Are Ripped Jeans Still Cool In 2017?

There was a time I thought ripped jeans were like the holy grail of cool style. Then, as years passed me by so did this thought. Truth is,  when my dad asked me to go with him on a family visit and specifically asked me to not wear ripped jeans, worried and wandering whether or not I have normal pants, I laughed. Deep down inside though, I wondered if I was too old to be cool. Hence too old for ripped jeans. More so, I took a step back from my self absorbed self, and upon looking around it hit me I was the only one still hung up on the bloody shredded fashion.


Slowly… I gave it up. To this day I still think I had a ripped jeans addiction. These days I draw the line at knee cut jeans.

However, if you didn’t know, life is a bitch and so is Fashion. So just when I thought I’m adulting, and maturing, and shifting my style to more age appropriate, getting my shit together you know, I’m being fashion slapped by what triggered this whole sartorial process in the first place. Turns out… ripped jeans are back in style? They’re cool again?!

{insert confused emoji}

Ripped Jeans – Between Fashion Trend And Staple?

Uh-huh. I am literally considering the above ripped jeans debate. I mean, what else is a girl to think when the most coveted fad, emulated, replicated, luxe and cheap, done and did over and over, the poster child for trendy-ness, is suddenly like no-big-deal?

Ripped jeans are back in fashion in a very quiet way, subtle if you will. Maybe they were never really gone. Anyway… they’re present in #OOTDs, in weekend getaways, in casual looks. Their in-your-face-initail trait is gone (thank God!) and what we’re left with is a very polite ripped jeans situation.

Of course this may all too well be a delusion in my head, but I will stick by it and defend it with my pen. My truth is: ripped jeans *have* become a staple.  Perhaps a niche staple (if that’s even a thing), but I don’t think they’ll be gone anytime soon.

More so I think ripped jeans are skinny jeans’ little sister. Or brother.

{insert heart emoji}

How To Wear Ripped Jeans In 2017?

Firstly take them not as a fad or a statement piece but as a pair of random plain pair of pants. Secondly pair them with simple pieces for a very cool laid back style.

Truth is ripped jeans in 2017 are a true definition of style irony. You see… we live in the times of effortless and minimal luxe, and these suckers are exactly the opposite. Hence the sartorial challenge they bring to the table: how to wear them without wearing a style that speaks to the world in capital letters?

The key is in the simplicity of a look, and of course in the degree of shredded.

Knee cut jeans look fab (still) with no matter what. From some office looks to casual outfits a pair of black jeans paired with a simple back top is still the key to style perfection.

More ripped jeans styles aka shredded jeans look amazing with simple shoes – read flats (sneakers, espadrilles, sandals) – and a very simple top.

If you feel you look too trendy and blogger-ish, drop the whole ripped jeans style, or just simplify it. There’s only one thing worse than looking like a Fashion Desperado, and that’s a Fashion Desperado in ripped jeans.

Size and design wise they look better when slightly bigger – think boyfriend styles. Have fun with their cuts and designs and go anywhere from super low waist to very high.

If you choose to wear heels go more for that sophisticated style a la Rihanna or very minimal fashion week street style.

That’s it.


Shop the look below.





Fur Shoes: This Summer’s Biggest Shoe Trend?!

Everyone stand up and let’s give fashion its well deserved standing ovation. I swear I LOVE fashion. I adore makeup, clothes, sexy heels, beautiful looks. So in all this pretty world, where do fur shoes stand? And, more importantly where do we stand towards them?

Truth is, some trends we love, and some we hate. In fact the fur shoes trend might as well be hated full on cause it’s bloody ugly. However, at the same time it’s so sweet and fluffy that you can’t really give it a cold shoulder.

The question is how do we really feel about fur shoes this summer? Do we wear them? Could we? Would we? And if so, how do we style fur shoes in summer?

Personally I’m a girly girl all the way with a few bitch don;t kill my vide moments here and there, and I LOVE this trend. Fur shoes are the perfect mix of uber trendy, with sweet and sexy. It’s like fashion finally did something for girly girls with Tomboy’ish sides to them.

What FUR SHOES To Wear This Summer?

According to designers, bloggers, Instagram and Fashion Weeks’ street styles fur shoes for summer have to be pretty (ugly), and funky you know. Except for boots, any shoe sole you can add faux fur to, and make it look cool is IN this summer. Sure, fashion has its favourites but if you wanna get creative go on.

Fur Slippers.

You know how in high-school there’s always that one too cool for school kid? These slippers are it. Rihanna created her own line with Puma.Then every big brand in town designed their own fluffy slippers.

They’re the classic bath/beach/normcore inspired slippers to which fashion has added a top fur fluffy sweet as fuck top.

They look amazing in black, pink, nudes and whites. Style wise they look great paired with denim skirts, jeans, activewear. In fact any cool kid’s uniform will be outfit-perfection paired with fluffy slippers.

More so for an even geekier, edgier vibe wear fur slippers with socks.

Fur Sandal Heels.

Ahh! fashion’s own spin of hotter than hell. (literally in summer). This particular fur shoe style is fashion creativeness at its most. Think a heaven of stiletto or chunky heel shoes that can’t be topped, yet they are with the prettiest fluffy details, in the prettiest colours ever.

2017 Summer is all about shoes, so it’s no wonder everyone who loves a bit of funky fashion loves these fluffy heels.

Fur Slides.

I think they’d be the best shoes for a summer hangover. Period. They’re ugly, comfy, very statement, incredibly effortless, and look amazing with baggy jeans and boyfriend tee. You know… the hangover uniform.

Of course they work great on normal circumstances as well.

Where To Shop For Shoes With Fur?

Everyone don’t panic. I got your back with the bestest fluffy shoes ever!!!!!!

Click on image to shop.




Online Shopping: Hottest Deals Of The Week!

Do you ever wanna just random shop? Like legit fantasise about all the online shopping deals in the world and put in all in your cart? Valentino shoes on sale, Chloe bag, Topshop flirty dresses, MAC lipstick… sigh. I got your back though. As an obsessed human with fashion, online shopping, IRL shopping, and sales I thought why not intoxicate you too with my little obsession and give you a heaven of sales.

Makes sense right?

What To Shop For This Week?

Every time there’s a shopping situation on a roll I make a promise to only buy what I need and what has super staple quality. Of course that rarely happens. Hence my sales condition which translates to my incapacity to pass by any sales out there. A tee for a buck? I don’t bloody need it, but I’ll take it. In all the colours.

More so I’m also kinda obsessed with makeup on sale. Lipstick alert. It’s very easy to create statement looks and super chic styles with just a bold colour lipstick, so I’m all for buying great and daring colours, because most of the times I can;t be bothered out of a plain tee and jeans. So then… my style gimmick in bold lips. I ain’t that stupid am I?

From designer to retail, from super luxe and expensive to more affordable, here are my fave picks for you.



Enjoy! xoxo


5 Jackets For Summer: Tips & Tricks To Summer Layering!

Okay, by the looks of it there’s gonna be no summer this year. Best case scenario we’ll have a cool summer, and I don’t mean that in the hip-hip-hooray kinda way.  Just plain ugly cold. So… why fight it when we can embrace the perks of cool days with a dash of summer crisp? Hello jackets for summer, and brilliant layering.

To be honest from a sartorial point of view things couldn’t be better. First of all jackets for summer have that sophistication vibe to them. Second of all layering is fashion’s piece de resistance. In conclusion, math point taken, we’re winning here.

What Are The *IT* Jackets For Summer This Year?

Are you familiar with your spring jackets, or those light fall coats, those bomber jackets, or long vests you never really got to wear the shit out of. Keep them handy and throw them over anything you’re wearing these days. Morning and evening layering is IN and that my friends is beautifully done with the help of 4 jackets for summer.

1.The ROBE Coat

Every show has a star and this one’s it! 2017 is all about the silk robes and long kimonos, and light reinvented trench coats that scrape the floors when thrown over skinny shoulders. Something like that anyway. It’s one of the biggest looks, perfect for summer, due to its light fabric and more a aesthetic purpose rather than keeping you very warm.

Robe silky coats for summer look amazing paired with shorter pieces: mini skirts, shorts, mini dresses, or simple skinny pants. Jeans and simple tops like a bodysuit for example or a plain tee look amazing with a silky super long printed light coat.

2. The Bomber Jacket

Is this badass jacket still IN? Who cares. It’s the century of all is in, so safe to say we can make a little room for this leather jacket alternative. From oversized styles to m ore fitted one bomber jackets have a sporty cool vibe. Military greens are super trendy. Same as dark burgundy styles, and floral prints.

Bomber jackets look great with a more polished smart outfit. They give a great fashion balance to any minimal or clean cut look.

3. The Denim Jacket

In case you didn’t know we’re still living those edgy classic 80s slash 90s styles. Therefore the denim jacket lives on forever in our lives. Again, it’s one of those alternatives to the leather jacket. It looks amazing in summer and spring just cause of its cool laid back vibe and light blue colour. More so, when paired with jeans and white ensembles it’s a luxe laid back winning ticket.

It looks clean and fresh with just the right amount of edge and trendiness.

4. The Long Summer Coat

Beware, this is not *the* silk robe. Think of it as a long button down shirt worn as a light jacket. Perhaps even a long vest worn as a cover up piece with a crop top, pants and stilettos. If all else fails, think super light spring trench coats worn over your chilly summer go-to-outfit for a laid back with a dash of 80s smart vibe.

Light fabrics go amazing with light colours: baby blues, dusted pinks, nudes, whites.

5. The Leather Jacket

Last one to go, probably first one to go-to. God dammit. Most likely we’ll all be bloody 60 and still the leather jacket will be on everyone’s back. It’s a staple alright and even in those boiling hot temperatures or chilly mornings, it sounds like the best outwear idea ever.

It simply pulls together absolutely any outfit. It makes it look chic and effortless. Why fix it if it ain’t broken?

However, one does get tired of the too ubiquitous things you know. About that – if up until not too long ago the leather jacket was always paired with trendy pieces for a very sophisticated style, or was thrown over jeans and cool tops paired with stilettos and sneakers, these days it’s even more simple.

Say no to anything that’s overwhelming, and make this staple the statement piece. It looks amazing with jeans and white t-shirts. And for the love of God wear anything else than stilettos or superstar sneakers.

Maybe wear a leather jacket over a simple jumpsuit, or a simple dress. Keep it as basic as you can.

Shop all the jackets for summer you want:





Summer Fashion for Men – Infographic

It’s always girls we have the fashion talk for, but the men in our lives love clothes and looking hot and cool just as much as we do. If not more, actually. So once the sun’s out and the sky’s brighter the summer fashion for men talk is due.

What do men wear this summer?

I heard birthday suits are pretty amazing. No? Okay, well it’s the regular choices then, like shirts, and shorts, buttons downs, summer pants. Men’s summer fashion is simple, casual, with a dash of chic, smart, or edge depending on personal style.

However it’s safe to say boys this summer look effortless and relaxed with a stronger penchant for details and accessories.

Therefore,  great shoes, a perfect watch, socks for men, a pair of sunglasses are all tiny details that make a great summer outfit.

If all else fails, the summer fashion for men essentials will always remain: a pair of chinos, a floral button down, a white t-shirt, a pair of classic denims, a sports jacket, classic sneakers.


summer fashion for men

For tons of fashion tips and tricks make sure y’all check out Onpointfresh.


Butt Ripped Jeans: From Instagram To The Streets!?

Some trends you do over and over, some you sit out, and some… you do in your imagination. With every Instagram scroll not one day goes by that a peachy butt cheek says hello from under some cool jeans with a very well placed under-butt cut. The butt ripped jeans is a look, if not a trend and it comes from Instagram, much like its fellow sibling the fishnets under jeans.

*applauding silently*

Therefore, whether we the mortals who’ve been around for longer than say 15-20 years, like it or not, they’re happening.

The question is which side are we on? How old is too old to wear butt ripped jeans? And is it appropriate to wear them outside your Insta?

Hell yes! If you got it flaunt it. That’s who I am, that’s what I’m preaching, and that’s what I’m sticking to.

*applauding frenetically*

However, butt ripped jeans is not on everyone’s sartorial menu, for penchant or insecurity reasons. Yet they’re a fashion case we could give a try, even if we’re well into our 20s or 30s. Or 40s. More so who gives a shit how old we are? As a result this post today, and the hidden (or not so hidden) motif behind it.

How to do the butt ripped jeans trend?

Takes one pair of jeans, cuts jeans under the butt, puts jeans on. For those who love this trend a lot and wanna go all out, go for larger cuts. On the contrary those who just wanna dip into this trend, can do a barely there butt rip.

Another way to wear this trend is to buy a pair of jeans that is already cut under the butt.

Shop here:


Butt ripped jeans street outfits to steal from Instagram?

Everyone relax. Basically it’s the same shit we wear with jeans on a normal basis, only we show off our asses. (ish) The best butt ripped jeans outfits that work well IRL are those paired with T-shirts (cropped or normal), off the shoulder tops, statement shirts, bodysuits (SLAY!!!!), hoodies, sweaters, evening tops (major comeback). Anything really.

More so opt for sneakers, flat shoes, sandals, espadrilles for a relaxed style

Wear butt ripped jeans with stiletto heels or block heel sandals if you wanna turn heads and cause hotness overload. It’s really sexy, but cool and relaxed at the same time. Think fun night out.

It really sounds or looks via Pintrest and Instagram more outrageous than it actually is.  Kylie Jenner and girls who emulate her style may have started off this butt ripped jeans trend for SLAY! reasons, but it can be done in a more understated way. Rebellious young style if you will, like Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend kinda look.

It’s not what you wear and what trends you do (age appropriate or not bullshit) but how you do it. Style speaks more than clothes per se. The key to looking sophisticated, sexy, minimals, clean cut, chic, racy, you name it is pretty much in the personal style and attitude or the wearer.

If you love it flaunt it. Butt cheeks and all.



2017 coachella fashion

2017 Coachella Fashion: Best Summer Outfits To Copy

You know those internet memes in which some sketched stig figure with mermaid hair and long legs is swamped under piles of work, on her 3,945,345 cup of coffee, going through 45,056,978,098 unanswered emails, getting no work done, but endlessly pinning nails and 2017 Coachella fashion outfits? The said sketch depicts moi 100% on any given Monday, or in post-holiday trauma. I know ‘long legs and mermaid hair’… #eyeroll. Let a girl dream, will ya?

It’s Thursday, but it feels like the longest Monday in the histroy of mankind, and the food coma a la post-easter ain’t helping much. The only thing that’s actually soothing my heart at least, and my thrist for pretty things is the 2017 Coachella Fashion. The fact that the festival happened over easter weekend is both great and not so great.

However two sided this may be, the focus is on the good side, and why missing 2017 coachella was actually the best thing ever.

  1.  Eating a lot over the holidays, so, had we stayed glued to coachella news that would have never happened
  2. It’s something to look forward to when there’s nothing to look forward to. #postholidaysadness
  3. I have an excuse to not work per se,  due article research you know (read hours on Pintrest and Instagram). #mylifeisgreat

2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion

Summer Looks To Copy From 2017 Coachella Fashion

I like festivals and summer festival fashion. It’s a great fashion in the city, on my Instagram, in my FB feed, you know, anywhere I don’t actually have to go and do the festival fashion per se. I love it, but I’m over it. Celebrities have a lot of fun at these things and it’s like a dress-up game for both VIPs and mortals. If it ain’t your cuppa, why not sit it out and steal their sartorial music festival ideas for quiet vacations, or city daily styles?


Firstly, this one’s for all the hardcore lipstick and bling lovers. Secondly, it’s for the dainty romantic types. But thirdly it’s mainly for those who are both and neither, and can’t for the life of them pick one style. I know, enough about me, but hey… it is true.

The queens of boho glam are the Jenners. Kendall is a master at mixing wide legged pants, bra tops, boho hats with glam jewellery, and classic red lips. It’s the perfect balance and contrast of the two looks, giving this summer style enough casual vibe as well as that great sophistication we so love.

2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion

Summer Sporty

The fact that athleisure is still IN and strong is no surprise. What is a shocker is how it crawled its way right into the heart of bohemia and rocknroll.  Hence the tons of sporty outfits a la 80s with a 90s twist, and a present day edginess. Very city do-able.

2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion

Lingerie and swimwear as outwear

Go on, read that one again. YES it is true my friends, we are indeed one step closer to being free willies. It’s great, if only time moved backwards. This summer Coachella was packed with cool bras worn as tops, full bodysuits aka swimwear, bikinis under sheer tops and dresses. Lingerie inspired outfits or swimwear worn as such or paired with cutoffs, skirts or sheer fabrics were stars of the show.

It’s fantastic. If you’re 17.

Moving on.

2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion

The classic summer festival look.

You can’t go wrong with it whether or not you’re actually at a music event or just cruising in the city. Pair cutoffs with anything from t-shirts to crop tops, sneakers or boots. Wear summer dresses, and palazzo pants with tiny tops, hats, sunglasses, vests, tiny skirts, maxi skirts – anything remotely boho chic, summer-ish, and rocknroll.

2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion

Street style summer festival inspo from 2017 Coachella


2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion 2017 coachella fashion




Easter Egg: Styles & DIY Ideas

Holidays are for two main things: pigging out on food and drinks, and lazying like a slob. Somewhere in between come the social innuendos (which hopefully lead to more food and booze), and the occasional fashion situations, triggered by the necessary socialising, which require clothes. Either way you’re fucked.

Easter Holidays, while they’re not too different from the above they have the best star of the show: The Easter Egg.

This little sucker makes up for all the dreading moments, and depending on where you’re from and your traditions for Easter, the Easter Egg is one motherfucker who likes to dress up for his three day party. I mean who can blame the guy? He’s basically naked all the time, might as well go all out on fashion this time around.

Those who celebrate Easter will have either the easter egg aka chocolate eggs, OR they’ll have the fancy easter egg aka the classic egg (#helloprotein) boiled and painted. It’s a Catholic and Orthodox tradition to have colourful easter eggs at the table on easter. And chocolate too.

I feel like by the time this post is over I’ll be craving chocolate and normal eggs like a lunatic.

easter egg easter egg easter egg

How To Do The Easter Egg Tradition?

Buy all the chocolate eggs you can find, sit down in front of your fave tv show, eat them all, and be happy. OR, don’t eat them and leave some for pretty decor, for friends, family, that sort of stuff.

For the non-sweet easter egg, buy normal eggs, boil them, and then paint them in all the pretty colours in the world. Set them on beautiful decor and plates, and when the time comes – Easter Sunday – you can start Easter Egg binging. Hey, at least they’re protein.

Growing up we’ve only ever done chocolate eggs and then normal eggs boiled and painted in red, yellow and maybe green sometimes. Lately my mom’s loving the red easter egg and she’s only doing those.

However, if you love this holiday and you’re a DIY die-hard you will not be satisfied by only a few colours. Also… it feels like the more we grow up into responsible adults (I have rolled my eyes a bit here), we’re more prone to doing things right, and pretty, and putting a bit of effort into a damn table decor, you know?

Hence taking a step back and mixing food and fashion on this one, because they do go so well together. And those Instagram pics you’ll be taking… you’re welcome btw.

easter egg

Easter Egg Styles And DIY Ideas

Either colourful, classic, funny, serious – all easter eggs are cute and delicious. The way you paint easter eggs in 2017 is purely up to you and to the table decor you wanna have this year. Let’s see.

The Funny Egg

The Colourful Egg


The Glam Egg

The Minimal Egg


Whichever route you go, have a fab holiday everyone! I’ll see you all back in a few days, fatter but happier. 🙂




Off the shoulder tops

Off The Shoulder Tops: How To Wear This Spring’s Sexy Trend?

There are hot looks that stop traffic and cause excessive sweating on the lookers, and then there are the subtle sexy looks, that seems even better by lack of excessiveness or something. When it comes to alluring trends for 2017 Spring/Summer off the shoulder tops is by far a fave one among designers, Instagramers, bloggers, and the regular Nancy’s out there. Myself included.

Firstly there’s something so goddamn hot about exposed naked clavicles and shoulders that it’s no wonder it was such a massive look throughout history. I think it’s so powerful yet understated it beats naked boobs and bums. Right guys? Secondly it’s very easy to style and wear on pretty much all occasions.

Off The Shoulder Tops

While off the shoulder dresses might be pretty close in trendiness it’s the tops of all sorts that run the show. From sporty style to luxe, to chic, and office appropriate or evening designed – off the shoulder tops are to 2017 what sequin crop tops were to 2000s.

Thank God they look good.

Off the shoulder tops

How to wear off the shoulder tops?

Takes one regular top then pulls it down the shoulders until exposed clavicle. Off the shoulder tops. #voila

Actually, not exactly. Off the shoulder tops are either t-shirt inspired, strappy, long sleeve, blouse cut, shirts, or super fitted styles in anything from jersey to sequins to cotton to chiffon. Ruffles are really cool.

For a casual look pair off the shoulder tops with jeans, shorts or skirts. I love the white and denim combo way too much for this one. Beach hair, or messy ponytail, big hoops and it’s spring perfection.

For office inspired style pair off the shoulder tops aka shirts or blouses with dressy pants in high waist and cigarette cut, or pencil skirts. Personally I’m not a fan of off the shoulders big tops paired with big dresses cause it creates a chaos in body lines and I’m more into clean cuts these days.

For a sophisticated look pair the most fun flirty off the shoulder tops with cool bottoms and layer on details and accessories.

For a boho chic style wear bright coloured off the shoulder tops (red, yellow, green, or floral print). Pick ruffled designs and pair them with slit skirts or high waist denim shorts. Big hoops and glow bronzed skin will complement your summer holiday glow look.

Off the shoulder tops: shopping faves & deals

Obsession is a fair word to describe this summer trend, as off the shoulder tops are EVERYWHERE these days. Your fave Instagram girl, or #OOTD crush has probably got one, so does your fave designer, shop, boutique, and the chances of you wearing one or shopping for one are major.

Hence my list of the most worth drooling over and splurging tops.



Street style inspo below:


Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops Off the shoulder tops

Have a fab week my little loves.


Hoodies For Women: Fashion’s Favourite Trend

You know those outfits you wear without any sartorial connotations? Yeah I know it’s a hard one, but I’m sure there are a few, like sweatpants, t-shirts you wear around the house, or hoodies for women when you workout or go shopping. Little did we know the things we take for granted are the most important ones. #goingdeep

Who knew that when I go to sweat my ass off in gym class, in one of those women’s hoodies I actually rock? #delusionalmuch

According to fashion’s latest trend hoodies are IN. Okay not so latest. More like circa 2016, but still standing, hence this post. To be honest with you, it’s no surprise really that hoodies for women were such a massive trend a year ago, and continue to this day to be a major stylish look, because hello! activewear, sports-luxe, effortless chic, gangsta-glam, These are all looks everyone is obsessed with. #InstagramOutfits

(man, I gotta stop with the hashtags. btw I’m so lame sometimes I talk in hashtags. #eyeroll #cantstop Lawd help me.)

Hoodies For Women: From Gym Wear To Street Wear

First of all ladies hoodies is not a new thing, it only looks new because of HOW we wear it, and because fashion per se became more eclectic or allowing. These days it’s all about street style and personal style with a great emphasis on the ‘anything goes with anything’ mantra. Think of it as the middle finger to fashion rules if you will.

Second of all hoodies for women rise is due to both the fitness/sports obsession we all have these days that apparently goes beyond bodies. Hello gym fashion aka activewear. Any sports clothing these days is so hip and so cool that you just wear it outside the gym as well. Such is the case of the hoodies for women of course.

Alongside them, leggings, crop tops, mesh fabrics, baseball hats, sweatpants – are all part of a style that is very relaxed but chic.

Why in the world would we swap and switch 1,236,345 outfits in a day cause we need to go to work, then spin class, than grocery shopping, then [insert activity]? So it’s socially acceptable, more so trendy these days to rock cool hoodies for example even for office wear and to pair them with more polished or smart pieces, especially when you know you gotta lot of post-work errands to do that day. Wear a more dressy or basic hoodie with black dressy pants or a pencil skirt and heels. It sounds crazy, but it looks good and sophisticated.

How To Wear Hoodies For Women?

There’s only like a billion ways to do this. Actually there are 2 main ways to wear hoodies.

Full on workout style

This hoodie look is perfect for gym or sports activities, or maybe even travelling or weekend holiday style when you go for a full on sports outfit. It’s all about the un-trendy vibe here with sneakers, sweats/leggings/shorts, a ladies hoodie, baseball cap maybe and that’s it. It’s cool, it’s casual, and very effortless.

Street style sophistication

Come to mama. Think any outfit in the world and then pair it with a hoodie. More so opt for hoodies for women instead of jackets, or sweaters, and always throw in a bold girly detail like: stilettos, red lips, big jewellery, great nails.

A lot of girls with amazing style wear hoodies as outwear and pair them with skirts of any style and heels or even flat shoes (ankle boots, sneakers, brogues). The look is incredibly versatile and fashion forward.

For a very powerful sexy ghetto glam inspired style wear a massive hoodie as a dress (steal one from your big guy if you have to). Pair it with great shoes like heel boots for example or sneakers for a more laid back ‘okay-gir’l kinda style and do bold lips. Or full on makeup. I LOVE this style. It’s so empowering, sexy, and urban but still effortless in a way.

Another way to wear hoodies for women – without the extra razzamatazz – is to style them as sweaters. A hoodie under a blazer or a leather jacket is just the perfect style contrast for a sophisticated outfit.

Let the street style photos begin.

Yeezy Season 4 RTW Spring 2017

Shop Hoodies For Women

Which hoodies are stylish? How do I pick one? Does it have to be trendy, can’t I just go with my old rugged one? Where do I shop for a great hoodie? #paniclife

I got your back. Below I picked my fave hoodies for y’all, from super affordable to those luxe designer pieces.

Click on image to shop.


OMG I’m so in the mood for hoodies right now!

Have a great week everyone!