Men’s Fashion: Why You Should Wear A Turtleneck T-Shirt Men’s This Season?

Let me pose an interesting question for you first. What is wrong with a turtleneck T shirt or sweater, really? Aside from the fact that it is always associated with philosophers or academics or artists, or the secretary in “Love Actually”, what exactly is wrong with a turtleneck?

Well, if you find yourself thinking for more than a minute to answer that question, then you are probably one among the majority of men in this world who have fallen into the whole “turtlenecks are for nerds” extravaganza.

Frankly speaking, a turtleneck T shirt or sweater is probably the most underrated men’s fashion outfits of the year. And I have to say year, because turtlenecks have been suffering the wrath of being associated with the geek class for more than one season now.

If you are one of the many men who like to boycott a traditional turtleneck T shirt, just because you feel it is not stylish enough, then it is high time you think otherwise.

Here are a few very good reasons why you should embrace the style this season:

  • For starters, a turtleneck T shirt mens is the perfect protection for the transitional months. It can keep you cosy while at the same time, not completely weight you down like other conventional winter clothing. It can also keep you warm during the less chilly winter months, when you don’t really need a sweater.

  • Secondly, it is all you need during cold nights. It covers your entire body (the chest, tummy, shoulders and arms) and plus it goes an extra mile to cover your neck as well. Now who else would do that for you!?
    The neck area is particularly sensitive to cold for many people, and that is where a turtleneck T shirt can save you. You don’t even have to throw on a scarf. You need to just have this one piece and you are safe to hit the road. It basically offers 100% protection plus an extra 10% for the neck region.

  • It saves the cost of buying scarves and extra layers for the neck and chest. When you’re wearing a simple sweater, you might have to spend some more for a scarf or other layers of clothing underneath to keep it stylish. With a turtleneck T shirt though, you can stop at just one piece.

Last but not least, turtlenecks are being adorned by some of the most popular and influential celebrities around the world. Not just in the hip hop and music industries, but from the film and art industries as well.
Singers in the likes of Drake and Future were spotted wearing the trend at several events. Other celebs like Shameik Moore and Brad Goreski were also seen at parties flaunting their turtleneck t-shirt mens like a boss.

So I guess it is safe to say that turtlenecks are back in trend this season. And if that is not reason enough for you to go out and get one, I don’t know what is!




Oversized Puffer Jackets: Why The Sudden Fashion Obsession?

Whatever I click on these days it’s most likely wearing oversized puffer jackets. Whatever shop you’ll go to in the next months it will shove a puffer down your throat. Even my closet is not exempt from this fall 2018 trend. Like I said, they are everywhere, and tbh I love it!

Rewind 10 years back and I was a puffer jacket hater, 100%. Up until a year or two ago when forced by the freezing degrees I had to face after workout every day in winter, I decided to get one. “That’s it, I thought, I’m done freezing my ass and risking a flu. I’m ready to look like an elephant. Maybe I’ll be so lucky to pull off a flamingo-in-a-puffer look.” There’s only so many coats, and layers, and faux fur one can do in winter, right? So I bought this orange puffer jacket (Instagram pic of me wearing it) that I swear to God became my fave jacket (similar here). It’s easy to put on, to take off, and keeps you so cozy and warm. And I don’t look like an elephant in it, nor a flamingo who had a big burger. I look normal. #orangeinspired

Why is fashion and everyone so obsessed with oversized puffer jackets all of a sudden? 

What is it about these gigantic enormous coats that are the least flattering coats of all times that have us smitten with them all of a sudden. And it’s not just the sartorial fashion week crowd, nor the famous supermodel squads or cool street stylers. No. It’s everyone, from designers showing puffers in their runway collections to the damn fashion victims everywhere who basically ruin any good trend the moment they make it so mainstream and wrong you don’t wanna wear that piece just to not be associated with them. You know what I mean?

But thank God for the billions of puffer jacket out there. I think it’s safe to say there’s a style for everyone.

Meanwhile the ‘why’ lingers… I think the rise of the oversized puffer jackets has a lot to do with the rise of athletic wear, sports gear, activewear, which tbh is more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle that once belonged to a small group of people and now became mainstream so everyone started wearing their clothes, because 1) they’re comfy, 2) they look cool, and 3) if you happen to actually workout, they save time.

So… our love for activewear stretched to winter coats and designers are simply having fun and giving us what we want. Why pair your leggings with a coat and be cold, huh? Or why should you recycle your winter looks from one or two years ago – coats, vests, faux furs – when there’s this not-so-little jacket that looks way too cool for school and actually works for most looks and styles?

Add this to the rise of 80s in fashion, and you have a case of some of the best looks out there. Sports meets 80s meets oversized urban Yeezy styles, all wrapped up in glam or edge, or even smart office wear. Yes you read that right.

Our love for a more laid back vibe is at the core of all this change in fashion and personal style. The oversized puffer is cool. Sure, there’s no way it will replace a camel coat, or those bath robe amazing winter coats, those furs and faux furs we love, but it’s a great piece to rock every now and then. Especially in freezing degrees.

What oversized puffer jackets styles are IN this season?

Like anything great in life… the bigger the better. #lol The puffers of 2018 look like fluffy colourful marshmallows, so big they can fit 3 people in there, and are usually worn low on the back, or just one shoulder a la late 80s New Kids On The Block. They’re boxy, with a back side sticking out as if you’re actually wearing a box, with puffed ‘collars’ and sot of slouchy cuts.

They can also be very long like massive duvets that you wrap yourself into. Rihanna is the queen of wearing  these, without losing an inch of her sex appeal, in case you wondered about that kinda stuff.

How to wear oversized puffer jackets even if you’re not sporty, or on winter holiday?

They do look amazing in winter when you’re living it up in some sky resort or just taking a walk around town and pretending you;re a tourist. And take it from me, they do look great over your gym outfits. Sooner, rather than later you’ll be wearing the puffer when running errands, weekend shopping and so on. It’s easy in these circumstances.

But what about office wear, and going out? Meetings, going to lunch, dinner, meeting people outside the gym or that sky resort?

Throw that sucker puffer on whatever the hell you are wearing, including heels, stilettos, kittens, block. You can wear them over dresses, over the knee boots, sweaters and jeans, power suits. It’s all a beautiful mess. Eclectic.

It looks great paired with crop tops, which you can actually wear in winter cause the puffer will keep you warm. It looks fab with hoodies and sunglasses a la 90s.

It wok with layers (not that you need them), with dresses, with skirts, shorts… sky’s the limit.

Street style:


Get the look:


It’s just a jacket I know, but I feel like it’s the best thing that’s happened in a while. #Ihavenolife

xoxo D.





Best SWEATERS To Shop For This Season!

Sweaters to autumn are like bikinis to summers, so the more the merrier. When it comes to this season the best sweaters to shop for and wear are pretty much same as always. We live and dress by the mantra all is in, so you can even rock your old knitted tops and refresh them them a little by pairing them with something new and trendy.

Or… if you love to always dabble a bit into the newest and chicest things out there then shopping you must not refrain from.

What are the best sweaters to shop for?

  • classic nudes
  • black
  • white
  • red
  • massive sweaters, oversized cuts
  • cropped
  • solid coloured
  • block colour
  • printed
  • Celine soft nude tone sweaters
  • Gucci wild funky retro psychedelic styles
  • Marni retro prints
  • H&M classics
  • Missguided hot sweaters for date night
  • fitted
  • turtlenecks
  • cut-outs
  • asymmetric
  • fuzzy
  • fluffy
  • cable knit
  • hooded
  • too long
  • vintage inspired

Absolutely all you love is wearable and all you can find can be styled brilliantly. From massive brands like Celine or Marc Jacobs to affordable shops like boohoo, H&M – everyone’s selling something worth splurging on.

Sweaters are the jackets of autumn and spring, and they’re the best layering for winter. They look amazing with anything and for almost any occasion.


Best sweaters to shop:


xoxo D.


RED: 2017 Autumn Trend Straight Off The Runway!

From Max Mara to Fendi most designers’ collections for this autumn were painted red. That red shade that is so intense you instantly fall for it. 2017 Red Autumn Trend is like a luxurious vampire movie: intense reds mixed with velvet, black, brown, burgundy, boots so high and red they come all the way up to your crotch from underneath silky flirty mid-lengh high slit dresses. Patent leather is so trendy it feels like those late 90s again. Fur collars on brown or burgundy long coats paired with a red outfit look like a uniform for the coolest lady of the 40s post WWII. And everything is wrapped up in the sleekest and most sexy version of autumn we’ve seen in a long time.

Red as a full on outfit or just a dash of it in a bag or a sweater is probably the easiest trick to pull off when you want to do statement in every day life. It looks beautiful, and if red is your colour (it pretty much looks great on most skin tones) you’ll be killing it, whether you’re wearing all red for an evening thing, for office, or just a red item to feel a little bit more special.

What’s so damn special about red autumn trend in 2018?

It’s dramatic. Luxe.  Sophisticated and rich.  it’s like a fucking vampire life you know. Oh… those you you who don’t know: I am obsessed with vampires and their fashion, and I feel like this is their time to shine. Their fashion I mean. It’s like an homage to all that was fab throughout time fashion wise, wrapped up and delivered into the most fab clothes.

This season red is more intense than ever. So intense you’ll get FOMO if you don’t wear it.

  • red patent leather
  • thigh high stiletto red boots
  • head to toe red outfits
  • red sweaters, red bags, red skirts
  • red paired with burgundy, brown, or blue

Although everything is very daring, and too hot – even this red autumn trend is very grown up, polished, smart looking, chic, and very sleek. It can even be comfortable and cool: puffer red jacket, comfy red coats, sweaters.

How to wear red autumn trend in 2018?


Meaning… either all red outfits, or just a red 70s style dress paired, or red thigh high boots and a brown coat with a fur collar on top. Velvet and burgundy must be included, stilettos, a few rings, or a pair of statement earnings or necklace.



Think street style outside the fashion shows at FW. Flirty dramatic dresses, slit red skirts paired with massive hoodies, boots, tiny flirty bags, puffers, stilettos, red suits.


Think Kendall Jenner and the Hadids. Lawd help me, I’m not a fan of the latter but they do dress pretty cool, and I’m trying not to get very excited but some outfits on Bella’s constantly sad face are just dope.

Street style:


Get the look:


What do you thin?

xoxo D.





PANTSUITS: 2018 Fall Biggest Trend

Ladies… it’s time to put those skirts and dresses away in favour of 2018 biggest style star: pantsuits. Yes, the 80 power-suit is back and it’s bolder, sexier, and more powerful than ever. In fact in 2018 nothing is off the table when it comes to pantsuits. According to Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 2018-2019 collections pantsuits are so fab this year that you’ll have a fashion coup de foudre. I don’t think I’ve seen a runway so hot and style-craving as his this year since maybe Versace or Chanel in the 90s. Beautiful, powerful, empowering and over the top unbelievably sexy.

2018 Pantsuits: What is the trendiest power-suit this year? 

I honestly think you cannot pinpoint this one. As long as it’s power-suit Melanie Griffith meets 90s Spermodels inspired it’s in. The pantsuits of our times have one thing in common, great fabrics, fantastic quality, luxe styles.

  • high waist
  • pockets
  • extremely good tailoring
  • boot cut/skinny cigarette/flared/cropped
  • silky/plaid/satin/
  • single/double breasted

Basically everything is in with the biggest emphasis on fantastic fit. However, there are some pantsuits styles that are oversized and hobo-smart. If that’s your thing by all means, do it.

Nevertheless, if you want to keep it polished, smart, sophisticated, and office appropriate with a dash of cocktail style – go for a fab tailored pantsuit in either black, white, or nude, OR, opt for solids like red, blue, green, yellow, orange. Pastels are still in and pink or dusted blue look amazing on pantsuits.

Remember the pantsuits of 2000s? Yeah. Don’t do those. Stay away from too low waist, from too short blazers, and tacky prints. Instead, remember the pantsuits of the 80s, with broad shoulders, and solid colours, and a cut so architectural and sexy they screamed empowerment.

How to wear pantsuits in 2018?

The phrase ‘all is in’, has never been truer. You can wear them with sneakers, or heels, it will look amazing either way, it’s just a matter of personal style. You can wear a t-shirt under the blazer, a button down, a sweater, a blouse, or a bustier top. It all depends on where you’re going.

They’re amazing for all seasons, especially the cold, cause #layering. Besides, suits with a coat over look so good and powerful it’s the best style ever.

Office look: suit, heels, sneakers, brogues, t-shirt, button-down, blouse, big bag.

Cocktail look: suit, stilettos, bra-top, clutch.

Casual-smart-chic: Slightly oversized suits, flat shoes, micro-bags, turtlenecks.

Street style:


Hellessy RTW Spring 2018

Get the look:


xoxo D.



Flat Boots: A Million Ways to Wear Them This Autumn!

First of all I confess I secretly want to make a case for flat boots, period. Second of all I confess I’m chicken shit scared that all this love I have for comfort these days, is a sign of oldie-but-goldie. But then I picture some stilettos heels as hot as hell and I’m like ‘nah girl, you’re good.’

Anyway, let’s just call it like it is: comfy shoes are not bad at all. They’re only bad if they look like shit, which in the case of flat boots of 2018 is not true. In fact, flat boots this season look pretty sleek and very dapper, which makes them a great choice for office days, for smarter looks, for a style with a dash of edge even.

I mean who the hell wants to teeter-totter in high heels at 8 am?

Well sometimes it’s not a bad idea. But other times… ya just wanna feel good and look good.

The secret to wearing flat boots and looking dashing is the quality of the boots. Expensive looking fabrics and designs allow flat boots to go a long way, from casual weekends all the way to office killer outfits.

How to pick the right flat boots in 2018?

Go for more pointy toe flat boots, the kind that look very sleek, with maybe a slight 1 inch square heel, in patent leather, leather, or even suede (but good quality). They can be shorter and you can wear them with socks peaking from underneath, or higher on your feet, tight or tube-like, depending what style you’re going for.

Basically there are 5 types of flat boots that you can rock this season.

  • the chelsea boots (perfect for office)
  • the cowboy boots (inspired or full on)
  • over-the-knee flat boots
  • uggs
  • timberlands

The staple and most versatile flat boot remains un-doubtly the chelsea boots. It’s classic, sleek, goes with everything, anytime, it looks smart but casual, it’s comfortable and you can find billions of styles from retail to designer.

The cowboy boots are not necessarily having a comeback but if you wear a pair it’s not a faux pas. A classic pair of understated black ankle cowboy boots kinda look amazing. But then again I’m pretty in love cowboy boots no matter what.

One of my faves types of flat boots are over-the-knee flat boots. But seriously give me any type of over the knees shoe and I’ll take it. These look amazing with anything especially dresses, skirts, skinny jeans and some oversized sweater on top. Perfection.

Without further ado here’s all the outfits inspo you’ll need.


Shop my fave flat boots:


xoxo D.

High-Waisted Bikini Is Back In Style!

Listen up ladies, you no longer have to dread those bikini moments in your life, those that compel you to suck your tummies in, the ones that will make feel insecure, or the ones that will distract you from having a good time by the water. A new fashion trend is here to stay and this one you’ll absolutely be in favor of.

Women all around the globe have been infatuated with the increasing high-waisted bikini trend that’s been going strong for almost two years now and which will not lose in popularity any time soon. If you haven’t gotten on board with this fashion trend yet, you most certainly will once you read through this article. Here’s why. 

Retro Style is In

Retro refers to the imitation of trends, music, fashion or attitude of a certain period from the past. People have come to appreciate that some things are simply better in vintage form: wine, furniture, clothing – and as of lately and most importantly: swimwear, accessories, etc.

Current swimwear designers have resorted to reinventing retro swimwear which was used to accentuate a feminine figure without exposing everything – just think of Grace Kelly – instead of pure exhibitionism that was flooding the swimwear market in recent years. High-waisted bikinis brought back elegance and class.

Perfect for any Body Type

High-waisted bikinis will undoubtedly look flattering on any figure but let’s focus oh the hourglass figure. Bikinis that fit hourglass figures just right can be hard to find and the wrong choices can be detrimental to one’s self esteem.

If your bust and hips are nicely proportioned and you tend to have a smaller midsection, you’re very likely a classic hourglass. Do you want to hear some good news? Your shape is perfect for this bikini style because it will draw attention to your slimmest area – your waist.

Your Bottoms will Stay On

Have you ever experienced that embarrassing moment when you were getting out of the water and suddenly all eyes are on you and you don’t know why? Then you looked down and saw your bikini wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Not only were you self conscious about your appearance before that, but now that’s all you focused on. Don’t ruin your summer experience worrying about that any more. With high-waisted bottoms you’ll be free to romp around the water carefree.

A Plethora of Design Options

You will be able to express your unique style and taste since there are so many different high-waisted bikini designs and styles. You can choose between a strong block color, a playful printed style, bikinis with halter straps or a cut out wrap bikini, a bra-top style bikini and many more.

Great Undergarment

Another amazing thing about these bikinis is that you don’t have to limit their use only for going to the beach or the pool. You can pull off an eye-catching look by wearing a high-waisted bikini as an undergarment.

Pair a sheer midi skirt or a sheer midi dress with your bikini and you’ll look like a movie star or a VIP. The best thing is you won’t need any Spanx underneath that will prevent you from breathing or feeling comfortable.

If Celebrities Wear them, Why Wouldn’t You?

If you haven’t been convinced about the perks of getting a high-waisted bikini for your next vacation so far, we’ve got an ace up our sleeve. By doing some research online, you’ll see some big celebrity names – Taylor Swift and Beyonce (to name a few) – who have become adamant supporters of this bikini trend. Aren’t you happy to try them on at least now?


Kitten Heel Boots Comeback: The IT Shoes Of 2018 Fall

Where we’re at right now with fashion is in a perfecto heaven. Amen to that. Everything is in, and each season some new trend – hello kitten heel boots! – is added to this wonderful chaotic pile we love to live in: fashion in 2018. So it all adds up into a massive closet of all the trends of all the decades, all the looks you can think of, all the icons of the worlds all the movements in culture and fashion – every little thing stuck around these days.

The new trend this autumn, or rather the comeback belongs to none other than the kitten heel boots. Or why not just the kitten heels in any shoe type, right?

Once upon a time when grandma was a young cool lady these shoes were the stars of all shoes. Then I remember, somewhere in the 80s and 90s my mom used to wear classic pumps with kitten heels for every day office style. In winter she had boots with a tiny heel. Later on, back in the early 2000s kitten heels somehow were back, worn with boot-cut jeans with a really really low waist, and an overall cheap look, that every single girl died for. #ididittoo

Today we have it all: flat shoes, chunky heels, classic stilettos, square low heels, platforms, sneakers, ankle boots, knee boots, mid boots, thigh high boots, pumps, peep toe boots, lace up boots every single shoe in the history of fashion is in, and as if to add more on an already busy shoe pile – now kitten heel boots are having their major major comeback!

I ain’t complaining for 2 main reasons: 1) kitten heels are super comfy, and 2) they elevate a look in a second, elongate the legs, create the illusions of super high sleek heel, when in fact it’s a heel so tiny you can barely see it. The effect though, is there.

What kitten heel boots are hot this season? 

Kitten heel ankle boots seem to have a fan base out there, with white and red styles sweeping the street style sections like crazy.

Classic kitten heel pumps the kind that Carrie Bradshaw used to wear are slowly coming back.

The more retro inspired pimps with a strap behind your heel – shut the front door. So fab!

Skin tight boots with kitten heels, knee high boots with kitten heels. Anything you can walk in, slap a kitten heel on and ta-daa.

How to wear kitten heel boots this season?

While you might be tempted to say they only look great with mini length skirts and dresses, and pants or jeans – you couldn’t be more wrong. Because they look so sleek they work with anything from office pencil skirts, to funky midi length dresses, to skirts, dresses, long coats.

I will however say the best outfit for them remains jeans – either cropped, or just boot cut – and a massive blazer on top. It’s so perfect I could cry.

Shop the best and sweetest kitten heel boots ever below:


What do you think?

xoxo D.




6 Autumn Must-Have Pieces To Own & Wear This Season!

There’s no such thing as better than summer, however, thanks to autumn must-have pieces and hot chocolates, cappuccinos and croissants – rainy days look more appealing. Right?

A bit of freezing chill is great for layering, which in itself is an amazing style gimmick for the connoisseurs. That massive grey scarf you wear, wrapped 2,345 times around yourself looks better with your hair tucked in and face snuggled in there, while your pretty and frozen hand from underneath a cool coat is holding your fave hot drink.

You know what I’m saying?

Vain as I may sound, or shallow to some fashion ignoramus who thinks they’re above clothes though they’re wearing them… in winter, I find comfort in fashion. That’s it. And food of course.

One thing that always happens to the fashion lot in fall is the sartorial hunt for autumn must-have pieces to wear all throughout the cold season.

The other lot, that I want to be part of, is into fashion but wants to shop less, and only invest in autumn staples, or just make better use of the ones we already have.

What do we keep this autumn and what do we ditch? What are this autumn’s must-have pieces to buy and wear? Which ones make us look trendy but classy, and which can translate into tons of outfits for the entire cold season? And maybe next one as well. That, my friends is the question.




All shades of grey, nudes, caramel, camel are in. The vibe is still luxe, and soft silky sophisticated. The coats are long, as long as your silhouette allows you to wear, dramatic style swiping the floors like a good Cruella, or, if you’re shorter, or just love less drama in your clothes – go for medium length coats.

The style is wrapped like in a bath robe, effortless and so cozy you make kids jealous of how warm you look.

Chose styles that are a bit oversized, with long lapels and big pockets maybe, and belts.


Shop my fave coats here (click on image to see & buy):



Cool ankle boots are #1 autumn must have pieces, having their moment right now, so if you want to invest in just one item this season go for a pair of patent ankle boots, silver styles, or snake print ones.

The 2018 fall ankle boots have block heels, square-round’ish toes, and are more fitted on the leg. They look fab with boot cut jeans, just slightly cropped to show them off, or mini skirts, dresses, and any type of bottom that allows a peak into the funky shoes you’re wearing.

Stilettos ankle boots with a pointy toe are classic and they’ll always be in, but if you wanna still be staple envy chose them in red or wild prints and wear them to office in smart classic outfits or to dinner with  a pair of cool jeans.

Shop my fave ankle boots here (click on image to see & buy):



While all knits are autumn must-have pieces for fall, this season sweaters are bigger and slouchier but more polished somehow. Prints are not so trendy anymore, in fact nude taupe, camel, brown, grey white black colours are stars, guaranteed to look fabulous in sweaters that are tucked in dressy pants for work, or slouching over a pair of jeans.

From turtlenecks to scoop necks or intricate backs – as long as the sleeves are loooooong, and the fabric so soft you die, good quality spotted form miles away, with a fashion edge that has more to do with sophistication rather than loud cuts and prints – 2018 sweaters are luxe and comfy.

Shop my fave big sweaters here (click on image to see & buy):



Few years back, kint dresses in midi length and somewhat tight style were big autumn must have pieces. Somewhere between Kim Kardashian circa 2000’s style and Nicole Richie we all wore them, hell you can still wear them but just style them differently.

However… 2018 cold season is leaning more towards a sophisticated style if you will. The knit dresses are long, big, slouchy, in the same taupes, nudes, grey’ish colours. You can also go for solids like dark deep reds, blues, greens.

All styles look amzzing with ankle boots or even better, knee or thigh high boots, so that the dress overlaps the shoes. You can layer it with coats, jackets, scarfs. It’s a very grown up but relaxed look.

Shop my fave big knit dresses here (click on image to see & buy):



Forget boyfriend, baggy, or skinny styles. Remember those jeans supermodels of the 90s used to wear back in the day? Fitted, but not tight, with a high waist, slight distress, maybe cropped a bit around the ankles, a tiny cowboy crotch, a bit of a wedge, sitting so good on you, but not painted on? Classic Levis.

That style is the bomb this season. It’s grown up, it’s cool, and it looks fabulous with just about anything.

If you don’t have them (note to myself) get them. You’ll wear them a lifetime.

Shop my fave classic jeans here (click on image to see & buy):



This summer the dressy pants were the new maxi skirts. Well… what do you say, what do you know? This autumn, the pencil skirt is the new pants or something.

The pencil skirts of 2018 are big, statement, cool, and sophisticated. They have ruffles, slits, wraps, ribbons, they’re flouncy, peplum, tight, flirty – you name it, the pencil skirt of the 2018 has it.

They look amazing styled with tight turtlenecks, or tucked in soft sweaters, expensive statement jewellery, a good fragrance on. So grown up and chic.

Shop my fave funky pencil skirts here (click on image to see & buy):


All the street style photos you’ll need for autumn outfits inspo!!!!


I solemnly swear this autumn to only buy 1 of each of the 6 essentials in this post. #fingerscrossed

xoxo D.







Long Oversized Blazers: 2017 Autumn’s IT Trend

Old-school like, chic, office wear inspired, effortless, back in the day supermodels of 80s and 90s style, Kim Basinger look, Cindy Crawford hair, 2018 French chic, Americana coolness, looks like a boss, walks like a model, loves coffee and wearing lipstick. Somewhere in all this beautiful clashing mess long oversized blazers became the it stars of the season.

Truth is, the blazer never left fashion, but after 2000’s (give or take a few years) tiny skinny blazers, soft sans shoulder pads, blazers were no longer the go-to-cool piece. At best they were the go-to-must-wear-office-jacket, that nobody loved but everyone had to wear to work.

Fast forward a few years and starting with a couple of years back the blazer tried so hard to make its comeback and become that cool it jacket again, bless its heart, that it was eventually bound to happen.

2018 Fall season has office wear and old-school inspired blazers written all over it. Prada, Stella McCartney, Dries van Noten, Jil Sander took the blazer to a whole new level and tbh it’s so great to see this dusted old jacket fresh again. Even young if I may say so.

The Long Oversized Blazers of 2017 Autumn

This season’s blazer is a version of the 80s slouchy padded shoulder blazer with a touch of those 90s Versace and Chanel glam styles meet 90s Beverly Hills boyfriend blazers, all wrapped up in a very chic, classic, loose and relaxed 2018 style.

The style blazer everyone is wearing these days is long, past your bum, or just long enough to cover it, it has padded shoulders (lighter or heavier depending on its style and your preference), and a boyfriend oversized cut. Very long sleeves, double breasted, faux pockets, checkered, and very Burberry inspired.

From here on – everything else is just fashion game, and having fun with outfit combos and blazers styles per se.

However everyone in 2017 autumn is leaning a lot towards brown shades on checkered double breasted blazers in very very boxy XXL cuts.

For a more glam or polished style opt for monochromatic blazers in classic colours like grey, white, blue, black or green. Go for the same oversized cut.

How to wear long oversized blazers in 2017-2018?

To say yet again “wear it with everything” is kinda redundant but so true. Bottom line is – wear it instead of your classic leather jacket.

Maybe even go further as to replace your lather jackets this year with blazers of all sorts. Yes the look may not be so edgy and so minimal cool (jeans + white tee + leather jacket), but it can be such a great style challenge to replace your jackets this autumn with long oversized blazers, that it may just become the fashion boost we were all dying to see happen.

Therefore – when I say wear it with anything, what I really mean is this:

  • jeans
  • t-shirts
  • turtlenecks
  • block heels
  • sneakers
  • knit dresses
  • fluid flowy tea-dresses
  • maxi dresses
  • culottes
  • cutoffs
  • hoodies
  • leggings
  • knits
  • layered with coats, leather jackets, scarfs, denim jackets, fur vests

Where to wear long oversized blazers?

From weekend brunches in sneakers and leggings, to casual work days in jeans and heels, to smart days in tailored pants and button-downs – the long blazer can be your new best friend.

When paired with very casual pieces such as denim and t-shirts it makes it all look so chic, and when it’s paired with more feminine outfits, such as stiletto sandals and a flowy feminine tea-dress it looks incredibly sophisticated, and of course when you wear it with the same range pieces it just brings it all together into a very powerful office ensemble.

Accessorise it with micro bags for a more fun take on the whole smart blazer look, of go for the classic version of the big boxy bag, tote inspired, structured and serious. Gold pieces are my fave to pair with brown checkered long blazers, and a pair of massive sunglasses for that classic 2018 vibe, or go for very small frames a la 90s for a very Brenda Walsh style.

That’s it. I am sold on this long oversized blazer look and trend, and as the biggest leather jacker lover out there I’m going to team blazer for this season.

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Best big blazers to shop for.

Some of my fave long oversized blazers below:


Or just borrow your man’s blazer, you know?! 🙂

What do you think about this comeback and look?

xoxo D.