Spring Is In The Air

2014-spring-trendsSo out with the old, and in with the new. And fresh. And light-er fabrics. Brighter colors. Funky prints. Or keep it simple and minimal, which too, alongside pastels is a massive trend this spring. And speaking of, we always go on about what trends to nail but if you had to invest in a few pieces each season, what would they be?

Would you go for statement and in-season items? Or would you go for timeless, super classy ones, cause you know, trends come and go? pastel-2014-spring-trendChallenged embraced and research done, I’ve realized no matter what happens some things remain the same over time. Even in fashion.

  • Quality.
  • Brights, prints & light shades in spring.
  • Skirts & dresses.

Anna-Dello-Russo-spring-bright-dressspring-light-shadesAnd if you’re a funky sartorial lover then just consider them in statement pieces. If however you love clean & minimal cuts, sans le razzmatazz, okay then too. And while we’re on this point, make sure you check out ROSAvelt Fashion Boutique, cause seriously, regardless of the lot you belong to, you’ll love it.

“We believe we truly have something for everyone at ROSAvelt, from modern classical through to vibrant and mute. Along with specially created vintage pieces which come in limited edition. ” says the team over at ROSAvelt.

And you know what? They nail this vision 100%. Working with great fabrics (pure silk, brocade, jacquard) and shapes & colors to go with the classics as well as the trends (tulip shapes, peplum, minimal or funky, pastels, brights, prints) they deliver a great trendy-cool meets sophisticated girl who loves to look great as if she put no effort in it. So I thought why not share with you my ROSAvelt favorite spring picks, based on my aforementioned THREE-Season-Must-Haves Rule.

Dresses for 2014 spring. Cause structured is still in, as well as brights. And light shades are massive this season. Pastels!!!

Spring dresses from ROSAvelt Fashion Boutique
Spring dresses from ROSAvelt Fashion Boutique
Spring dresses from ROSAvelt Fashion Boutique
Spring dresses from ROSAvelt Fashion Boutique

How to style them? spring-dresses-2014-trendlong-sleeve-white-spring-dresses-street-styleblack-structured-spring-dresses-street-stylepastel-spring-dresses-street-stylestreet-style-structured-dressspring-dresses-street-styleSkirts for 2014 spring. Okay, I know I have an obsession, but I can’t resist baroque prints. They’re so rich and luxurious it’d be a shame to not wear them on and on and on. And on. 😉

Spring skirts from ROSAvelt Fashion Boutique Spring skirts from ROSAvelt Fashion Boutique
Spring skirts from ROSAvelt Fashion Boutique

How to style them? baroque-skirtsstatement-skirtsstreet-style-baroque-mini-skirtsstreet-style-baroque-skirts-spring-2014street-style-baroque-skirts

Trousers for 2014 spring. Palazzos are IN and we’d be complete fools to not give them a try. Sophisticated and so effortless.

Palazzos from ROSAvelt Fashion Boutique
Palazzos from ROSAvelt Fashion Boutique

How to style them? palazzo-pants-spring-2014-trendprinted-palazzos-springsummer-pants-stylestreet-style-printed-palazzos

Check all these, plus more fab pieces here: ROSAvelt Fashion Boutique | Twitter | Facebook



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