Micro Bags: Are They Worth The Fashion Fuss?

Circa 4 years ago tiny little bags had their moment of glory in fashion. Turns out we love to carry around more shit than necessary so we quickly ditched them for larger versions of the handbags. However fashion is known to make little sense and look massively fabulous, so fast forward to present day and what do you say what do you know?

Funky bags are back in fashion and this time they’re tinier than my Monday motivation. From Fendi, to Moschino, Gucci, or Coach 2017-2018 bags are luxe and small. Adorned by statement straps, well placed kitshch embelishmets, downsized to ridiculously tiny sizes that fit more than a lipstick and some money versus cards… tiny bags are stars of today’s looks.

What to look for in micro bags? 

If you’re out to kill it in the fashion and style department look our for either major statements and opulence in sizes as small as little bugs, OR keep the design simple but make a statement in size. The tinier the better. Almost invisible.

Long straps are a must have so you can carry it loosely around yourself a la messenger bag, or let it slung so fashionably from that sexy skinny shoulder of yours.

Size wise if it fits your lipstick it’s small enough, if you can fit your iPhone, it’s too big.

How to wear micro bags?

Maybe I’m not too sold on this handbag trend #busybeelife but I don’t see much use to them unless you’re on holiday, weekend, out with friends, when things such as your laptop, camera, gym outfit, headphones, last year’s receipts, 1,246 pencils, makeup, perfume – are literally unnecessary to carry around.

However… when you can miss out on all the above and resort to the tiniest bag in the world, the fashion effect and coolness it not too bad. They look amazing. The peak of trendiness if you ask me. The IT thang to a look. They’re cute. They’re sweet. They need carrying. They need coffees. Muffins and croissants. And they love love to be shot for Instagram, cause – btw they make fantastic models.

Micro bags are not for everyone, but they’re too cute to miss out on.

Street style.


My fave micro bags to shop for:


Happy weekend my beautiful ones!

xoxo D.


Designer Sales: How To Beat The Monday Blues?

If you could get anything you ever wanted – fashion wise – what would it be? Unlimited amounts of designer sales and shopping sprees? Infinity walk-in closets? First chance to grab designer pieces? Supernatural powers to tell the staple quality in trendy pieces? Clothes’ lusts turned into outfits in seconds?

I’d want it all. But I’m mostly a sucker for designer pieces and sales. Even if I were be able to afford all the things in the world I’d still have that special bond with designer sales and outfits that mix vintage or non-designer pieces with very expensive brands. #superpowerlust

What to do on a Monday? Designer sales.

Mondays suck. But they’re also a fantastic opportunity to procrastinate work and spend the entire day online. Shopping designer sales maybe.

From that Gucci famous white T-shirt, to Chloe’s tiny bag, to Nike’s sneakers, MAC’s nude pallete, Yeezy’s see-through boots, and Levis classic jeans – today’s shopping list is a tiny random haven for all sales and designers lovers alike.

Below is a list of all the best things 2017 has given us so far with a massive sales tag to them. Shop away and have a fab Monday.



Have a great week y’all and happy shopping.

xoxo D.

Jeans Outfits: 1 Million Ways To Wear Them!

If you think blue jeans and white shirt make my eyes burn, you’re right. Nothing is as classic and as sexy as a girl or a boy wearing blue jeans and a white shirt. #staplelife They say the way to tell a person’s great (or not so great) style is by paying attention to how they wear the simplest clothes ever, how they style staples or make the most affordable pieces look luxe.

My heart belong to jeans, I confess that. I live in them. I live for them. I sometimes chose other pieces but I always always always go back to my first love. From skinnies to baggies, to boyfriend to mom jeans I love them all just the same.

One thing I hate about them though is how sartorially crippled they make me become when I get lazy or just creatively jaded and can’t seem to put together any other outfits than jeans and ‘insert random item.’ #storyofmylife

Their fashion and style-solution perks however make any such nonsense go away. I, and those who love jeans all the same, may be at the risk of annoying redundancy when jeans for us become the only answer to any question, but that’s a challenge we’re willing to accept and overcome. Right?!

I mean think about it: what should I wear to work? jeans and a classic blazer. Going out: jeans and that sequin top and stilettos? Supermarket: jeans and sneakers. The only time I’d probably not turn to jeans is when I’m at home and I hate anything other than comfy shorts, and at the beach.

Anyway… can we all agree on jeans being the #1 staple of all times and that one piece of clothing that can make billions of outfits for years in a row. *has happy tears in eyes*


With summer almost over and our love for our jobs growing more and more by the day (#sarcasmwillkillmeoneday) I think we are ready to ditch those tiny bikini strings, and tea dresses in favour of more grown up pieces to wear on those autumn office days.

Blazers are back this season and they look so 90s Versace it’s insane. The whole jeans and blazer outfits are very 90s Supermodels off duty inspired: either very glam with a full on lips and eyes makeup and buried in bling and heels, or more minimal French chic style.

Blazers are longer, more like jackets, and look absolutely fabulous with classic blue jeans.

Best combo: Jeans and white blazer. Heels. Golden Watch. Massive bag.



If you wear heels of any kind with jeans of any kind you will look fabulous no matter what. It’s a combo that can go from office to party in half a second.



The equivalent of trendy sans being a fashion hoe. Think a mix of Gigi Hadid with Kendall Jenner. It’s jeans worn on a Friday night out with sneakers and a bold lip and a faux fur coat. It’s jeans outfits mixed with luxe bodysuits, bra tops, oversized sweatshirts and super high stilettos.

Best combo: baggy jeans, bold lips, bodysuit. Classic Levis, red lips, bra top, sneakers, massive jacket.



Think simplicity done glam, luxe, edgy, classy, or sporty.


What are the hottest jeans around?

They say skinnies are dead, and while I struggled with the thought I tend to agree, and not be sad about it. Sure we’ll always have that skinny jeans pleasure and outfits that only look great paired with a pair of skinnies, but classic jeans are having their moment right now.

High waist, not too tight, perfect fit, Levis style, a combo of old-school-meets-mom-jeans-in-2017. They give you a crease, a wedgie, a crotch and we’ll cool with that. In fact it’s the trick to pick the right pair.

A million outfits for inspo:


A million jeans to shop:


xoxo D.





How To Wear White Jeans The Right Way?

I’ve said it time and again: no matter how passé or obnoxious an item is, if you have style you will make it work. Of course, the above statement addresses the style issue thang which we talked about here. Anyway… for some reason when it comes to white jeans I feel like as amazing as they are they come with the trickiest sartorial traps ever.

Unfortunately white jeans can be synonym with a dated look. And if you pair them with platforms, cowl neck tops, way too preppy hair and makeup, tons of pink and go for a denim style that is so tight it’ll burst everyone’s bubble (except yours of course), and a low waist that would have both Britney and Christina cringe – well… I’d hate to burst that bubble but no bueno.

So at the risk of bringing fashion hatred upon myself I think white jeans look amazing if you follow certain style tips, otherwise they will look circa 2000s. And nobody wants that.

What WHITE JEANS style to chose?

Why treat white jeans any different than blue denim, you know? Therefore pick cuts and styles that flatter your body, and stray away from too tight, and too low waisted.

  • skinny white jeans with a high waist
  • classic Levis cut
  • mom jeans
  • boyfriend baggy styles
  • knee ripped
  • shredded
  • flared

White jeans styles to stay away from?

If you know your way with style and fashion you can make anything work. Personally I’m not a fan of very skinny jeans + low waist + a lot of shredding. They look too trendy and too striving for fashion attention, very tacky and dated.

How to wear white jeans in 2017?

The key is to go for chic, sophisticated, slightly rocknroll with a twist of edge or minimalism depending on what floats your boat.

Pick a pair of quality white jeans #seethroughjeansaretheworst, with a style that works for you (classic high waist, not too fitted styles always always always work) and pair them with very simple but chic tops. Personally I don’t really like those mom blouses paired with white denim. Looks too by-the-book to me.

Shoes wise – run away as far and as fast as you can from platforms.

Stilettos look great with white jeans in a more classic cut, as opposed to skinnies which will lead to more preppy looks. But you know that’s just me and my deleted friendship with preppyness.

So mix and match white jeans with these:

  • white t-shirts
  • white or blue button downs
  • bodysuits
  • crop tops
  • blazers
  • oversized plush sweaters
  • anything black
  • anything nude
  • blue denim
  • leather jackets
  • sneakers
  • nude heels
  • ankle boots
  • classic pumps
  • chunky heels
  • loafers
  • tote bags

How to not wear white jeans?

Think 2000s late and early. Anything you did or would have done back then, don’t do it now. White jeans are a great way to make your look very crispy and fashionable in a very un-mainstream kind of way, with a very trendy item. Talk about an irony.

For office wear they look amazing paired with a blazer and a button down. For a night out they look fab with heels and a bodysuit. They look more luxe than blue denim, as if you’ve put extra effort into your look.

However they’re very unforgiving body and style wise. So you have to avoid a few things in order to look grown up a la 2017, rather than 2000s Calabasas.

  • too made-up look (hair and makeup)
  • overload of jewellery (bedazzled hoops)
  • platform heels
  • wedges
  • low waist with a massive buckle belt
  • floral blouses with an elastic waist
  • cowl neck anything
  • too tight and too short styles
  • ripped jeans paired with too many bracelets and black ankle boots
  • preppy details

However, fashion and style are so biased and so faceted that at the end of the day you can rock those platforms and tons of bracelets and you can look fab. Don’t let no bitch kill your vibe. #justsayin

Style inspo:


Shop for white jeans:


Happy weekend loves!

xoxo D.


Track Pants Trend: How To Wear Them From Casual To Office?

All hail to the Queen Fashion for the track pants trend! They say if you’ve lived long enough for a trend’s comeback don’t do it the second time around. First of all, who the hell is ‘they’, and second I don’t really care for this rule when it comes to the track pants trend. Back in the day, somewhere at the crossroads of 90s with 2000s we’ve all had our track pants love affair. From those uber cool adidas styles a la Gwen Stefani to the wonderful Juicy Couture kitsch a la Paris Hilton.

That was the track pants trend back then. If you did it, good and bad, kudos to you. And me. God knows I wore my black and white stripe track pants all throughout high school, slung low on my waist, occasionally showing off some underwear, and always always always baring my midriff. Not much has changed since.  Crop top wise that is. Amen for that!

For track pants lovers 2017 is just the beginning. From Valentino to Fendi, and Rihanna’s Fenty collection, all the way down to retail chains and street style outfits – track pants are back on track. #thatwascheesy

How to wear the track pants trend in 2017?

Like all second time arounders – the look is more polished, more sophisticated, more grown-up. Fashion itself these days is more permissive and celebratory of personal style over trends per se. Having said that, there are a billion ways to wear track pants in 2017 and stretch them all throughout 2018 cold season, and it’s all a matter of personal style, of the fabrics you chose, the shoes you wear, the occasion, your age, and so on.


Think Bella Hadid, Gigi, and a bit of Kendall Jenner. The track pants are worn very 90s Gwen Stefani polished style, sporty courtesy of the activewear trend with a bit of glam or edge depending on the mood.

#casuallook that could go for office too, if the job description allows.

Key details: bare midriffs, high ponytails, tiny sunglasses, heels versus sneakers, bold lips, long nails, scrunchies, expensive jewellery.


Think bloggers and Fashion Week street style. The track pants are treated as dressy pants, wide legged, long as a blue Monday, very sleek and always paired with something quite chic and posh, the opposite of casual sporty.


Key details: great bag, chunky heels, sleek ankle boots, white shirt, tucked in hair, bracelets, watch, oversized classic sunglasses, designer details.


Think way back when you were a teen. Girls in their early 20s having fun with clothes and keeping it very casual, but very cool at the same time. It’s a look that can go from the gym all the way to a pizza night out with friends.


Key details: sneakers, hoops, crop tops, sweatshirts, sports bras, fishnets, red lips, cool hair.


Think subtle rich girl with the job of your dreams who loves to keep it simple but very expensive. Fluid lean lines, nudes, whites, greys and blacks, very fashion classic.

#officeperfection #casualrich

Key details: black or white track pants with simple stripes on the side, wide legged cut, expensive top, no bare midriff, slightly oversized, kitten heels versus flats, big classic black tote bag, Chanel fragrance, minimal watch, asymmetric earrings, black sunglasses, perfect manicure, perfect hair, flawless skin, bare makeup.

What track pants are HOT this season?

Black and red styles are the #1 obsession out there. Green, yellow, and white follow. The classic style is slightly wide legged, with an elastic waist band that you can pull low on your waist or wear it hight.

Kim Kardashian first wore these with a lace bodysuit and minimal heels, long Cher hair, and I fucking loved it.

Red styles look absolutely phenomenal paired with white tops and they’re basically the ticket to luxe and sophistication, alongside strong baby blues.

Design wise: wide legged, skinny jogger styles, and snap track pants. The latter are my guilty pleasure on myself and my man. I mean there’s nothing more cheeky, cheesy, and kinda cool in a very tacky way than those 90s snap pants trends and situations.

Go on, judge me.

SHOP for best track pants:


Street style inspo:


xoxo D.


Silk Scarf TOPS: A DIY Trick That’s Pure Fashion Gold!

Has your heart ever skipped a beat over a look that you feel will still be fabulous 100 years later, and felt like a damn Queen for having discovered it when no one else around you did? Ah, that style buzz you get…

And then have you ever felt like you want to keep it all to yourself – which is kind of impossible cause if you love it, you’ll wear it, and someone’s bound to see it, and if odds are in your favour, or not, (I’m not sure how style credits go these days) someone’s bound to copy it?

That’s the ugly side of fashion if you ask me, it’s all joy and jolly until everyone looks the same.


Yeah. Selfish impulse aside, truth is I ain’t the first to love this look, nor the first do it, and then be emulated over it. I googled it, and youtube-ed it and found more edgy and enlightened fashion minds that inspired me to give in to my DIY tricks and wear what I create.

Enough with the fucking suspense. I’m talking of course about wearing silk scarves as tops.

The greatest thing in the world about this trend and DIY trick is that you can, as of right now, consider yourself the owner of 549 new tops. Ish. Not me of course, cause I hate scarves, so I barely have like 2. But even so… the possibilities are there.

And then there’s the answer to all fashion headaches. When you don’t know what to wear and stand on a pile of clothes half naked in your jeans, chances are you’ll love wearing a scarf as a top rather than anything else you own. I guarantee it. Why? I’m guessing cause it’s something new and it looks really great!


How To Wear Silk Scarves As Tops?

#1 Bra-style
  • wear a strapless bra
  • put the scarf over it
  • tie it in front
  • make a bow
  • tuck the endings under
  • or leave them long

#2 Tube style
  • strapless bra
  • fold the square big scarf into a triangle
  • put it over your bra
  • tie it in the back
  • you’ll have a strapless top in the front and a half-backless top in the back.
(Or just go on youtube and watch a tutorial.)

Looks to copy.




I am telling you it’s my new found land this silk scarf tops thing.

xoxo D.


Activewear Shopping

You know I have this theory – when all is blue #Mondaylife, shop; when all is pink and rainbows, shop. Shopping, much like wine never fails us, yet unlike the latter we can splurge on it anytime, all the time. Add this mantra to the active life that’s so fashionably IN these days and you have what I like to call a recipe to sooth your soul.

Everyone give it up for: activewear shopping. 

TBH you don’t even need to exercise or love working out, you can just wear the clothes. How cool do you look running the world in heels and tracksuits? Right?!!! btw I ain’t joking. How amazing do weekend errands feel when you do them in leggings and crop tops? And how badass do you feel when you pair anything with your Ivy Park or Adidas sweatshirt.  Love it or hate it, do it or don’t, active life is happening and it looks better in activewear. And if you love all its sides you know how importante shopping for gym clothes is, right?! Except cake, pizza, or wine, nothing is better.

Activewear shopping is still #1 Monday hobby, and today I give you sales and deals that’ll leave you day-dreming and maybe motivate your inner ninja.


Which reminds me, I have some leftover chocolate cake. #Liveyourdreams

xoxo D.



Best Bikinis For Tanning!

Being a summer girl through and through has its perks. #lifeinabikini Yes, I confess I love all beautiful guilty things of life, but most of all I love summer, and I basically live in a bikini four months a year. And I don’t even live by the ocean or the sea. Just have a pool close by, and use any excuse whatsoever to go to the seaside. I also love fashion, which can have its downs because when it comes to swimwear trends I’m always torn. I love to feel comfortable, to tan, to wear Brazilian style bikinis – the tinier the better – but I also love swimsuit trends, the high waisted bikinis, the one-piece bodysuit…

So you see my predicament. What do I do?

In reality I do nothing, and I always buy and wear tiny string swimsuits because #TinyTanLines and I keep the bikini trends for Pintrest only.

Funny thing is as of this summer I’ve noticed a massive comeback to 1) the 80s high thong, and 2) the tiny Brazilian string bikini style: triangle tops, and bottoms with tiny straps you can adjust. Mix and match them and for extra long legs pull the bottom bikini stings high on the hips, Stacey Tonkes style. (God, I love her!)

At the end of the day when it comes to anything really do what makes you happy. And what makes you look good. It’s a great feeling though when the Gods of fashion and planets of style align and you’re on the same sartorial frequency.


Which are the best bikinis for tanning?

Adjustable bikini bottoms with tiny strings you can pull up your hip for that extra oomph a la 80s. Tiny triangle bikini tops with the same adjustable super thin strings. Basically they’re the staple swimsuit of all times.

Colour wise, one colour is more fashionable they say then prints, but… whatever pops that tan and that preference is great.



How to wear the best bikinis for tanning?

Play with the strings – up, and down, and again, up, and down – for boredom sake you know. And also cause of #ThinTanLines.

Mix and match your bottoms with your bras, have fun with tying the strings in X for example. Black, white, re, and yellow bikinis are my fave, and they’re so easy to mix and match it’ll feel like you have millions of styles.

SHOP here:


All this bikini talk making me 1) crave for another permanent location by the ocean, and 2) is making me feel body insecure. Anyway I can do very little about the 2. I’m sure there’s nothing a little wine and cake can’t fix though.


xoxo D.




Dressy Pants. Are They The New Skirts Of 2017?!

Is Fashion starting to grow into this sophisticated woman, or what? Dressy pants are the new IT look, or trend if you will of 2017 summer. They crept up upon us like a sly spy and we love them even more for this not-in-your-face quality they hold. They’re so grown up, sophisticated, and incredibly sexy it’s no surprise they’re popping up everywhere online and IRL too. Is it weird I just said that?

It was actually this Friday that the thought of dressy pants as the new skirts hit me. I was invited to a fashion event in my home town Timisoara (OFF ) a social slash sartorial situation that brings with it the inherent style headaches (oh what to wear, oh what to wear #fashionpoem), which, however, I decided to quench with a chic and rather comfy outfit made up of wide legged summer dressy pants aka palazzo pants and a naked back top. Apparently I was not alone in my style endeavour. Half the girls wore dressy pants.


THIS, alongside the millions of waist ribbon tied dressy pants (if they have a name please enlighten this soul in the FB comments below) – got me thinking. Are we ditching skirts for polished pants? And have we finally found the balance of comfy and chic with the style aid of dressy pants?

Ladies… I think we did.

Having said that let’s see what the actual dressy pants trend is about in 2017, what styles are IN & how to wear them.


Think palazzo pants style, wide legged, high waisted with side pockets if you wish. They’re so soft and creamy like a bloody cake that they make the perfect outfit for some formal cocktail kinda of event. Pair them with white tops or black tops for a more elegant glamorous style.

Go for crop tops, one shoulders top, bodysuits, print tops for some sophistication.

High stiletto heels look amazing with these pants.

Shop here:



These are the much awaited for, and reinvented version of the interview pants that you might have worn in the past as a failed attempt to look professional. Biggest style mistake of my life. These new pants come and save the day for office wear, for even formal events after work, even date nights if paired with a fancy top.

They’re high waisted, have incredible fabric, and are as long as a Monday, can be wide legged, or not.

Shop here:



I swear on my life these pants are everywhere. Nude versions of the pyramid cut, tied with a ribbon pants are gracing our feeds and streets this summer. They actually look fantastic on all body types, paired with anything from a plain t-shirt, to a fancy top, or a button down shirt, and can look great with both flats and heels, which is a LOT when it comes to dressy pants.

You can’t really wear palazzo or wide legged white pants with sneakers. Okay, you can #normcorelife but truth is they look better with heels.

Well… the ribbon pants styles are probably the only dressy pants exception.

Shop here:


To the question and the challenge of how to look like a beautiful tall glass of champagne, the answer is DRESSY PANTS, wide legged, fluid and soft like a damn expensive pillow on a lazy Sunday morning.

Street style inspiration:





#ShopTheLook: The Wrap Dress

Years and years since it was invented – thank you DVF! – the wrap dress is still the holy grail of style. To this day it remains the most flattering cut, the most appropriate style, and the most versatile. Easy to wear, to put on, and take off (#MondayCheekiness) it can easily go from office hours to party all night long, to cocktails, to summer by the sea. And the best part is it’s age appropriate so all generations can wear it.

From Diane Von Furstenberg to all designers really – we’ve had so many versions of this dress that if you don’t have one by now… maybe you should consider. Option wise go for whatever floats your boat: mini wrap dresses, midi wrap dresses (which are perfect for office hours and a great choice for older women), and maxi dresses.

What else to do on manic Mondays, than shop? #Iknowright

The Mini Wrap Dress

It’s the perfect wrap dress for summer days, casual looks, festivals, beach getaways, and can easily go into autumn when paired with ankle boots and layered with a jacket.

Shop the look:


The Maxi Wrap Dress

While maxis are really starting to fade off, the wrap dress version is pretty cool for a boho chic style, for summer days, autumn looks, paired with sandals, or casual boots.

Shop the look:


The Midi Wrap Dress

Everyone stand up for the dress that ALL women can wear ANYWHERE!!!! Office hours, wedding guest, casual weekends… it’s all about the print and the design.

Shop the look:


Happy Monday little ones!