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From The Catwalks To Celebrities & Then Straight To The Streets. 2012 Floral Print Trousers SpringTrend

I’m sure you all remember your moms in the the ’80’s wearing floral print trousers. My mom looked fabulous in them. In the ’90’s I hated all our fashion legacy. Floral prints? How cheesy and kitsch. But you know what? Now 20 years later they are leading the runways and the streets… and I love them! As I always say there is nothing new to fashion, just reinvented, nipped and tucked… As if that’s so wrong! 2012 Spring Fashion Weeks all plunged into a garden of Eden and delivered us explosions of floral prints. Dolce & Gabbana’s show still remains my fave with sexy, floral Sophia Loren’s look-a-likes invading the runway. Salvatore Ferragamo’s floral print silky jumpsuit can turn any fashion ignorant into a real fashionista. And the list goes on with Cavalli, Thakoon, Mary Katranzou, Osman, Isabel Marant, J. Krew or Alaexander Wang. They…

The Trench Coat. Our 1st and Only True Love

When Renee Zellwegger wore a red trench coat for a dress on the red carpet in 2011 America’s fashion critiques were at a loss: praise or blast her. A reaction that must have resembled society after WWII, because it must have been more than their practicality that had all the post war ladies steal these smart and effortlessly chic looking coats from their husbands. The trench coat designed somewhere between 1850 and 1901 by Burberry and Aquascutum was to become the world’s most sought after, trendy, classic piece. Since then designers have tried to reinvent it, nip it and tuck it on every runway show for the past 60 years. Yet its inventors still dominate the trench coat style a century later. To our relief, with insignificant exceptions sometimes irritating (true!), the world still goes for the classic chic look. Double breasted, tan, shoulder strapped…