miranda-kerr-christmasA little gossip and celeb guilty pleasure never hurt anyone, especially on these last days of holiday when all we want to do is rewind and go right back to December 24th. So before FashionTag starts a brand new year of fashion news, editorials, trend reports and street styles… we thought of lingering a bit more on the lazy side and chilling over a cup of who did what on 2012 winter holidays. Ladies I’m talking about celebs, and how they spent their 2012-2013 winter holidays. Ah… this sick curiosity goes right hand in had with the post-holiday hangover & weight gain… Anyway… while most of us have spent our Christmas and NYE with friends and family, partying, chilling, lazying around in cold (or hot weather, depending on where we live), guess what? So did celebs. Sure with a credit card that’s hardly got any limit… it was bound to be big for them. nicki-minaj-nye-outfit-2013taylor-swift-435beyonce-nye-2013rachel-zoe-2013-nye-beachWhile some of the famous faces out there had to work on NYE or Christmas others chose to relax in the posh sun and ocean breeze of St. Barts. Who can blame them. I’d have done the same. So while Beyonce was doing her private show in Las Vegas on NYE & Taylor Swift was trying to be (or look like) a rock star in her leather ensemble, others like Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Simson & Channing Tatum were lazying by the ocean or poolside in St. Barts. Mr. Simon Cowell looked as if he had a blast in the winter sun on his jet sky, I suppose he can afford to take a day off, right? Still confused though about why he cannot afford a good hairstylist, I mean does this guy sleep on his head or what? All in all… they’ve all had a blast and spent their winter holidays trying to make the best of it, much like all of us. Some of the pretty faces out there even threw us a bone & graced us with Twitter photos of themselves next to their Christmas trees or surrounded by presents. Aww… how sweet! To have a little something to gossip about over the weekend, or on your last hours of work this Friday, FashionTag is giving you a short scoop into the what celebs did for Christmas or NYE, what they wore, how they looked, who they were with… Not that anyone cares, anyway:)steven-tyler-660simon-cowell-660redfoochristmaspuff-diddy-christmas-yacht-2012naomi-campbell-christmas-2012kim-kardashian-2013-nye-dressjpgkilye-kendall-kardashian-christmaskardashian-christmasjustin-bieber-christmas-nye-2013-concertjustin-bieber-and-sister-christmas-2012jude-law-2013-new-years-day-beachjonas-christmasjessica-simpson-2013-winter-holiday-beach



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