Aside from black – which is like the ultimate favourite colour for moi, I think RED comes pretty close in line. So when GCGme clothing brand decided to gift me with thisΒ fabulous jumpsuit (my next-in-line-crush) I was literally uh-ing and ah-ing over their Roslin Jumpsuits with a golden belt. I picked the RED one, because I think every now and then, whether it’s for a daytime posh look, or for evening doing the monochrome trend in RED is beyond. It’s the greatest style statement. It’s powerful, very sexy, polished, and classic.

dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-1 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-5

From the start I pictured I’d wear it draped in red from head to toe, hence my look for today’s style post: red lips, red fringed bag, red stiletto shoes. I kept the bling minimal, which is a first for me, but I really wanted to show off how incredible the jumpsuit stands alone. It’s golden belt is enough jewellery to give it razzmatazz.

Being a tall giraffe, with human features nonetheless, I was a tiny bit scared the jumpsuit would’t fit sans the camel toe. The tall girls out there know what I mean. But I fit like a glove. Amen to that.

Not only that, but it became my fave go-to-piece for a very posh hot look. It’s also very versatile, being made of a fabric that could stand the test of daytime but also be the queen of the evening.

It’s incredibly easy to put on, with the deep V-neckline giving it a sexy oomph if you wish, but the same time it’s made like a blazer neckline, so you can wear it as a decolatage or not, depending on your mood.

The cinged waist is a perfect touch of feminine and the pockets give a perfect relaxed effortless vibe. This makes it ok for you to wear it for office, for casual weekends with comfortable shoes.

I am wearing the Rosalin Jumpsuit in REDΒ 

evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-19 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-20 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-35 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-38-dana-cristina-straut

Jumpsuits have become quite the staple lately, especially for evening get-together, and sophisticated occasions. THIS is precisely why I opted for a jumpsuit. It’s the definition of chic and refined done differently than your classic LBD par example.

However if you’re not too sold on the jumpsuit for evening look, or you’ve just had enough of it, do your rocknroll with dresses. GCGme have a tone of maxi dresses online so you’ll have quite few to pick from. Perfect for evening, for weddings, for cocktails, for those uber glam occasions you wanna be the star of.

Quality wise they highly deliver, shipping is fast, the team over there is fantastic, so if you;re on the look out, make sure you check them out.

GCGme Shop | Maxi Dresses Online

Aside from my happy mood right now courtesy of discovering this new evening dresses/looks brand, and aside form my beautiful new red jumpsuit, I’m also head over heels about films. In general. Okay, totally un-relatable you might think but not really. On the precise afternoon my photographer and I shot the pics, and I was draped in red sophistication, we bumped into a mobile cinema truck. Talk about stumbling on good luck.

All-red theme went through the rooftops right then and there. Fabulous.

I’m just gonna let the pics scroll down, of what a fantastic red-passionate-magic-hour us girls had that day. And yes… I did kinda feel like a star. Sans the red carpet. But in all red nonetheless.


evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-6 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-11 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-12 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-17 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-23 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-27 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-31 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-33 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-34 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-36 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-37 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-39 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-41 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-42 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-44 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-46 dana-cristina-straut-evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-47 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-49 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-51-dana-cristina-straut evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-53 evening-casual-jumpsuit-thefashiontag-54

Let me know your thoughts on your go-to-evening attire, if you’d go for a jumpsuit, let’s talk about your fave films, your fave food, these pics, this jumpsuit. Whatever you want… let’s have it in the comments below.

I am wearing RED ROSLIN Italian Jumpsuit | GCGme | Maxi Dresses Online.

Photos by the wonderful Florina Ciupertea.

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