music-festival-street-styleWe always chat about how to look good and nail the latest trends when rocking our hearts out at music festivals, but let’s be honest – there’s a huge downside to all these muddy trips that we take for the sake of hearing our fave band play, while being buzzed on beer or whiskey. Hygiene girls. Sure there are tents, toilets, showers, soaps, towels and all you may need to brush off your next morning dirt and hangover, but what if you’re not one of those lucky free-eyeglasses/contacts people? What do you do? Can you keep your contact lenses cleaning & hygiene routine at music festivals? For the shortsighted ones, such as myself it may not all be a walk in the park, and while we mastered the Coachella or Glastonbury fashions and looks, we all know when it comes to putting your contacts on, it takes more than a beer to wash out a slight discomfort. And if your glamour puss persona is asleep the entire year, she might just decide to wake up and fuck all your music excursion at the sight of dirt, toilet bacteria, sleeping in tents, dirty boots, clothes, and that nowhere to be seen 5* hotel. And I confess, with a slight shame, I do tend to flip out just a tiny bit at the lack of proper conditions, hence my not so often music festivals trips. But that’s all gonna change girls, cause I’m loving the fun, music and fashionable mess at Glastonbury just a little too much. So let’s get down with dirt, while keeping our hands and eyes clean. music-festival-funBeing blind as a bat there is no compromising for me, when it comes to going somewhere, so while at work, home or out for coffee with my friends I can totally own the nerd eyeglasses look, I confess I hate wearing them. Especially on a few occasions: music festivals, beach, picnics. So I resort to contact lenses, d’ohhhh. And now let’s talk fashion a little bit: what is the number one thing you’re never leaving the house without when going to a music festival? Sunglasses, right? I’ve noticed that most of the girls at such festivals, regardless of their style are all rocking sunnies. What goes on behind them: contacts, bags around the eyes, no makeup is a secret well kept 😉  music-festival-streetstylemusic-festival-sunglasses-trendsunglasses-for-music-festivalscontacts-routine-for-music-festivalsWith contact lenses being a massive part of my life and routine, planning my packing, for the dirty business at music festivals has to be done in advance, before the buzzness of the moment takes over. If you know your prescription you can get them online, easiest way possible. Just find a brand and shop you love and stick to it. Optical Express is one brand I love, they’re super professional, quick delivery, best prices and tones of contacts to choose from. Oh, the times I’ve dismissed the importance of a major thing after a couple of cocktails, and how easy it all seems when you’re having fun, but EYES & CONTACT LENSES are not to mess around with. God forbid a nasty infection, or losing your contacts and glasses. What do you do then? Well… I’d be left in total fog with an intact fashionista’s style, I wouldn’t give a crap about anymore. Not when I can’t see my fave artist playing, or see my friends if they’re not a meter close by, or spot the eating places, the toilets, or my tent… So to avoid acting like a headless chicken let’s discuss a few health tips to keep in mind at music festivals CONTACT LENSES wise. How can you keep your contacts care routine intact when it all looks like this?ap090627010854how-to-keep-ypurhygiene-at-music-festivalsAssuming you’ve packed your hipster outfits, tent, wellies and extra clean and dry clothes here are a few Hygiene Tips for music festivals if you’re wearing contacts:


  • always wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and avoid anything alcohol based, to prevent eye infection
  • depending on what contacts you use bring extras
  • daily contacts are best, because they rid you off the contact solution issue, and you’re only left with worrying about clean hands when applying them. But always pack extra. You may lose one, you may drop one when applying it, so it’s better to be safe than sorry
  • if you’re not using dailies then make sure you pack extra solution bottles, cause the chances of spilling one, or losing one may be higher than you think. Extra care when cleaning them and putting them in their cases.
  • if you’re using makeup make sure it’s not old or caked on your eyes to prevent eye infection
  • sunnies are so fashionable, right, but also super healthy, so make sure you pack one or more pairs that have a UV protection filter for those bright days.
  • sun, alcohol, lack of proper conditions, lack of sleep, hangovers – all lead to (a lot of bad scenarios actually) dry eyes. Not a great feeling for those of us wearing contacts, so make sure you pack eye drops. (for more contacts and health tips click here)

contact-lenses-tips-for-music-festivalseye-drops-contact-lenses-routine-music-festivalscontact-lens-care-at-music-festivalstents-music-festivalfestival-lookCara_Delevingne-look-glastonburymusic-festivals-fashionmusic-festival-styleWhere there’s a will there’s a way, as they say, so no need to compromise when it comes to packing extra contact lenses for trips or music festivals. A little extra care will take you a long way and keep all the possible predicaments away. Who says you can’t stick to your health and hygiene contacts routine at say… Glastonbury?

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  1. This is great! I agree sometimes having contacts on can be such a pain but I’ve finally found some that are permeable enough that I can wear them for a few days straight!

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