it. sigh. Three days later the world wide web is talking more about Meryl Streep’s and Ryan Gosling’s speeches than the red carpet Golden Globes. Have we grown up? I must say…. I did cringe a little…

Holiday Shopping Deals: My Fave Fashion Hub!

The worst thing about holiday season is that shops are usually closed. The best part about holiday season, is that online – life goes on. And on it goes in the most brilliant way, assuming you love fashion, and are a bit of a sartorial shopping addict who enjoys the inherent online best buys debauchery over a glass of prosecco. Or maybe two, or three. Ah crap, make that a bottle. Those who know me know that among many, many, many, many waaaay too many guilty pleasures I have a case of massive obsession with sales and online hubs that have it all. Fashion wise. Like – I’d rather go to a shopping website that has all the best brands and designer goods from coats and dresses to shoes and bags, from posh and smart wear to activewear. It’ll save me more time and also…

Long Hair Don’t Care.

There are probably three things I love most in the world: pizza, Brad Pitt, and long hair. Sure there’s always the inherent liquor (with its nights and best friends), the chocolate cake, activewear, films, endless summers. But Brad Pitt and long hair are the top of my list. Beauty wise 2016 was all about doing you and rocking beauty looks on a spur of a moment, with no rules or trends to follow per se. We live in the times of all is in both beauty and fashion wise. From curly to straight, to beach waves, to pink hair, to blonde, platinum, or chocolate all is in. Long hair AND pixie cuts. With the rise of 70s trend for the past year, and still going strong – LONG HAIR did get more followers so to say. So extra long hair, cut-straight or layered, with a…

Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags – High Fashion at the Right Price

When you think of the top fashion houses and designers in the world today, one name that immediately comes to mind for many is Louis Vuitton ( LV ). They have developed a very strong reputation and following in the fashion world and is noted for creating some of the most innovative and beautiful designs seen today. In fact Louis Vuitton handbags and purses are often among the most sought after in the marketplace, driving up the costs of the items. While the average person may not be able to afford the thousands of dollars it can cost to buy an original Louis Vuitton piece, you can certainly find quality Louis Vuitton replica bags and purses for sale that can be right in your price range. The Availability of Replicas Because many of the top designer pieces can be so difficult to purchase or so…

Evening Glamour: What To Wear To Break Hearts & Turn Heads?

If attending red carpet events is your your cup of tea you will LOVE this read. If it’s not, but you need the glam in your life to go with your fab self, again… scroll down. If you hate the glam and the events, but you need a beautiful dress for a special occasion that does not allow your jeans go-to outfit… ah! you’re in luck with this post. You see, however you look at it, at one point in our lives we all crave for Oscar red carpet dresses. Some more than others. (who, me?!) Evening lights, luscious venues of white mixed with dark red and black decor.  Stunning flowers, and velvet curtains, and big chairs, and marble floors. The sound of your heels, the sight of your long evening gown as you literally turn all party heads when you walk by them.  Champagne flowing,…