If you didn’t know now you know: there’s a new way in town to wear your scarf and all you need is a penchant for choker slash chocking, and for scarves. So pick your lot and stick with it in this new scarf fad.

Basically you need one skinny silk scarf that you tie tight around your neck one time, two times, three times (depends how long the scarf is, or how thick you want the scarf band around your neck to be), and that’s it…

This is a bloody wake up call for everyone wearing silk scarves like they’re some bloody godmother slash godfather lookalike. But then again what do I know. I am extremely biased on this one as I’m part of the lot that doesn’t really fancy scarves of any kind. I prefer chokers, turtlenecks, or bare necks.

But this new way to tie up your silk scarf is pretty sartorially digestible for me. Maybe it has to do with my penchant for chokers, or my love for cowboy films, or my very specific love for retro looks. Retro styles too leave me cold hearted, except for some, and I guess this retro chic way to tie your silk scarf is part of the lucky lot. I do love the 50s style with a bit of today’s edge, and I guess for me this is what the neck scarf is.


How to wear the neck scarf?Β 

It looks great with anything and I know you are now rolling your eyes cause I say that quite a lot, but it is true. The secret to different looks lies not necessarily into the what you wear the skinny silk scarf with, but WHAT scarf you use.

For a more sophisticated fun maybe even casual style go for coloured printed scarves, which you can tie casually a la cowboys, and pair them with button-downs, or t-shirts.

For a more minimal clean look you can go for one colour scarves or 2 toned (black & white are classics) and wear them with a an-black, all-white, or black and white outfits,Β and red lips. It’s really beyond beautiful.

What I love about this new trend is that it’s very easy to do and it makes a huge outfit difference. Also, it made me reconsider scarves, but not for the sake of scarves but for the sake of scarves worn as chokers maybe, and the little statement power they hold when tied like this.

So I might just start browsing for some great skinny scarves you know. Apparently my strong dislike in them has left me scarf-less up to now.

Gotta fix that.

My fave skinny silk scarves.


Style inspiration.



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Have a fab weekend my loves. xoxo

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