Dirty Dancing, MC. Hammer, tracksuits, power-suits, aerobics, big earrings, big hair, purple, color block, broad shoulders, metallics, shimmer, bold makeup, cinged waist, tight versus oversized, geometric prints, big chunky sneakers… Oh my… I swear I have never in my life been so overwhelmed and contradictory.

Half of me used to hate this decade for its kitsch and impossible to relate to fashion of 5 years ago. The other half of me though secretly loved it. I’m a 80s child, so I witnessed all the beautiful kitsch and incredibly strong feminine style at its most with my mom’s style (SLAY), and my very poor late 80s attempt to look like those cool 80s kids. #Majorfail.

Anyway… I can remember that all I ever wanted back in the day when I was like 10 or 12 was to grow up as fast as possible so I could wear everything: power suits were my fave and so was aerobic attire. Like a bodysuit over leggings Jesus Christ! LOVED it. I adored pink and purple and orange and green altogether. Then I loved the big bold makeup, the red lips paired with whatever outfit, the big earrings, and perm hair!

I cannot begin to describe how I literally adored all the 80s looks.


Time passed, 80s passed, and like any person out there I grew up to not be too fond of the fashion past, up until I grew up more, and learned that the past is actually a treasure especially in fashion.

So when 2017 SS collections had so many 80s inspired looks I was 1) not very surprised (actually I think I said ‘Thank God’) and 2) So happy.

While 80s are the ultimate kitsch in fashion – the right pieces, and the right style is to die for in 2017. Even with a bit of kitsch.

YES 2017 is the year the 80s will be big again, and that’s great because we’ve already had too much of 90s comeback, and maybe too much of 70s, and while these 2 decades will not be gone very time soon, it’s great for the 80s to join in on the decades’ comeback. To spice things up you know.

Today I really believe the 80s were maybe the best decade out there in terms of style, because of so many things that were happening out there all of which were mirrored into the way people dressed.

The explosion of color and big bold cuts paired with tight clothes, the explosion of kitsch paired with strong suit lines were all translations of how people were finally more powerful, more expressive, out there, free, nonchalant, and very in-inhibited.

All was in, much like today, and THAT is pretty great in fashion, as it gives you so much room to play with and have fun with clothes.

We might not all start dressing like a fondue cake wearing Velcro shoes and a scrunchie, BUT I would not say no to round glasses par example.

Broad shoulders are a massive 2017 trend, scrunchies are back, leggings are a must in fashion, activewear is our holy grail, pink & purple are suppose to be huge this spring…

You see where I’m going with this?!

80’s bring it on…


What do you think? You an 80s fan or not?

P.S. I am well aware 80s are a really tricky decade to pull off in fashion these days without looking like an idiot, but we’ll talk more of do’s, dont’s, how’s and what’s in my next posts. Tricky as they may be – the 80s are abundant in fashion and style ideas for 2017.



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