Tribal Necklace
Vintage tribal necklace from tribal region of Northern Thailand.
A beautiful piece of Southeast Asian tribal culture!
silver-plated, $20.00

You all know by now how much I adore accessories & jewelry, especially chunky, statement like ones and with the holiday season here, and everyone looking for that special gift I though of letting you in on a jewelry brand FashionTag has recently discovered and loves so much – the USA brand Cross – Cultural Creations (Ethnic Jewelry, Tribal Textiles and Traditional Crafts, Collected and Created along Boundless Global Journeys). Stunning, high quality & brilliantly crafted jewelry that not only puts the style statement into any outfit, but bares a story within. From the elaborate metal jewelry of the Miao people (South China), the bizarre decorations of Karen Hill Tribe women (Northern Thailand) to the vibrant and colorful weavings of the Mayan craftspeople in Guatemala and the hand embroidered textiles of the Hmong people (Northern Vietnam, Thailand & Laos) – all is collected as found, or made into a new piece by Cross-Cultural Creations Brand. 

Silver Feather Necklace
Silver Feather Necklace; $55.00

Cross -Cultural Creations jewelry looks modern, trendy and quite glamorous while remaining  a statement of the past. And it was this modern/classic/ethnic feature that attracted me to the brand in the 1st place. The jewelry may be antique tribal but the clashing of cultures, styles and age makes the outcome fabulous in terms of fashion and how it looks.  Earrings, pendantsnecklaces, bracelets and bangles in amazing silver, gold metals or turquoise stones. There’s a little something for any taste and style from the simple pendants to extravagant chunky necklaces that I simply adore.I have styled mine – a traditional Miao necklace style with silver feathers (click here to see) – with so many outfits and have worn it at work, out with friends and at a party. It goes amazing with jeans, cut-offs, leather trousers, jackets, coats, shirts, you name it and it just took any outfit to the next level, giving it that edge I love so much and a bit of rock’ish yet feminine glamour. Easily styled in tens of ways, Cross-Cultural Creation Jewelry  fits any taste or occasion, so if you want edge go for a chunky necklace such as the traditional Miao one I was wearing, if you’re going for a pop of color go for the turquoise pendant (click here to see), for a bohemian style opt for the handmade silver tribal earrings (click here to see) or for a total style statement choose the Tibetan Metal ceremonial necklace (click here to see). It is art &  life journeys brought to you in amazing crafted pieces of jewelry & traditional textiles.

Short peak into how I’ve styled my necklace & bracelet & tune in tomorrow for more style photos & the whole experience!

I'm wearing Silver Feather Necklace with leather trousers, black shirt and military coat
I’m wearing Silver Feather Necklace & bracelet with leather trousers, black shirt and military coat
I'm wearing Silver Feather Necklace & bracelet with boyfriend jeans, black T-shirt, leather jacket & red heeled pumps
I’m wearing Silver Feather Necklace & bracelet with boyfriend jeans, black T-shirt, leather jacket & red heeled pumps

Other amazing jewelry you can get from their online shop (click here for more)

Turquoise Dragon pendant-cross-cultures
Natural Turquoise Gemstone with Wrapping Metal Dragon Charm Pendant; Turquoise and silver-plated zinc; $45.00
Wide Bohemian Cuff Bangle
Wide Bohemian Cuff Bangle, $25.00
Handmade Miao Hmong silver coil wrapped earrings set
Handmade Miao Hmong silver coil wrapped earrings set; $70.00
Tibetan Amber necklace close
Tibetan Amber necklace close; $35.00

For more on who is behind the brand & their journeys around the world stay tuned tomorrow as FashionTag brings you a close-up of Cross-Cultures Creations Brand. Also tune in tomorrow to get a glimpse of my fashion experience and  photos of how I’ve styled my Cross-Cultures necklace and bracelet. (click here to read the post on How I Styled My Statement Necklace & Bracelet from Cross-Cultures Creations)

Cross-Cultural Creations online shop 

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