Milan Fashion Week! 2013 Fall Trends To Steal For This Spring?

Milan Fashion Week has officially begun yesterday and let me just say OMG! I know, what a cliche or better yet how predictable of me to love all the shows and collections (those of you who have read FashionTag & know me, know I absolutely adore Milan FW and why to this day it remains my fave of them […]

Front Row At Fashion Week! Which Celebrities Attended & How They Looked?

As we’re so fast pacing through what’s left of London & New York fashion weeks and getting ready for Milan to take over, with its fabulous glamour and hotness, I thought of wrapping up our two fashion capitals’ Fashion Week round-up with a bit of celeb close-up. Some of that guilty pleasure is always just […]


Fashion Week Street Style! The Fashion Week Outside The Shows…

One of the most awaited parts of Fashion Week is definitely the street style. And when the snap shooter is photographer guru Tommy Ton, you can spend hours looking at those photos. For a few days twice a year, each fashion capital’s streets change and are swirling with fashion editors, journalists, bloggers, stylists, photographers etc. and […]

… More Collections From London Fashion Week!

Good things come to those who wait, right? Well it certainly looks so today. If London Fashion Week weekend collections were a bit too much (or too something, still debating on what), and I found myself in quite a predicament as to whether I should love them or hate them… (sometimes there is such a thing as too weird, […]

London Weekend At Fashion Week! What To Love (or not) About The 2013 Fall Collections?

As I start typing this new fashion post, can’t help but sing (in my mind) The Clash’s late 1970’s hit “London Calling“, and then it hits me… London designers were actually set on this punk mood with their 2013 – 2014 Fall/Winter collections. Could it be because of the Metropolitan Exhibition? Regardless of the present […]

… More Trends Spotted At New York Fashion Week!

Continuing yesterday’s NYC Fashion Week cover story (click here to read), when we looked at some of the trends to keep an eye on in Fall 2013, here we are again in this fabulous sea of new collections, luxurious clothes, fantasy of cuts and shapes… and finally some color. Not too much though, because as […]

Trends Spotted At New York Fashion Week! What To Look Out For In Fall 2013?

Every fashion savvy has probably got a list of a few things to look out for in a fashion week season, and when it comes to New York City’s Fashion Week… well it doesn’t get any better. As the posh crowd has flocked to the Big Apple for a week now, we’re already placing out […]

New York Fashion Week Is Here! What We’re Looking Forward To…

Yesterday New York Fashion Week kicked off with yet another fresh round of collections, backstage snap shots, Tommy Ton fantastic street style photos and constant updates on what the rich and famous are up to for one week in NYC. The fashion event has everyone going insane about how to get in, and when that […]

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What Do Men Wear In Winter? Men’s Street Styles From 2013/2014 Fall – Winter Fashion Week!

Not too long ago FashionTag has made its debut into menswear (click here to read more) and here we are, as promised, peaking into something a little bit more juicy and perhaps quite helpful when it comes to what you lovely gents are wearing in everyday life, on the streets, to work, to dates, to […]

Man Up Boys! Highlights From Menswear 2013 Fall Collections At Fashion Week!

After one week of going round in circles over whether I should or should not do a post on Men’s Fashion (with Menswear Fashion Week and all that) I gave in. The reason behind my utterly disturbing incertitude was simple. I do not know men’s fashion. There I said it. Hold on.  I know when […]