5 Looks To Copy From Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Video

You can’t do a fucking scroll and click these days without accidentally, or not, hitting an opinion or an angle about Beyonce’s new video that just dropped over the weekend – ‘Formation’. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. The song is amazing, but don’t even get me started on the video, which is by far one of the best she’s ever done. Sartorial language mode on – I truly think Beyonce is slowly growing into a real fashion icon.

Yes, hate me all you want, but truth is, when it came down to style she never really owned it you know. She’s always been a walking billboard on the red carpet and not much of who she really was transpired in her off duty style. Her videos always showed her in what always felt as not-really-her-outfits. Until maybe her Partition period and her 2 videos – ‘Jealous’ and ‘Yonce’ that showed an insane style side to Bey.


With ‘Formation’ she not only continues her fashion journey but takes it to another level altogether. The song and the video are incredibly powerful and she stands as a spokesmen for both political and feminism issues, and does it in great statement outfits, hair, and makeup.

So yes, I definitely think she’s becoming more and more a real style icon not simply cause of what she wears, but cause she’s exploring fashion, and style, and clothes, and outfits, and she seems to have more fun with all these, taking herself less serious in the process. Yes, she might miss a few sartorial tunes here and there but practice makes perfect.


‘Formation’ for me is a true definition of the great extent of fashion influence a pop star has on anyone. So here I go: ‘Hello my name is Dana-Cristina and I have a new obsession and addiction – Beyonce’s looks in Formation. With the side note I might actually go back to being blonde again. Sigh. Thank you.’ 

Here we go Beyonce’s brilliant looks from Formation with my fave picks for you to get the look. Click on image to buy. #emulatingBey

  1. The bodysuit ain’t going nowhere y’all. Can I get an Amen?! Note to self: keep on hitting the gym. gulp.


Shop the look:


2. All black glam witch. Dayum.

beyonce-formation-looks-1 beyonce-formation-looks-9 beyonce-formation-looks-11

Shop the look:


3. FUR. I can’t.

beyonce-formation-looks-4 beyonce-formation-looks-8

Shop the look:



4. All white looks. Frills and thrills baby.

beyonce-formation-looks-6 beyonce-formation-looks-7

Shop the look:


5. The best for last. SHIRT dress and booties alert. BEST HAIR in the world.


Shop the look:


And now, let’s altogether watch the video again and sigh, and sigh. We’ve been hitting replay and sighing since Saturday like a bunch of groupies, we might as well continue and own it.





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