Fringe That Sh*t!


fringes trend summer 2014 Fringe That Sh*t!Pardon my French, but with the fringe trend making a HUUUGE comeback in 2014 (both in Spring & Fall, so you can go on and stack up on tasseled clothes), I’m getting this urge to cut all my hems and trims into fringes. Ah… such a sweet (and awkward too) trip down memory lane to those 90s, when every girl was wearing fringed T-shirts & spandex leggings. Cringe.

Now that this image is forever imprinted onto your brain, I’m inviting you to extend your fringe-trip down memory lane and expand your nostalgia horizons right back to those glam kitsch 1980s. Or if you think you’re so posh go straight for the gold: those roaring 20s. icon wink Fringe That Sh*t! fringes style 2014 Fringe That Sh*t!Nothing is ever certain, everlasting or unbiased, mush less in fashion. What is certain though is that FRINGES are IN this spring & summer, and according to this Fashion Week, they’ll be IN next cold season as well. And what’s even greater (or great if you hate fringes) is the many ways we can rock this look. No. We’re not limited to those 90s. Amen to that!

In fact fashion is taking it back to those ’80s, so just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. BAM! it did, and this bitch called fashion is rolling on her back laughing her ass off at us for going where no one ever wanted to go before. Those 80s.

But, Dearest Fashion, should you care, we’re more grown up now and have learned to be creative, so, in with the coolness of that decade and out with the kitsch. Ha! coachella look fringes Fringe That Sh*t!coachella style fringes Fringe That Sh*t!finges style Fringe That Sh*t!And for the posh personas in us all those ’20s come to our rescue with silky dancing fringes adorning our bodies on dresses, skirts, tops and whatnot. It’s glamorous, sultry and quite sexy, on a very modern silhouette: belted cinged waists, broad-er shoulders. You get it. fringes Fringe That Sh*t!anna sui spring 2014 fringes Fringe That Sh*t!fringes trend 2014 1 Fringe That Sh*t!runway fringes trend Fringe That Sh*t!And last, but definitely not least on the fountain of fashion inspo topic (so feel free to get crazy and creative) a lot of this FRINGES craze takes me back to my cowgirl days, in some far far away western land, of wild untamed spirits, crazy hearts and fast horses. Yeah, I lived centuries ago in Wild Wild West. You gotta problem with that? copy of ribbonsadweb Fringe That Sh*t!Well, if I must address this delicate issue I will.

My friends will probably have a huge problem with this cowboy approach, as my obsession for country music (to my defense I only blame Garrett Hedlund and his unbelievably sexy deep voice), which I see no reason in hiding, much to their embarrassment, will now be topped, enhanced and supported (YAY!) by a likewise fashion. Fringed suede jackets! Fringed boots! Hell, fringed everything and top it off with a hat! That’ll most definitely leave me looking like Dorothy freaking Page, sans le social life. Ah well, fashion comes with a sacrifice. fringes western style Fringe That Sh*t!fringes trend streetstyle 2 Fringe That Sh*t!rodarte spring 2014 fringes Fringe That Sh*t!ruby aldridge fringe jacket Fringe That Sh*t!Laugh all you want, but fringes do have this versatile power of standing as a statement in any style and look, and I may choose to be the fucking wild west diva one day, but I can switch it all up into a boho-chic Coachella chick, an 80s Madonna, a 90s kid, a rich 70s-meets-80s socialite. Ta-na-na-na-na-na-na.

The truth is, I never really gave a crap about this trend, but something changed the moment I saw a cool vintage fringed suede jacket. Oh, and I’ve always had a crush on fringed boots. So I guess the passion was there somewhere, it just needed a push. And so it got.

The jackets and boots are but a few items adorned by these pretty sultry silky tassels. Actually the world of these tassels only begins here, as the plot thickens with bags, T-shirts, blouses, skirts, belts, necklaces, hats. Told you it’s an everything thing. If you’re Meh on this trend, you may consider giving it a try with accessories: a tiny fringed bag, or a piece of fringed jewellery can be the start of a tassel romance. alessandra ambrosio fringes bag Fringe That Sh*t!fringe boots street style Fringe That Sh*t!fringe bracelet street style Fringe That Sh*t!fringed boots Fringe That Sh*t!fringed boots street style Fringe That Sh*t!fringed coat street style Fringe That Sh*t!fringed jacket spring 2014 trend Fringe That Sh*t!fringe jacket Fringe That Sh*t!fringes look 2 Fringe That Sh*t!fringes look Fringe That Sh*t!fringes look street style Fringe That Sh*t!Why we should love fringes? Because, above all, they are fun.

fringes street style Fringe That Sh*t!fringes streetstyle Fringe That Sh*t!

fringes street style 1 Fringe That Sh*t!fringes trend 2014 Fringe That Sh*t!fringes trend streetstyle Fringe That Sh*t!street style fringed jacket Fringe That Sh*t!western look fringes Fringe That Sh*t! Fringe That Sh*t!streetstyle fringes Fringe That Sh*t!street style fringes Fringe That Sh*t!street style fringes boots Fringe That Sh*t!untitled 1 of 1 8 Fringe That Sh*t!street style fringes trend Fringe That Sh*t!Need a cowboy persuasion that’s got nothing to do with fringes? There. tumblr lqo7kzpawy1r2rh2xo1 500 Fringe That Sh*t!You’re welcome. icon wink Fringe That Sh*t!



6 thoughts on “Fringe That Sh*t!

  1. So ! very sexy style came back,i am glad that happen , many of my friends like that style in portraits ,very rebel style too :) take care Dana

  2. I like fringe. But a little goes a long way or else it can become overly costumey. I’m thinking that if you’re going to fringe-out, choose ONE item with fringe like a jacket OR a purse (but never both!), and keep everything else simple and plain.

  3. I’m always so on the fence when it comes to fringe but I have to admit that when it’s done right it looks amazing!

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