Probably the happiest I’d ever be, was in this parallel universe where opulence and covering yourself in jewellery was mandatory. Not that I’m so far away for this reality IRL, but if I were to be honest here… (cringe) I’m only doing entry level, jewellery wise. Ah well… it’s good to set boundaries every now and  then.

However you look at jewellery and however you chose to wear it – statement, dainty, minimal, or all over your body – one thing will always stand the test of time: jewellery and accessories are the little Devils in style, and they make all the difference. 

For me, nothing is too much, everything goes with everything, and there is no such thing as over-the-top. And even if that were so, I don’t see the problem here.


However, I will give you this: the statement jewellery trend that’s been happening in fashion for the past years is becoming too mainstream, hence, less of a look and more of a rule. Which made way for some new jewellery looks that are catching up with us fashion lovers. And I dare say, self-proclaming myself as one of the lot, am loving the main focus in jewellery trends today.

In 2015 summer it’s less about bracelets and bangles, perhaps even less in terms of statement necklaces, which made way for chokers, and more of: rings, watches, thin necklaces and pendants, and earrings.


The best part: you can actually wear them all at once. Well… maybe not a sane person, but God knows I do.

So taking my daily online shopping journey and brainstorming looks for future style-shoots, which will all include jewellery as a personal guilty pleasure, I came across Michael Hill – a jewellery, diamond, gift, accessory shop that is quite the hub for those who love both big bad bling as well as classic pieces, with prices ranging from affordable to more posh figures. But… when that diamond ring flashes on your finger you will sing Beyonce’s Flawless and not have a care in the world for the price tag. ‘My rock’.


I love that it’s such an easy place to shop and browse, with pieces that look timeless but have a twist to them. Their watches are by far my favourite pieces.

1. WATCHES. Though we’re all buried deep down into our phones and can tell time with a blink of an I(phone), watches are a luxurious-fashionable-retro-must-have accessory for every woman and girl who have a penchant for details.

Small retro watches are in right now, with both metallic as well as leather bands, minimal design, thin, sticking to your wrist. They look amazing as the single accessory of a basic minimal outfit. Think French-chic.

Bigger watches in silver or gold, more on the masculine-statement-bling side are still hanging in there, which if you ask me, is absolutely great, because you can do both styles, depending on your outfit and mood. These ones look fantastic with layered bracelets, boyfriend jeans and blazers.

For more styles check out Michael Hill – watches. 

Michael-hill-jewellery-14 Michael-hill-jewellery-52 Michael-hill-jewellery-190

2. RINGS. Ahhhh… come to mama. I am obsessed with rings, and on my good days I wear one for each finger, and on summer I occasionally do the toe rings. Now, THAT my friend is commitment.  The rings over at Michael Hill are of course worth days of sighing. Beautiful classy designs with rocks and diamonds that remain stuck on your retina forever.

I love diamond rings, both big statement designs as well as small eternity styles. The best part about such rings is you only need a few, actually one would do, to make a great statement style.

More styles at Michael Hill – rings

jewellery-trends-2015-streetstyle-6 jewellery-trends-2015-streetstyle-13 Michael-hill-jewellery-1 Michael-hill-jewellery-7 Michael-hill-jewellery-9 Michael-hill-jewellery-10

3. THIN NECKLACES AND PENDANTS. If it ain’t a chocker, drop it and instead opt for a long thin gorgeous necklace with a perfect pendant, either slightly over-the-top, or barely visible but hanging right there with style. For more fashion razzamatazz layer layer layer these thin necklaces.

The ones over at Michael Hill are just that: thin, adjustable, silver or gold, with a pendant and all. 

Michael-hill-jewellery-2 Michael-hill-jewellery-6 Michael-hill-jewellery-8 summer-2015-jewellery-trends-1 summer-2015-jewellery-trends-4

4. EARRINGS. They are the new jewellery IT thing of 2015 summer, so whether you’re opting for perfect and classic studs or hoops, depending on your style, Michael Hills have a pretty great range of designs.

I used to be obsessed with massive earrings not too long ago, now I prefer either brilliant studs, OR massive hoops. I just think they look amazing with a white shirt and long thin necklaces.

More styles and earrings designs right here. 


And now some pics and eye-candy for inspo.

jewellery-trends-2015-streetstyle-1 jewellery-trends-2015-streetstyle-2 jewellery-trends-2015-streetstyle-3 jewellery-trends-2015-streetstyle-4 jewellery-trends-2015-streetstyle-5 jewellery-trends-2015-streetstyle-8 jewellery-trends-2015-streetstyle-9 jewellery-trends-2015-streetstyle-10 jewellery-trends-2015-streetstyle-12 jewellery-trends-2015-streetstyle-14 jewellery-trends-2015-streetstyle-15 Michael-hill-jewellery-3 Michael-hill-jewellery-4 Michael-hill-jewellery-10 Michael-hill-jewellery-11 Michael-hill-jewellery-199 summer-2015-jewellery-trends-2 summer-2015-jewellery-trends-3 summer-2015-jewellery-trends-5 summer-2015-jewellery-trends-6 summer-2015-jewellery-trends-7 summer-2015-jewellery-trends-streetstyle-2 summer-2015-jewellery-trends-streetstyle-3 summer-2015-jewellery-trends-streetstyle-4 summer-2015-jewellery-trends-streetstyle-5 summer-2015-jewellery-trends-streetstyle-8 summer-2015-jewellery-trends-streetstyle-12

Get the look:

Michael Hill – Shop | Earrings Watches RingsNecklaces 




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  4. Besides elegant looking jewellery that are expensive, we can also pair up costume jewellery with our outfits. I also like to use rope bracelets with my outfits when I am on a casual day out.

  5. Some great tips you have there. Here are some of my tips for pairing earrings and bracelets with your outfit:-


    • Wooden, plastic and resin earrings are great for informal events.
    • Rhinestone earrings are good for a going out at night.
    • Classic crystal and small hoop earrings are great for formal events.
    • Classy ear cuffs and pearl-studded, and earrings with chain iterations are the in thing now. They are highly versatile and can match practically any outfit.


    Match bracelets with your watches.
    Crystal and pearled bracelets are great for office and formal events
    If you’re wearing a watch, do not wear chunky bracelets as they won’t look good.
    Multi-coloured thin bracelets look great with spring and summer outfits.

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  7. Rings are so big right now, a lot of people forget the importance of watch, it’s a classy staple.

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