Savannah_SW0780_Land_MC_MWell thank God we all look like hot supermodels and can wear just about any swimsuit we wish! But just in case we’ve got a slight distorted self image, effing the whole poster girl standard feels so good. I mean she’s probably just as insecure by the time summer comes, and her fave bikini is (she thinks) horrendous on that body. Show me a flawless woman and I’ll sow you 10 who look just as good but are displeased with their body image. That’s just how we are, and how easy we forget we’re all made of tiny flaws that just make us all so much more special and unique. Everyone’s got ugly days (hell I sometimes get weeks), so we’re all in this shit together. Soon summers ends and the idea of layers suddenly sounds so appealing. But dolls let’s face the bikini demons and rock our magnificent bodies this summer on that exotic beach awaiting for us. For the past 2 years or so I have noticed summer is having a front stage moment with the Beach Looks & Styles. And since we’ve still got one month left of the hotness… let’s roll with it and see what exactly do we need to look for in a swimsuit? What are the latest beach trends and can we nail them? And where do you shop for your best bikini looks? (this one’s massive, cause when it comes to swimwear & lingerie, one thing I’ve learned is that QUALITY beats it all.) beach-styleCan we get quality bikinis that fit our bodies, match the latest trends, and feel comfortable? Basically we’re all looking to strut our hot bums in swimwear that feels and looks as hot as our hottest lingerie bras & knickers. Only more fashion forward texture & print wise, and less too-sexy. With a few more days until my summer holiday, I’m sure all of you dolls feel my panic/excitement for that dreadful ecstatic moment: BIKINI Shopping. And when it comes to beach style, as I’ve told you before, I’m all for living in your swimsuit and a cover-up, having fun with your swimwear, mixing and matching bikini tops with bottoms, and wild prints as if there’s no tomorrow, and switching from exotic prints to my black obsession. Yeah, I’m that hopeless when it comes to my only true love: ‘Hello, my name is Dana Cristina and I have an addiction – black swimsuits. I also fancy bandeau tops & side-tied bikinis’. And on this quest to get them all, I discovered My Curves and Me – a lingerie and swimwear brand that basically has a bit of everything: from classic, to retro to modern edgy styles, you’ve got tons of affordable quality bikinis to choose from. And since we’ve got a tiny bit of summer left, let’s focus on My Curves and Me Swimwear. Though, I’ll tell you this… the lingerie is fabulous, and I think it’s the fact that the brand understood that applying the same hot-meets-quality-comfort-and-style feature into swimwear is the key to shopping-seducing women and delivering on their expectations. blue-printed-bikinisYou know how, when you go shopping you find a great bikini, that you love the color of, but hate the cut or design, or the other way around? That’s one thing I love about My Curves and Me: it offers so many styles for the same color or print, that all you have to do is just find the one that fits you better, and finally ditch all the swimwear compromise. What does My Curves and Me have in store SWIMWEAR wise? Tons of tops and bottoms styles making mixing & matching them a piece of cake, cause you know – mismatched bikinis are probably the best thing ever, and the most coveted beach style trend of all times. Bikini bottoms style: string, high waisted, folded, frills, tie-sides. So many bikini tops: push-ups, balconette, bandeau, tankinis. Not to mention the one-piece-swimwear. I’m not a huge fan, but this I’ll say – for these ones I could make an exception. Think retro chick meets super sexy confident woman. The attention to detail, to the lining, the cut, the quality of the fabric is truly specific to this brand, as is the style of the Swimwear at My Curves and Me – classy, a bit retro, but super trendy in the most sophisticated effortless possible way. my-curves-and-me-swimwearHow To Pick & Style Swimwear?

  • it has to fit your body type
  • feel comfortable (imagine losing your knickers or bra as that wave hits you)
  • print & color wise it has to represent you and enhance your features
  • be trendy-friendly
  • not break the bank (you’re not gonna wear it a lifetime)
  • have fun with it

2013 Summer Trends for the beach are all about bandeau tops, frills and ruffles, which if you ask me fit most women: with small to medium breasts. Bikini wise I’m all for side-tied styles, and showing off your bikini bum. Retro styles and high waisted bikini bottoms are perfect for hourglass shapes and create a feminine shape for most women, besides they’re super comfortable. Tankinis and one-piece-swimwear are both having a stellar moment in fashion, and they do come in handy quite a lot, hiding our tiny little flaws and enhancing our qualities. beach-fashionbeach-look-2013bikini-style-retro-lookSo let’s have a look at some of the styles to rock at the beach and get the My Curves and Me look. And never forget, it’s all about confidence and having fun. The accessories theory I’m always going on about? Yeah. That on stays true even for the beach: hats, shades, a ring maybe, or a body jewelry if you’re daring, bangles… whatever you love.

One-piece-swimsuits one-piece-swimsuis-trendbeach-look-printsbeach-trend-one=piece-suitbeach-style-retroone-piece-swimwear-lookRetro Style Swimwear beach-look-all-black-bikinibeach-look-high-waist-bikinibikinis-trend-2013-retrohigh-waisted-bikinisTwo piece swimwear, bandeau bikini tops, mismatched bikinis, monochromatic styles: beach-style-black-bikinibeach-look-swimsuitbikini-stylemismatched-swimwear-mycurvemix-and-match-bikinis-trendRiver Island at Seafolly 2013 Campaign (1)(1)

summer-2013-look-women-beach-styleretro-bikinis-mycurves-andmpink-swimwear-mycurvesandmeBeach StyleGet the look:

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  2. I don’t swim but I do love to buy bikinis to wear under sheer vests in summer or swim suits to wear as tops. Liking the retro-inspired swimwear.
    Btw I am doing a vintage print dress giveaway on my blog so take a look and join the competition if you like it!

  3. Hey great post! Too hilarious. I have no idea what you are talking about though because I’m a 6ft tall 20 year old model with the perfect body….until I look in the mirror….ha!

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