#Lorena’sTees Part I: Rocknroll Baby

If I had a dollar for each time I switched fashion personalities and looks, I’d be filthy rich by now. While some days I’m all for luxe and glam, other days I’m a sporty ninja. You might see me one time in all black but then the next day I could be rocking a floral dress like I’m Miss Marry Fucking Poppins. Nevertheless one thing remains unchanged and never ever altered: my penchant for glamour, and my dressing to my moods.

Give me heels and lipsticks, and makeup, and sexy vibes and I’ll take it any day and twice on Sunday. If needed with a grain of edge, grunge, or 70s rocknroll winter vibes, like the case of today’s post.

A while back my friend and artist Lorena Garoiu – who I interviewed last year (read interview here) – gifted me with two t-shirts that had her art pieces printed on them, and I loved the concept immediately. Also… give me a a bit of racy attitude and I’m on board anytime.

If you don’t shock people at times, and occasionally appall the lazy minds and the Miss Goody Two Shoes around you, if you don’t stretch the borders of what’s conventionally pretty for fun, if not for creative purposes – then what’s the bloody point you know?

So this Sunday I wore both #LorenasTees with a pair of jeans, and a fur coat.

Look #1 – I kinda wanted to channel those babes in rocknroll videos, the wild child, the cool girl who listens to great music, drinks wine, laughs loud, and loves hard.

Look #2 to be continued tomorrow. #creatingsuspense

Two things before I go: don’t let the sunny weather fool you. It was freezing. And 2) if you want a custom made t-shirt with Lorena’s art piece on it, make sure you leave a comment, or contact her here.

And now the pics:


I am wearing: Lorena’s Tee | Vintage Fur coat | Zaful Sunglasses

{ Photos by Cosmin Straut }




#GetTheLook: Oversized Jacket

You know the saying ‘Go big/hard or go home’? Well… seems it was the mantra behind this outfit post, hence the oversized jacket situation. The story behind it is quite funny actually and bares another famous quote – ‘be careful what you wish for’. And ‘practice what you preach’. What is wrong with me this morning, living via quotes and shit? Anyway.

Here’s the story: I adore the oversized jackets trend. I really think it’s one of the most sophisticated looks we’ve had from fashion in a long time, and it’s so versatile and diverse that it really works for any personal style, from the sexy glam effortless look a la Kim Kardashian par example to the more hobo chic style of the Olsens. The best part is you can actually share it with your man. Ha. Fashion is unisex after all. Also… the oversized jacket style leaves so much room for chunky sweaters and layering it’s a very thoughtful kinda trend.

So my love for all these, and my lust to be part of the cool oversized jacket gang drove me to get such a jacket. I might have gotten a little carried away on the oversized situation, buuuut… even the best ones make mistakes, right? #lol.

When USA Jacket wanted to gift me with a jacket I jumped at the occasion of finally looking tiny in a massive cool jacket. I don’t know about the tiny, but the massive jacket I sure nailed.

oversized jacket oversized jacket oversized jacket

Let me tell you though why it’s like the best choice I made.

Paired with heels and skinny jeans it’s the definition of cool and effortless. It’s like you literally dressed pretty and then just threw on the first jacket you laid your hands on, which happened to be an oversized jacket. The different style items (heels + masculine cut coat, bold lips) paired the #OOTD architecture – all kinda root for a very sophisticated chic overall style.

The color is beyond insane. I love red and I love how it looks paired with anything, it’s a color that fits my mood and personality.

The quality is really really great, the shipping was fast, and the shop USA Jackets is simply one of the best online hubs for ‘famous jackets’. The movie staple jackets, like the Tom Cruise from Top Gun jacket, or the Suicide Squad one, or the superheroes jackets (hello my Captain America one) are perfect jackets for a very trendy street style.

Being a girl who actually has some of these jackets, I have to say go for the look, they’re amazing, they’re trendy, they look so expensive, and the quality is great. Personally I couldn’t be happier with this new addition to my boyfriend inspired/movie jackets collection. (I have the Captain America & Suicide Squad ones, and I love them).

I am wearing this red jacket in size L, and I’m normally size S, or XS. And I think you could probably get the oversized look with an M as well. (wish I knew that.)

P.S. The 80s are back as well, so this jacket arrived just in time. 🙂

Here are all the photos.


Jacket from USA Jackets

{Photos by Cosmin Straut}



Ivy Park Sportswear. What I Wore to the Gym?

Aside from my #GymOutfit situation the title of today carries another Q: could a gym outfit, be more than a gym outfit?  If we can be anything we wanna be, why can’t our outfits do the same?

There’s only one thing greater than finding a great shop, and that’s finding a great shop that has ALL the bestest shops and brands at your fingertips. That fab fashion hub is none other than OCTER. I’ve recently come across their shop and I loved it for 2 reasons: 1) they’ve got the go-to brands we all stalk for best buys, so instead of checking each and every shop separately I just click on octer.co.uk., and 2) it’s super easy to navigate, brand and items wise.

Like an obsessed potato that I recently realised I am, of course I was clicking and filtering everything though the gym/workout/leggings/bustiers/sweatpants filters. I guess we all gotta do what makes us happy, right? I’m having wine on Friday, so we good.

Seriously though, OCTER has it all: from Dorothy Perkins, to Asos, to Topshop, Puma, Adidas, to Mr.Porter. My heart though belongs to Beyonce and her Ivy Park sportswear collection, so you can imagine my reaction to receiving what I am wearing today.

Navy Ivy Park sportswear from Octer – Ivy Park collection 

Dana Straut Ivy Park SportswearDana Straut Ivy Park Sportswear

Why it’s the best workout outfit?

It holds my razzmatazz into place. It looks pretty good, and I will say… it can go beyond the gym. Leggings can go to a casual day out, and the crop top that I am wearing can be styled with jeans even.

Those who follow me on Instagram or who know me, know I’m kinda obsessed with working out so I’m always on the look out for great gyn outfits, cause of my other obsession: fashion. Ah, I know I am such a fucking cliche. At least I’ve channelled myself towards a healthier obsession on this one. I’m sorry Jack (Daniel’s that is).

So on Sunday I went to my local gym, that’s practically become my second home, and put on my new outfit, did a bit of a workout, and shot some pics with my girl. Was it awkward (playing the model instead of the workout beast)? You bet your ass, But… we did it.

So this Ivy Park outfit catered to both my obsession for gym, as well as for style, and I LOVE wearing it.

Here’s why:
  • the fabric is so thick and elastic that you can run 1,245,201 miles, or dance through a tornado and it’d still be in place.
  • because it’s so thick and elastic it’s hard to put on (it’s not like sweatpants), but once it’s  on, it stays.
  • when you squat, deadlift, lunge et all the leggings stay in place, so there was no need to keep pulling them up. Same goes for the top, as it’s so elastic you can move your arms perfectly.
  • sizing is weird. I am usually size S, or XS in gym outfits, but this was XXS. So what you need to do before buying it, is to measure yourself according to their size chart and go for that, even if you think you might be bigger or smaller. I guess Ivy is a size smaller.
  • no camel toe. Amen to that sister.
  • no sweat stains.
  • love the little key-holes, and the colour.
  • LOVE the high waist, and how you can fold it and wear the leggings as mid-rise if you want.

Dana Straut Ivy Park SportswearDana Straut Ivy Park SportswearDana Straut Ivy Park Sportswear

Anyone who loves athleisure, gym outfits, and working out – hands down I highly recommend Ivy Park. The leggings are insane. They feel like second skin so you can literally focus on your form when you work out instead of heaving to worry how they pulled down in the back or how they give you a camel toe, or how you sweat and look like you peed yourself. And because their fabric is so thick they kinda sculpt your body.

They look amazing even for a coffee run or a lunch in town, but for working out they are 100% my fave outfit in the world.

If you’re into this make sure you browse Octer for tons of brands and styles. Spoiler: Puma X Fenty. Shut the front door.

Anyhow, here I am wearing Ivy Park leggings and top | Octer




Get the look here:

Ivy Park leggings | Ivy Park top | Octer

{Photos by Florina Ciupertea}


Individually. Connected. T-shirts.


We’ve all got staples we love, and #ootd we obsess about, but I strongly believe that the T-shirt is the sartorial star behind a lot of our fashion daily choices. And when that choice is backed up by a special kinda message we wanna convey to the world, well… it don’t get no better.

The title of this style-post is not random. Well, few things about me are. Actually no, not really.

Anyway, there is a perfectly tailored meaning to the above.

The T-shirts I’m wearing are designed by a Madrid fashion brand – Individually Connected – around the very idea of CONNECTIONS and how we’re all tangled and united in this life and world, or strive to be so, while keeping our individuality and unique razzamatazz as intact as we can.

I LOVE this, and I love how beautiful and simple they convey this in their T-shirts. The design is simple, clean, very good quality, great message, great font (slightly retro), basic black and white colours, with a dash of red par example (like in the Connected T-shirt I’m wearing), spreading love and unity through simple but strong one word design on a black or white t-shirt for both girls and boys.


Why I love Individually Connected T-shirts? Tbh I generally adore T-shirts. Period. And my uniform tends to be T-shirts X jeans. But, cross my heart on this one: these are my fave so far. I love their clean cut and clean design (the red Connected is my fave), and I love how they are fitted but not tight.

There is something so perfect about a great T-shirt that sort of hangs on your back in an effortless way, follows your body, but is not tight, and the sleeves sit a bit away from the arms (and they look skinnier). It’s long enough to tuck in, but also not too long to look weird if you wear it over jeans or a skirt. It’s thick, but not stiff, and it doesn’t wrinkle that bad, which is a massive PLUS for me at least.

Something about their T-shirts has a very classic retro vibe to it, and I LOVE that.

I think T-shirts in general have made a massive comeback into fashion for the past 5 years or so, and I strongly believe they will never leave us again, and from now on we’ll keep on wearing them anywhere, from office days to casual weekends.

Simple and clean designs are a IN right now, and have killed the busy t-shirts of the past. Classic black and white tees for both men and women are massive. So are clothes with a certain meaning to them, message, or just a movement they support as part of our generation’s take on this classic staple.

I am wearing the Connected t-shirt (size M) and the Love t-shirt (size M).




Get the look and #SpreadTheLove

Connected t-shirt | Love t-shirt | Shop | Instagram 

{Photos by Florina Ciupertea}



Office Outfits: Essential Pieces For A Monday-Friday Style!

Who in the world wants to run the world looking like a slob? (long awkward pause) Let’s begin today by assuming a lot of things ok? Like – you love Mondays, and can’t wait to wake up, and slip into the poshest outfit ever, which btw you never have to spend more than 5 min figuring out, and then you slide through town on your way to the best job ever, neverminding the cold, the rain, the wind et all. All the while hair on fleek, perfect natural makeup, and killin’ vibes.

Now… to hell with those ‘ifs’, let’s look the devil staright in the eye and say it: putting together office outfits is a love-hate relationship, if and when we actually bother to put together outfits. More often than not it just so happens we dress randomnly. Thank God for great style.

However, there are those days when even us gurus are at a sartorial loss, so today I give you the essential pieces we need to focus on, to shop, to have, to swap beween from Monday to Friday in order to nail those office looks to the core.

The key I think is – to invest in classics with a slight edge if you’re into that sort of stuff, so that no matter how lazy you are, whatever you land on and grab onto one morning – you’ll look great.


Click on image to shop.



Click on image to shop.



Click on image to shop.


Office dresses

Click on image to shop.




Click on image to shop.



Click on image to shop.


Have fun scrolling, shopping, browsing, and hope to have made it easier for you, office outfits wise.




Shopping Guide: 12 Pieces To Buy & Wear This Fall

When you spend your regular Tuesday online shopping and endlessly adding into carts you know you’re either one lazy motherfucker, or you have the best job ever. While this particular morning I feel more the former rather than the latter, I will however admit I’m a bit of both.

If fashion and my passion for it have taught me anything it’s that when you’re in love with the sartorial art you splurge on everything, and then after the love matures and you already own your style, independent of any trends, you’re more prone to intelligent shopping.

I am *still working on this mature phase in both my general and sartorial life.

Bare with me.

2016-2017 Fall is a very classic with warm tones kinda season, with 70s still going strong, hence the shearling coat, and uber long winter coats. Activewear is still part of our casual cool  looks. Leggings as pants in and out of the gym are the stars, alongside sneakers, with pitch black styles reigning. Nude sweaters, classic jeans, and knit culottes are massive staples. Note to you and me: above all invest in a great oversized hoodie AND a pair of over-the-knee boots. 

That’s it.

My fave picks for you below. Click on image to shop.



Looking For The Best Place To Buy Diamonds

When you are considering buying a piece of diamond jewelry, you already understand that this is an important and significant investment for you. Diamond jewelry, depending on exactly the type of stone that you choose any particular setting, can be very expensive and you want to make sure that you are getting the best quality possible when you make your purchase. With all of the different stores available today both online and in your particular area, it can be hard for you to figure out just where the best place is for you to shop. If you are looking for Houston diamonds today, you want to be sure that you take the time to shop around and make the appropriate decision.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Have Some Information First

While you may have an idea of the particular ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings that you want, it is always a good idea to arm yourself with information first so that you are aware of what goes into a quality diamond and what you should be looking for. You have probably long heard about “the four Cs” involved in choosing a diamond-cut, clarity, color and carat – but you may not actually be aware as to what it is each one of those components means and what you should be looking for. Spend little bit of time reading up about diamonds and aspects that are important so that you have some background to fall back on when you visit different locations or shop online.

Certification is Important

Another component you want to keep in mind when you are shopping for diamonds is that purchasing certified diamonds Houston has available today is going to be important to you. Quality jewelry stores today will only sell you diamonds that have been certified according to specific standards in the industry. The jeweler that you go to will have certification marks that signify that the diamonds they are using have gone through a quality check process. This certification will give you a greater sense of confidence and security regarding the diamonds that you are considering for purchase. You will know that you are getting something that is worthy of your investment and that has the level of quality that you want the most for your jewelry. Whenever you are purchasing a loose diamond or creating your own custom ring and choosing the diamond yourself, make sure that whatever you select is from a certified store.

Once you feel confident in the store you have chosen, you can move ahead and make your purchase so that you can have the diamonds you want in the beautiful setting that you desire. When you are looking for quality certified diamonds in Houston today, you want to go to Intercontinental Jewelers. Intercontinental Jewelers has been involved in the wholesale and retail jewelry business for over forty years and has the quality reputation of supplying certified diamonds that you can be confident in and are of the best quality.

Diamonds inspo below:



Have a fabulous luxe week my loves.



A Little Monday Throwback Never Hurt Nobody: #SummerFestival

Crazy times my friends. Juggling life, and work, and a bit of play in the the midst of fashion week. It don’t get anymore chaotic than this. I call it the headless chicken dance, I being the little chicken sans the head, and the dance being my daily life these days. It’s all good though, I’ve had some pretty good selfies over the weekend, worked out, ate bad but felt good about myself, even had a brief good hair moment there for about 30 minutes. Ya’ know. #s’allgood

Remember when this summer I bombarded you guys with some posts from Sziget Festival? Yeah, this post and this post.

Well… in case you liked them a lot, or you miss summer – I GOT MORE! This time though they’re more street style photos taken by my doll-pal Florina Ciupertea.

I, and her are in there somewhere as well.






Well this is just great now, I miss summer. Like really miss it, and except for this festival it feels like I wasted an entire 3 months of sun. Just when I thought I wasn’t prone to any Monday blues…

Have a great one my little ones xoxo

P.S. let’s hope that graffiti text doesn’t say anything too awkward.




#OOTD: Suicide Squad Jacket

If you’re a fan of the latest cult film – Suicide Squad – this post is for you. If you’re also constantly torn between 2 jackets (colours) this too is a post you will love, cause like nothing else out there the jacket I’m wearing today caters to two loves. In this case wearing both a red and a blue jacket. Perfection. It was only after this Sunday when I wore my new Suicide Squad jacket from Celebsclothing that I actually realised I kinda love blue. First time ever in my life I’ve had a blue crush.

With autumn almost here it’s as clear as a blue blue sky that we’ll be needing some jackets to hang around our shoulders more often than not. 2016 Autumn comes with a few looks and trends that this jacket nails: bomber inspired, statement, pop-culture, reminiscent of 80s-borderline-90s, tells a story.

So I couldn’t be happier to have been gifted with this jacket. It’s a statement jacket alright, so styling it may be a bit tricky. I was constantly torn between keeping it simple or mixing it chaotically – because it is a Suicide Squad item and a very glam-tells-a-story-jacket-kinda-jacket, so why bother belittle it, when I should embrace its loudness.

I’ve realised you can style it any way you please but it tends to look best paired with black, or jeans. Also if you wanna wear it as a top with just a bra underneath it can be a very going-out look a la Rihanna.


Why I love my Suicide Squad jacket? Give me statement something and I’ll take it and put a pin in it anyday. Period. My first reaction of this jacket was just Wow. And then it took a little time for everything to settle in. Those around me were struck by the same reaction, and I’ve found that guys love it a lot, and when they realise it’s the Suicide Squad jacket they literally lose it. Hello little brother and husband!

Quality wise Celebsclothing are super high rated. This is the second jacket I have from them and I really like it beyond the fashion reasons.


The Suicide Jacket is thick so it’s more for fall rather than summer. The fabric is incredibly soft-silky, so it feels absolutely great on the skin, it has a perfect cut and tailoring, and this is coming from a person who is rather tall, and I’m always scared jackets will not fit me arms and waist wise. But it did.

I am normally a size S but this jacket is size M. I think I’d get a size L or even XL now, just cause I love oversized jackets, and that very cool and urban masculine look a massive jacket has.

If you love this jacket and you wanna buy it go for it. Quality wise it’s amazing. Fashion wise it’s a statement alright. And shipping wise it’s really fast.

My outfit pics below:





Get the look here: Celebsclothing | Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Jacket  | Suicide Squad Jackets 

Photos by Cosmin Straut. 


For a person who’s cup of tea is not made up of too psychedelic things and closed spaces and weird lights and surreal surroundings in that very claustrophobic way – that day we spent at the Luminarium at Sziget Festival was not too bad.

In fact, what had started as a long line of people, followed by a first feeling of claustrophobia (hello maze + coloured lights that can mess with your mind and vision if you’re prone to closed spaces) ended up being a very interesting (for lack of better word) experience. Could have had something to do with us turning it all into a tiny photoshoot?! Read those bloody egocentric bastards who’ve got a too big head fro them to carry and gotta make it all about themselves.


It was two Saturdays ago when Muse took the Main Stage at Sziget Festival, in a hot afternoon when we were trying to kill sometime and see what else besides music, food and drinks you can do, daytime at Sziget. So we went to the Luminarium.

That’s the backstory and these are the photos by


sziget-festival-2016-budapest- 3sziget-festival-2016-budapest-Unsziget-festival-2016-budapest- 1sziget-festival-2016-budapest- 27sziget-festival-2016-budapest- 16sziget-festival-2016-budapest- 5

Photos by Cosmin Straut.

Have a great weekend loves.