Hairstyles Talk: The LOB VS The EXTRA LONG Hair


long-bob-hairstyle-2014-4Not long after I did this post everyone started chopping off their locks, in what seemed to have been the Miley syndrome. So, as our mouths and egos got bigger and bigger our locks got smaller and smaller. Yeah, the undercut slash the soccer mom (JLAW I’m looking at you!) are making waves in the hairstyle world, but more so than these, are the LOBS. 

What the hell is a LOB? A somewhat longer version of the bob. In 2013-2014 any version of the bob haircut is a massive hit from medium length (just above the shoulders) to super short (see Beyonce or Ciara), with or without bangs, blunt or layered, straight, wavy or curly. It’s said to be the most versatile haircut, to fit any woman, any face shape, any style any whatever. And if you have straight hair it’s said to be the shit. 2014-hair-trends-lob-6hairtrendthelob6long-bob-hairstyle-2Well… let me just say this: in my case it is a shit. It’s been 2 months since I’ve chopped off my hair and traded the straight layered or occasionally wavy locks for a blunt lob. My problem with it? I find it a very harsh look rather than chic or sophisticated. Although now that it has grown a bit, I kinda like it. Or maybe I just got used to it.

My hard-to-please-indecisive-persona-aside, I love the bob hairstyle on others (this was the reason I got it in the 1st place). It’s grown up but fun, chic, sleek, incredibly versatile, and it screams femininity in that sophisticated kinda way. It can be done in so many ways it’s crazy. From super straight blunt sleek statuesque neck-elongating-look to layered-wavy-curly-throw-in-some-bangs-or-don’t styles it probably is just a matter of finding the right one for you. This, I think is what bugs me (that I haven’t yet figured out my type of bob. Here’s to experimenting some more!) hairtrendthelob10

2014-hair-trends-lob-12014-hair-trends-lob-1-2014-hair-trends-lob-3long-bob-hairstyle-2014-8So, anyway, why is everyone obsessed with the BOB? Have you seen Alexa Chung? There’s a reason she’s been rocking this hairstyle since… well… since forever. Fabulous girls like Jessica Alba, Leigh Lezark, Nicole Warne or Giuliana Rancic (who btw looks amazing with this cut, much better than extra long for her.) are pretty much ambassadors for the lob & the bob. hairtrendthelob8hair-trend-the-lob-32014-hair-trends-lob-9hair-trend-the-lob-2Everyone (who was anyone) had this cut at Fashion Week. Regardless of styles, hair-colors, professions et all. And I wonder why?

Could it be that with all this fashion/style/trends craze going on, where it’s OK to be and wear whatever the hell you wish and rock it while you’re there, we need some style order in our lives? So we do this clean cut, un-fussy, simple hairstyle. 2014-hair-trends-lob-22014-hair-trends-lob-42014-hair-trends-lob-72014-hair-trends-lob-52014-hair-trends-lob-122011 InStyle/Warner Brothers Golden Globes Party - Arrivals2014-hair-trends-lob-11hairtrendthelob7long-bob-hairstyle-1long-bob-hairstyle4long-bob-hairstyle-5E! 2013 UpfrontLauren Moffatt - Presentation - Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeklong-bob-hairstyle-2014-7As the title betrays, this topic requires a debate as a mirror to my personal predicament.

BOB or LONG hair? long-bob-hairstyle-2014-2Regarding the latter, there’s no need to get all intellectual about it. Long hair has always been the epitome of women, of femininity, of youth, coolness, hippy, rebel, but also proper. It is said though, long hair is for the young ones only, and once a woman crosses the 3o something border she should bob. Well, to this I’m just flipping my middle finger. Personally it’s all a matter of whatever floats your boat. long-bob-hairstyle-2014-3longbobhairstyle7I love long hair. But then again I think short hair, bobs, lobs and all the likes are incredibly cool and edgy. And that I really love. Anyway I’m quite unstable when it comes to hairstyles and my likes and dislikes for God knows what look.

When I had long hair I wanted a blunt bob. Everyone else had one and looked great. So I chopped it. Now… everyone seems to have amazing long long long long hair and look fabulous, while I look like the weird new kid in class. Anyway it’s not a big deal. It’s just hair. It’ll grow.

Long Hairstyles: long-hairstyles (4)long-hairstyles (5)long-hairstyles (6)long-hairstyles (7)long-hairstyles (8)long-hairstyles (9)long-hairstyles (10)long-hairstyles (11)long-hairstyles (12)long-hairstyles (13)long-hairstyles (14)long-hairstyles (15)long-hairstyles (16)long-hairstyles (18)long-hairstyles (19)long-hairstyles (20)long-hairstyles (21)long-hairstyles (24)long-hairstyles (26)long-hairstyles (28)long-hairstyleslong-hairstyleslong-hairstylesBut while we’re at it: what do you think: BOB or LONG hair?

Have a great weekend! xoxo



31 thoughts on “Hairstyles Talk: The LOB VS The EXTRA LONG Hair

  1. I have super long hair. To be honest, I’ve had long hair since forever. I always get trims and my bangs cut out. But now it feels like i am getting too attached to my hair. Its super long and super thin. ( does this even make sense, hahaha) Soooo i’ve been thinking of cutting my hair into a LOB. your site is wonderful. am i the only one who is nervous and feels like they’re “attached” to their long hair ? my hair is literally my safety guard or something.

  2. Definately go for the lob! I never really understood super long hair…its not really doing anything for you and distracts from the face. After a point the length just seems pointless. A lob looks so feminine and really works for your face shape to show off the best features of your face!

  3. I am in a similar boat – I had to get a LOB for a show and I could not hate it more. I went from longer-than-waist-length hair which made me look like a sexy badass to a cutesy blunt shoulder length cut which makes me look about fourteen. My hair is so thick that it looks like I’m wearing a helmet that’s trying to look like Donna Reid’s hair at all times. I found this post because I googled “WHY ARE BLUNT CUTS EVEN IN STYLE”. That being said, your post made me feel a little better – this cut does look gorgeous on everyone in the photos. It’s not for me, but I guess I’ll live. (I think I’m just commenting for the sake of ranting?)

    1. hey Callie, so glad you enjoyed this post, but i totally feel you. Had loooong hair myself, cut it straight and i was literally depressed about it for 6 months. only wore it in ponytails and buns. :( I waited for it to grow to get a layered haircut, which i did, about 4 months ago. Thank God. Now it’s shorter (shoulder length), but one thing i’ve learned is that i’ll never cut my had straight/blunt again. Like you said, it’s a very helmet-look on me as well. Thank god it’s just hair and it grows back. Thanks babe kisses xoxo

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  5. I LOVE a nice bob! I had a real nice bob/lob that went well past my shoulders, but then some stupid stylist decided to angle it longer in the front and shorter in the back, and it sucked. It sucked SO bad that I was in tears 3 days later because my naturally wavy hair wanted to stick out like chicken wings on the sides, where the longer pieces were. I could not do anything with it! I went back to that salon and the owner-manager tried to fix it. Bless her heart, she did her very best, but that style was so jacked up that all she could do was a version of a pixie cut to make it sort of even! I cried even more because I really was growing my hair out. I ended up with hair about like Ellen Degeneres’ and it was a huge letdown. Granted, the cut was good as far as technique was concerned, and it would be a very cute style for someone else, but it was so far removed from what I originally wanted that I almost couldn’t cope. That was last May.

    It finally grew out enough to where I could start back into a blunt bob, but the pixie had moved my ‘corners’ back so far that the next stylist couldn’t make it work. This was a very good, experienced stylist, too. Instead, for some UNGODLY reason, she did a ton of graduated layers. The shortest layer is now even shorter than that pixie was… 5 months later! The longest bottom layer comes just past my collar. Now, I’m probably at least a year away from even THINKING about a blunt bob, and it’s SO discouraging. I hate layers in my hair, and now I have a ton of them to try and grow out. I’ll have been dealing with ‘bad hair’ for 3 years before I’ll be able to go back to my beloved bobs… and now I’m also dealing with breast cancer and maybe chemo (another hair killer), so it may be even longer than that… :'(

    1. If your hair suffers from the chemo, let it be your chance to find the perfect wig! Then when your hair does grow back you can take the wig in and say “do this! no excuses!”

      Best of luck to you, sweetheart.

  6. I love the long bob, next week i’m going to cut it. My hair is long but also thin and the ends are just stripes.. If i would have long thick hair i would not cut it, but this is just not a great look for me i think. I am excited because i want a more edgy look, i am ready for a new fresh start!


  7. Chopped, dyed a coppery light gingery brown, trying to get used to the cut now… And find ways to style it that I like.

    Was long, dip dyed bright blue and, do I have to say – it’s QUITE a shock.

    LOVED all the hairporn in this post : D

  8. Going through this dilemma so bad right now! To chop or not to chop… I’ve had long hair for years, but I want something fresh. Plus It’s summer now and I wear it up all the time anyway because it’s so hot here in FL.

  9. LOVING my lob!! I actually got mine because of another post of yours a while back. The post had nothing to do with hair, the woman just had a “lob” and I thought it looked playful, fun and different. AND…. I LOVE it!!
    Great post on this, BRAVO!!

  10. ugh long hair is the way to go! but i do love the new bob but im too scared to try it. kylie jenner is someone else who is rocking it and it looks great !

  11. LOVE the lob. I think it’s playful but can be styled easily if you want to be more formal. And, worse comes to worst—if you don’t like it, you can grow it out in a few months or go shorter. LOVE the lob!

  12. I love your post…this is the question i always ask myself…without an answer…i have a long bob now, with fringe… and i must confess, that i miss my long long hair so bad…i feel, i dont find the perfect haircut for me…does the perfect haircut exists, or women are always unhappy with their hair and the body? I would love to hear your opinion about all i sad here. Love your blog xoxo Georgia

    1. hey Georgia, thanks! i think we get insecure pretty often and really for no reason, hence us feeling unhappy with tons of things. The secret is to just take it all as it is – hair – it’s not a big deal at all, it’ll grow after all, it can be tied into a bun or ponytail, and the right attitude can make the worst cut look fab. Bodies are well… no woman will ever be totally satisfied with our bodies, but the key is to eat healthy (most of the times at least) and workout and embrace the shapes and sizes. You know what they say: beauty comes from the inside and all that, it’s true in the sense that a confident sexy fun attitude will get you a long way. Being a great person, fun, relaxed and letting your personal charm shine through is actually that thing that transposes beyond hair/body/face etc. So many women look amazing but have a wrong attitude (miserable, too body image focused, miss the fun things in life, so they become insecure for no reason), while others may not look like society’s definition of beautiful but exude soooo much energy, life, sex appeal, that everyone loves them. They’re confident. That’s what it’s all about. OMG, i’ve gone on quite a rant here lol. regarding the hair: I do prefer it super long, so I know what you mean. But I’m sure you look fabulous with fringe and long bob. I’ve always wanted to get a fringe :) Thanks G. Take care! xoxo

  13. Although a brilliant post, I’m now torn as to whether I cut my hair off into a bob or continue to grow it really long… ha ha
    Embrace the bob I bet you look terrific!! xx

    1. haha! it’s OK, i’ve gotten used to it now and like it more and more. If I hadn’t cut if though, I’d have always wondered how it would have looked so… there’s no win win situation here lol. Thanks xoxo

  14. It’s funny because I had super long hair then I got sick of it and chopped it all off. I have wavy hair and it took forever to find a good cut. Finally a stylist explained to me that to accommodate wavy hair it needed to be blunt and for people with straight hair it’s better to give it a more choppy feel. It made a world of difference!

    1. I think you’re so right (wavy – blunt; straight – choppy), cause I think if I’d have the ends a bit chopped or layered it’d look so much better, and fall natural, without looking too blunt. Also I’m thinking like a long fringe, just to frame the face an make it less harsh. That’s what I’ll do next ;) Thanks Caroline xoxo

  15. Flipping the bird right beside you on the 30’s bob rule!
    I hope you start to love your lob. I am sure it looks waaaaaay better than you think – we are always our worst critics.
    Happy Weekend & wishing you an INCREDIBLY GOOD hair day!

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