Bag That Style Ladies! What Bags Will Never Go Out Of Fashion?

Article by Ghintare S. I think you can divide girls and women worldwide into two categories: those who love shoes and those who love bags… or maybe three, the third being those of you who love both shoes and bags equally… that’s when your earnings are in real danger or those of your husbands’ (poor guys 🙂 The […]

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Layer Up Ladies! How To Do Layers In Style This Season?

When it comes to layering clothes nobody does it better than the Brits! Must be the weather, I mean you literally can’t leave home without checking the forecast and even so you can’t expect to nail it down (fashion/temperature wise) 100%. Between outside & the tube you switch 3 seasons so talk about a temperature roller-coaster, right? How […]


What To Wear To Work This Winter? Office Inspired Looks & Street Styles!

After almost two weeks of holidays and fun times we’re all back in the office, back to work, back to the chaotic life in the city, meetings, deadlines, coming up with new ideas, putting together projects… ah… tired just writing all these down. But you know what? It does feel good to be back on […]

Sexy Shoes For New Years Eve Party! What Heels To Wear?

I bet every person’s problem this week is what to wear on New Years Eve. Tough question, right? You’ve already seen a lot of useful tips on FashionTag about what to wear, what kind of make up to put on and what type of hairstyles to go for… but let’s talk a little about the perfect pair of shoes to […]

Hairstyles For New Years Eve! What Look Should We Go For?

Makeup? Check. Dress? Check. That just leaves your Hairstyle… and for some, such as myself, lots of headaches, just because my hair has a mind all of its own. Straight, thin, long it’s just too hard to style, but I do have a few go-to-looks: glossy straight or wavy. And for NYE I’m just gonna […]

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Keep Your Hat On For Winter 2013! How To Style Your Fur Hats This Season?

Ah… Fur Hats! Another fashion trend for 2013 Winter that has me reminiscing on my childhood and how I hated wearing hats. 20 Years later and… I love them, hell I’m wearing them in Autumn and Spring as well so talk about a style twist there. The best thing about Fur Hats is that, besides looking super […]


Makeup Looks For NYE! Eyes & Lips, Beauty Tips & Celeb Makeup Inspiration!

Continuing my Holiday Season fashion & style peaks, today I thought of presenting some of my favorite makeup & beauty looks that us ladies may use for NYE makeup inspiration. After all, the big party is but a few weeks away and just donning an uber sexy dress (click here for looks) is not at […]


The Socks With Heels & Knee-High Socks Trends

Exposed socks? I am so pleasantly recalling this as my favorite things to wear as a little girl. I had a pair of white short socks to go with tiny sandals and a pair of blue knee-high ones. My fashion sense must have dated from back then (joking!). And, just a few years ago girls and women […]

Holiday Party Looks & Styles! What To Wear For 2013 New Year’s Eve Party?

Just yesterday I was telling you all how important it is to wear a cool piece of jewellery right? And this fashion tip goes without saying during the holiday season, when we need to dress up for a party. But… as important as accessorizing may be, the outfit itself bares the most importance. What look […]

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How To Wear & Style Your Sneakers In 2013 Winter?

There’s always that one thing us girls refuse to let go regardless of season and the street styles & celebs fashion have spoken. It’s the sneakers ladies! The comfy chic Tom boy-ish shoes were our fashion crush all throughout 2012 Spring & Summer and somehow we can’t part with these uber cool, urban yet quite […]