When it comes to anything great these days (fashion, food, kisses, and love) apparently the French know it best. And when it comes to fashion for your little pet it’s French Bullevard who knows what’s best.

This New York City luxury accessory brand is dedicated to dogs, with a special mention to French bulldogs, and it’s the #1 go-to shop for all the pet lovers out there.

‘Our adventure was born with the idea that our companions are more than dogs, but family members. We want the best for them and have a strong desire to give an exceptional look to each and every beautiful creature you share your life with.’ (French Bullevard)


If fashion is anything these days, it’s contagious, so why keep it all to yourself and not share and enjoy it with your bestest friend – your little dog, and gift your pet with jewellery for dogs pieces to make its little tail dance more, to better suit its sophisticated manner, or just make it feel a little bit chicer, you know.

Jewellery for dogs is not in the least something new, BUT what I love about this fashion boutique is how it treats this niche luxe as the most exquisite pieces of jewellery. Because they are. The luxe golden collars are beyond amazing.

We wear chockers these days with such pride and supreme sophistication, why would we deprive our pretty pets from the same sartorial pleasure?

Inspired by French Bullevard’s muse – Kumi – the pet jewellery comes in quite a few styles and designs, with two things in common: glamour and high quality.


And they’re all glam, with tiny chic details that just make you wanna drape your dog in all these pet jewellery pieces, and take both his ass and yours for a walk around the park. And an Instagram session.

We’ve got our #OOTDs so why not start one for our dog as well?

Whether or not your dog is into edgier pieces or more girly styles French Bullevard delivers to pet’s sartorial needs. Their Fall 2016 collection is stunning. Like – I’m crying they don’t make those necklaces for humans too.

For edgier styles there is the skull beaded golden and black necklace Mittsuami, and for more classic but rich looking styles there is the Dante necklace.

I am telling you – pet jewellery lover or not, you will die over these jewellery for dogs pieces.

Here are my fave picks for you from French Bullevard.



And some fab sartorial human and pet inspo:



Go on. Give your dog a glamorous treat this holiday season. Think of all the Instagrams you’ll be taking. And like they say: ‘let’s just get back to the essentials: food, belly rubs, and French Bullevard.’

Jewellery for dogs | French Bullevard

Have a fab weekend everyone! xoxo


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