jumpsuit-comebackElvis has (yet) to leave the building” my lovely fashionistas. With all this ’70’s comeback in 2013 Spring/Summer, and today’s Jumpsuits topic, no wonder my mind literally jumps to all those (hideous) jumpsuits from back in the day, starting with Elvis Presley (and his white over the top uber glam stage outfits) and ending with ABBA & those disco-kitsch uniforms of pop/rock stars from the ”Drugs, Sex & Rock’n Roll” age. But as much as we love (NOT) those tight spandex glittery neon bright circus costumes, going by the name of jumpsuits, designers sure deserve our kudos for how they’ve played up, nipped, tucked and reinvented the classic-with-a-twist jumpsuit. From Prabal Gurung to Diane Von Furstenberg, BCBG et all, 2013 S/S is such a brilliant reminiscing of those 70’s in the best way possible. The aforementioned gurus of style and fashion have taken this working class uniform/once kitsch stage costume and did a 180 on it, luring us with long sleek silhouettes, silky fabrics, fluidity, softness, loose cuts, plunging necklines, bare backs, halter-necks, long sleeves, prints, solid colors. Designs for day & night. For skinny & curvy bodies. For women and girls alike. Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Don’t choose to be a non-believer just yet… have a look. jumpsuit-retro-lookfluid-jumpsuits-looksrunway-jumpsuitprabal-gurung-jumpsuitwhite-jumpsuitsWhat is so captivating about this clothing item I wonder? Besides its inherent indecisiveness, that is. Or is it this very ‘it’s a dress‘, ‘No. It’s a jumpsuit‘, ‘No, get outta here. It’s clearly a pair if trousers and a matching top‘ – sartorial conversation that has us all giving it the double stare, only to end up jumping in on the Jumpsuit Trend? Cause it’s none of the above. But it could be. Hell it can be. It can mimic a dress, and a matchy matchy top and bottom outfit. Ah… how we love a bit of controversy every now and then. Though I might be a little hasty on this one, I will risk a tiny assumption: not everyone digs the once Si-Fi suit, right? Let’s just say it might take more than one date to fall in love with it. Jumpsuits have always given me that WTF reaction and a quick hand dismissal as I came across one on the shop rails. Then, I’d see it on a gorgeous girl, and I felt bad about giving it the cold shoulder. But that was a few years ago. Cause jumpsuits did try to push through in fashion earlier than 2013. They just never stuck, I guess. And now that I think about it I wonder why? Who is to blame for their 2013 huge comeback? Is it designers alone? Celebs donning evening jumpsuits on the red carpet like crazy? Or, is it us? The regulars and non-VIPs who make street style a source of inspo & trends? printed-jumpsuitsjumpsuit-evening-lookjumpsuit-lookBest part about the jumpsuit? Actually there are a few:

  • it fits absolutely every body type
  • it can adapt to any occasion & event (work, going out, chilling with your best friend over a cup of tea, cocktail parties, dinners)
  • it’s classy & sophisticated
  • it’s easy to wear, dress up or down

I think the ultimate touch of glamour & sophistication is that of a one color Jumpsuit, in a silky fluid, slightly slouchy fabric, with a metallic belt, (maybe) pockets, bare back VS plunging neckline.

Black jumpsuits & how to dress them up & down:black-jumpsuitsbasic-jumpsuitblack-jumpsuit-streetstylejumpsuitjumpsuit-street-style-looklong-jumpsuit-styleretro-jumpsuit"Battleship" - Australian Premiere In Sydneysarah-jessica-parker-jumpsuitsummer-trend-jumpsuitsFor daytime I love the floral printed jumpsuits in delicate textures, that just make me think of this retro, chic, incredibly beautiful hot woman coming home from work, with a bottle of wine and fresh bread in her grocery bag. She looks put together yet careless in her style (red nails, posh bag, earrings, shades and untamed hair) which makes her so much more enticing. floral-jumpsuitfloral-jumpsuit-trendstreetstyle-jumpsuitSinger Rihanna is seen arriving at a hotel in Londonstreet-style-jumpsuitjumsuit-trend-2013summer-jumpsuit-streetstylewhite-jumpsuit-streetstyleBut you see… when talking Jumpsuits as a 2013 Summer Trend, the sky’s the limit. So if fluidity, silky fabrics and a too-feminine style is not for you, there are still plenty of fish in the sea of jumpsuits. Denim. Structured. Metallic.  Boy’ish cuts, psychedelic prints, funky styles. floral-jumpsuit-lookjumpsuitstreet-style-structured-jumpsuitThough I was a hard shell to crack on this Jumpsuits craze, they got to me. And for that I blame the long silky super feminine one-color jumpsuit worn with sky high heels. Effortlessly feminine, sexy & sophisticated. I’m hooked. And that’s the truth. evening-jumpsuits-1How about you?


  1. Wow Amazing collection of jumpsuit We love all your outfits! I love this entire post thanks for sharing..

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  4. This is a great post. It’s such a tricky trend so we need all the help we can get lol. But when worn right, jumpsuits can look so damn classy! I just did a really comprehensive style guide on how to wear jumpsuits on my blog – so that everyone can find something that looks good on their body type. I am 155cm and curvy, so trust me when I tell you that everybody can wear ‘em! My guide is also split into different price points, so please check it out!


    I’m also wearing one here: http://thestyletemple.wordpress.com/2014/03/21/outfit-of-the-day-jump-for-joy/

    I hope you find one that you like! Thanks so much 🙂 xoxo

    • hi Marcia, i love that one too, perfect for almost any occasion. I’ve seen great ones, similar to that one at neimenmarcus.com or pieces.com. Also i think any high street brand might have these styles (topshop, h&m) I did see some in shops just this summer, so who knows. Best of luck finding a great one, hope this helped. 🙂 xoxo

  5. sasha fierce comes to mind when i think of jump suits lot’s of bling and lot’s of flair sadly i’m more of a minimalist when it come’s to jump suits

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  13. I love this entire post! I myself have gone back and forth with the idea of rocking the jumpsuit! I’m not exactly a size two, but I tried one on last weekend that was similar to the lightweight tan one you showed. It fit surprisingly well! I am definitely going to give this trend a try! Good luck on this weeks’ Links A La Mode!

    Stick Out!

  14. Another important thing I think with the jumpsuit is you have to have the right hair to suit the suit. I noticed that about the pictures, it takes the jumpsuit to a whole new level of sophistication. Great pictures

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