creepersOK so when it comes to creepers I have a love & hate relationship with the thick-sole-shoes. And tons of headaches. Just because I literally do not know whether I like them or not, OR I get those days when I absolutely love them, but it all ends in a rather blunt manner when I decide to wear them. Yeah, I know, I’m such a chicken when it comes to taking some fashion risque. It’s just that to me creepers come with an age group affinity: think teens and early 20s, and if there’s one thing I get panicked about, is looking ridiculous.  But I too once was a teenager and back in the 90s, when the creepers had yet another fashion revival I wore them. Hell I loved them. My tiny reticence back then was due to my ”too-tall” self-consciousness, but my love for the creepers won and I wore them pretty much all the time. They were dark blue with thick black soles… and looked amazing with flared jeans! At least I thought so… red-creepers-street-styleteddy-boys-creepersSo all this spotlight fashion game played by the creepers had me asking questions like why? What’s is up with these shoes that we always get these rush crushes over them, I mean they’re not that great looking nor flattering. Sure they can easily add height, but so can heels. Then it hits me: COMFORT. With an edge. The Brothel Creepers first saw daylight in WWII, on soldiers’ feet and then, upon their return to England they pretty much invaded the streets and won over the hearts of those Teddy boys. In the 70s creepers had their glory days as Malcom McLaren & Vivienne Westwood were selling them on King’s Road in London. Yep it was the punk era! Ever since, they’ve pretty much remained in fashion (not in the spotlight though) as part of the punk look & culture and it was in the 90s they became mainstream again. What did you expect with the Spice Girls wearing them all over the place? And… here we are today. Have creepers changed over the years? I should hope so… Although fashion is all about going back and stealing other decades’ trends it also stands for reinterpretation, and if there’s anything the 2000s are great at, than that’s reinventing fashion/styles, making the most niche things lovable and wearable for the big masses. Teddy Boyspice-girls-creepers-2With millions of designs and styles, the creepers are not looking that bad (at least not today. God I need to make up my mind!) and they do tend to give a certain artsy & bohemian vibe to an outfit, OR a grunge & punk twist to a look. Though seemingly quite niche I tend to think they can be quite versatile too, especially today with so many designs, colors & prints right under our noses, that I think there’s a thick sole for everyone. Black, colored, glittery, studded, sky-high, lace et all – at the end of the day it’s all about what best works for you. I love how some people are wearing them in the most fabulous way, like Susie Bubble for instance – she looks perfect in creepers. Not a hint of masculinity, not a hint of ridiculousness. All is sweet, cute and very trendy! pink-creepers

Dalmatian Print Creepers - by Underground
Dalmatian Print Creepers – by Underground
Underground Double Creepers - Topshop
Underground Double Creepers – Topshop

susie-bubble-creeperssusie-lau-creepersThe Colored Creepers be it one color altogether or just crazy colored soles – look great with cut-offs, skirts & jeans giving that fun, Tom-boyish meets girly vibe to it all. I love the brogues/oxford creepers, personally I think they look amazing and would be pretty much the only ones I could don with total confidence. Though they may appear tricky to wear I do think creepers (with a modest sole) can be styled and tied to almost any look. They’ve got that androgynous smart thing about them and tend to look rather classic with a twist. Here are a few street style photos for inspo.

Colored Creepers – fun shoes for any looks azealia-banks-pink-creeperscreepers-dress-street-stylecreepers-hot-pantsstreet-style-creepers-leather-pantsThe black sky-high sole creepers (studs, spikes, patent, glitter) are more for the teens, and for grunge looks, which though I adore on a regular basis… I do not fancy that much in creepers. Might be the too boy’ish look, too dark, too teen-appropriate… but I will give you this: they look fantastic with leather trousers/leggings and black coat. And I would wear a black creepers pair with an all black trousers outfit and a cool bag. I suppose it all comes down to donning it with confidence and whatever looks good and makes you’re inner fashionista glow – it works, right? Here are a few Punk /Grunge inspired creepers looks that might make you reconsider any creepers aversion, if any.

Grunge & Punk style Creepers black-creepers-street-stylecreepers-fashion-trendcreepers-grunge-lookcreepers-streetstylecreepers-stret-style-all-blackcreepers-trendhigh-creepers-looklourdes-creepers-street-styleRihanna In New Yorkrihanna-london-creepersstreet-style-creepersAs this post ends I am confessing in all honesty I am starting to like these creepers (think thick sole oxfords) and might just consider a purchase. However they will not replace my addiction to heels. Comfort anyone? That’s what sneakers and ballet fla s are for, at least in my case, and with summer around the corner, the gladiator flat sandals are fantastic. So while I’m not jumping with joy over this trend… I will however not dismiss it that quickly!


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  2. I find them super comfortable! They are a lot easier to wear than heels, and I can wear them with pretty much everything. I hate to discriminate against anyone, but I do have to admit that I think that creepers only suit people with small/average size feet, or else they start to look like clown feet.

    • yeah i agree, they are super comfy and can look amazing with some outfits, i get those days when i literally think they are the best shoes ever, so i know what u mean. And i think ur right about the small feet 🙂 Thanks xox

    • I have rather large feet. And quite recently I bought a pair of black studded creepers. I hope I won’t look like a clown. DX

  3. I was recently in Dublin and on a whim I bought a pair. My flatmates hate them but like you, I’m sort of love them one day, not so much the next. Also, where I am studying at the moment, most people dress similarly, so wearing creepers makes me stand out even more than I already do. But I do think once they’re styled right, they can look fantastic.

    • that’s fantastic! i’m glad u bought them, cause i do think they can look pretty cool, like you say when you style them right! and you know those days when you love them? ah… nothing beasts that feeling when you’re wearing smth you really like 🙂 so i’m all for it, Sarrah! xoxoo

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