Since I’ve made peace with the thought that I’m growing older but not wiser, life is more beautiful. And in this recent process of revelation (and obliviousness) I understood why I also find myself gravitating towards sneakers. Current crush: Adidas Superstar sneakers. Heels? I adore. But, I somehow cheat my way out of wearing them by doing more sporty chic looks, more casual chic style, or ghetto urban inspired. Or so I think. God knows I try, so 10 points there.

Sneakers are more badass. Period. Also, more comfortable. More relaxed. And for a gal with no office dress code, such as myself I’m telling you flat shoes are a no brainer. And I also guess it’s the challenge of pulling off more chic or even sophisticated looks sans the heels. The days when heels equaled put together, and flats the opposite are dead. So are the days of sneakers being a no-no for office. We are embracing flip-flops for everyday use in the city, for God’s sake! Sneakers are the new heels in this equation.

Adidas Superstar Sneakers

Last year or so Adidas was in the spotlight with the Stan Smith whites. Everyone was doing them, hence the white sneaker craze. If you thought for a second that’d be it, and we’ve ate our cake now we can move on… errrrrr, hold your horses. It ain’t quite like that. This season Adidas reinvented the SUPERSTAR sneaker, and with celebs endorsements from Rita Ora, Jay-Z et all… of course the more chunky white badass version of the Adidas sneakers was bound to kick ass.

EVERYONE is wearing adidas superstar sneakers these days, and it makes sense: they’re cool, comfy, and somehow their bright white, thick sole, and 3 black lines go perfectly with any look. No, seriously. Even office inspired styles, even suits, even posh dresses.


Stan Smith – Adidas


adidas-stan-smith Adidas Superstar Sneakers Stan Smith stan-smith-adidas-superstar-sneakers-style stan-smith-adidas-street-style stan-smith-sneakers-look


Adidas Superstar Sneakers


Adidas_superstars_striped_dress_streetstyle adidas-superstars-sneakers-looks-2 adidas-superstars-sneakers-looks-4 adidas-superstars-sneakers-looks-6 adidas-superstars-sneakers-looks-9

Adidas Superstar Sneakers are basically a trendy shoe that managed to keep their legacy and retro vibe intact somehow, which ironically enough gives them even more room for versatility. Amen to that!

If however heels are like totally stuck into your DNA, or you’re just way way waaaaaaaay too infatuated with them right now (I know that feeling)… rest assured, the Adidas SUPERSTAR sneakers are going nowhere. Besides we’re left with weekends, evenings out, holidays and what not – to wear the shit out of them. One thing to keep in mind: they go with ANYTHING. And even if they don’t, they do.

adidas-originals-superstar-nyc-east-river-pack-01 adidas-superstars-sneakers-looks-1 adidas-superstars-sneakers-looks-3 adidas-superstars-sneakers-looks-5 adidas-superstars-sneakers-looks-10 adidas-superstars-sneakers-looks-11 adidas-superstars-sneakers-looks-12 adidas-superstars-sneakers-looks-14 adidas-superstars-sneakers-looks-15 adidas-superstars-sneakers-looks-16 adidas-superstars-sneakers-outfits-1 adidas-superstars-sneakers-outfits-2 adidas-superstars-sneakers-outfits-3 adidas-superstars-sneakers-outfits-4 adidas-superstars-sneakers-outfits-5 adidas-superstars-sneakers-outfits-6 adidas-superstars-sneakers-outfits-8 adidas-superstars-sneakers-outfits-9 adidas-superstars-sneakers-summer-trend-2015-1 adidas-superstars-sneakers-summer-trend-2015-2 adidas-superstars-sneakers-summer-trend-2015-3 adidas-superstars-sneakers-summer-trend-2015-4 adidas-superstars-sneakers-summer-trend-2015-5 adidas-superstars-sneakers-summer-trend-2015-6 adidas-superstars-sneakers-summer-trend-2015-7 stan-smith-adidas-looks superstar-adidas-looks superstar-adidas-sneakers-trend


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And now it’s your turn in the comments below. With the rise of SUPERSTARS are we actually saying good-bye to heels and converse sneakers, and espadrilles, and all the shoes in the world?

And if so, are we really ready to do that?

Let’s talk about it below. xoxo




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