Cara-Delevingne-eyebrowsA few days ago it was announced that the 21 year old British model, Cara Delevingne trademarked her name. Her new born company ”Cara & Co” (with dad as co-director) will bare the new brand’s name on “perfumes, handbags and nail files… umbrellas, key rings, and perhaps more peculiarly — walking sticks.” OK, so kudos to her for being smart about it, I mean she was clearly well advised and knows that beauty does not last a lifetime, nor does a fast metabolism, for that matter… and in the fashion industry you may be a hit today, but forgot by tomorrow. So brand it while it’s hot! The reason I am writing this post though, is because lately it’s like a heavy and constant media bombardment with Cara Delevingne. And I am just curious to find out why? Is she today’s SUPERMODEL or whatLFW SS2013: Burberry Prorsum Catwalk90s-supermodelsVERSACE AUTUMN WINTER FASHION SHOW MILAN, 1991Cara-Delevingne-leather-pantsWhenever I say the S word (supermodel that is) my mind instantly flies to the timeless: Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer & Co. I mean, everybody knew of these women (from my grandma to my young little brother), in a time when media was not at our fingertips. And they were known for being SUPER-models: super fit (mind you not too skinny, but thin), super beautiful and super TALL! Plus photogenic, personality, ability to sell, to transform et al. Not too many women looked like them, hence the ”super”. I wonder, since the gold era, have we heard of such powerful empowering women in fashion, as models? Sure there are a few, yet none have quite belted the past icons, have they? Until this girl – Cara Delevingne – who’s ubiquity had me thinking: could she be the next supermodel? Or better yet what makes a model,  SUPERMODEL? Truth is, long gone are the days when looks are enough in fashion – personality, attitude, talent, hard-work, putting yourself out there, being different, smart, ambitious, persistent weigh quite a lot. But in this job, looks are still at the top of the list: face & body. Or is it body & face? (which one comes first?)

Cara-DelevingneCara-Delevingne-cut-offsCara-Delevingne-eyebrows-makeupCara-Delevingne (4)Cara-Delevingne-curly-hairCara-DelevingneWho is she? Born in London in a well bred English family, Cara’s been quite close to the posh world. Her granddad, a former English Heritage chairman, was publisher of Queen magazine and founder of Radio Caroline in the ’60’s. Her sister Poppy Delevingne is British Fashion Council ambassador. Cara’s success was often labeled as a consequence of nepotism. But would all those brands have worked with her just for the sake of her family? I mean, at 20 years old, her CV is pretty impressive. Ad campaigns for: Burberry, Chanel, H&M, Blumarine, DKNY; magazine covers (Vogue UK, Vogue Russia, I-D,, Jalouse), not to mention over 20 catwalk shows in 3 weeks at this fashion month. She won Model of the Year at British Fashion Awards, was named by Standard Evening‘London’s 1,000 most influential of 2011”, ranked 25 on, 50 top models, and… played a small part in ”Anna Karenina” film. Which brings me to our bushy browed girl’s new ambitions. Ditch modeling for acting (such a cliche) and become a popstar! Rumor has it she’s asked Rihanna for help and guidance in her new venture. She is seen partying a lot with Riri and Rita Ora, free-time occupation that has landed her the Kate Moss comparison, which the petite Cara does not really fancy. 

Cara Delevingne – Fashion Editorials Cara-Delevingne (5)Cara-Delevingne (3)Cara-Delevingne (7)Cara-Delevingne-brunetteCara-Delevingne-DKNY-adCara-Delevingne-editorialCara-Delevingne-grunge-lookCara-Delevingne-makeupCara-Delevingne-pink0lipsCara-Delevingne-red--lipsCara-Delevingne-russian-looksupermodel-Cara-DelevingneCara-Delevingne-sportyvogue-Cara-DelevingneCara-Delevingne-swimsuitCara-Delevingne-ruch-coverHer funny faces, silly selfies, her backstage attitude, her off duty Tom-boy and grunge looks, her parties with pals Jourdan Dunn, Karlie Kloss, Rita Ora and Rihanna, gained her lots of fans and admiration for her ‘don’t-take-myself-too-serious’ personality.  But as soon as catwalk light are on – she’s super focused and professional. And at events… she’s the glamed up polished girl.

Cara Delevingne – Funny Faces & Backstage Cara-Delevingne-drinkingCara-Delevingne-funnyCara-Delevingne-smokingCara-Delevingne-funny-faceCara-Delevingne-making-silly-faceCara-Delevingne-no-makeupCara-Delevingne-backstageCara-Delevingne-skinnyCara Delevingne – Off Duty Style hmv forum 2 201112Cara-Delevingne-style (2)Cara-Delevingne-grunge-styleCara-Delevingne-helmetCara-Delevingne-leather-jacket (2)Cara-Delevingne-off-duty-styleCara-Delevingne-fashionCara-Delevingne-leather-trouserscara-delevingne-denim-jacket-3Cara-Delevingne-partyingCara-Delevingne-red-beanieCara-Delevingne-rihanna-partyCara-Delevingne-rita-ora-partycara-delevingne-street-lookCara-Delevingne-street-style (2)Cara-Delevingne-street-style (5)Cara Delevingne – Afterparty Looks Cara-Delevingne-black-dressCara-Delevingne-green-dressCara-Delevingne-burberry-dressCara Delevingne – Catwalk  Cara-Delevingne-catwalkCara-Delevingne-runwayCara-Delevingne=assCara-Delevingne-faceCara-Delevingne-fendiVictoria Secret 2012Whether she’s got Supermodel quality or not… I have no idea. Famous she is, yet not everyone knows who she is (my brother doesn’t. I’ve asked him lol). I know it takes more than looks to make it and stand out as a fresh face in the crowd… but to be honest with you, I don’t get what the hype is with this girl. While I can appreciate her assets, I’m not convinced. There are so many other better models out there (not gonna name names). So Cara is different, can transform amazingly, is skinny and has fantastic stare. She’s pretty. Not drop dead gorgeous. But she does not have to be, as long as she tells us something through her photos or catwalks. And she does. But the girl is too short! I know there are shorter catwalk models out there. Kate Moss has paved the way for them, but they’re not all Kate Mosses, right? Yes… she has a great face, she’s striking & different, she photographs amazingly and can easily transform. But so can a tone of other models, right? Isn’t that what being a model is all about? So why this Cara craze?  She might just be today’s SUPERMODEL… or not.  What do you think?  


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  2. Don’t you think she has a strange eye brows ? too dark compared to her hair.. but I agree she more than lovely.

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  4. Cara has certainly transcended into more than just a ‘model’ – she is EVERYWHERE. Every brand, every blog, every catwalk worth watching.. she is the IT girl of modelling at the moment! i think people relate to her because she is so TANGIBLE – and perhaps the first model to really break into pop culture? Her instagram etc is hugely followed, and she is more than just a model now – she is a celebrity in her own right. i like her face, i think she has a different look – and she is relate-able to younger people. kind of. your statement that a fast metabolism doesnt last forever is certainly true – she should jump onto the crazy train and not let go for as long as she can…while there is still cash to be made doing what she does! hopefully she doesnt fall into the dark side and lose her sh1t a la lohan. great article x

  5. Since I never heard about her, I have to say that she has yet to reach the supermodel status. Despite her impressive CV, she looks like any other model out there, tryin to make her mark like Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr! I guess dating a famous celebrity would help raise her status massively- seeing as she is ambitious,I’m sure she will achieve this soon enough.

  6. Actually something about her face reminds me of Kate Moss. This is a really great article! She’s been on so many blogs and I’ve been wondering what is so amazing about her. I think that word ‘supermodel’ really doesn’t mean what it used to, those ladies really revolutionized the modeling industry.

    • very well said Caroline, i supposed supermodel has lost its initial meaning. was watching some cara interviews yesterday, and she’s really a super funny cool girl, great personality. Her face can transform amazingly… she’s beautiful. However… i still don’t get the huge hype. 🙂 And yes i agree… she’s got a bit of that kate moss side to her. Thank you so much!!!! Caroline, so glad you enjoyed it xx

  7. i never heard about her..until this post…i remeber her face from make up pictures./she’s got that kind of face that they look for on the catwalk.however..i really don’t like her…she does’t have that special something..or does she?!

    • hmmmm, my point exactly! not everyone knows who she is, still she’s regarded as the most famous model = supermodel. Don’t really think so, she’s nice and edgy, love her looks, but don’t think she’s got supermodel qualities. Anyway her face is probably a blessing for makeup artists as she can make anything look good, and transform to any looks. great eyes, thick eyebrows, amazing bone structure…. Seen better looking taller models though 🙂 there I said it! thanks Ana xx

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