Makeup Trends – Then & Now.


makeup 90s versus 2014 Makeup Trends   Then & Now.In case you haven’t got the memo, the fashion world is doing the 90’s thing, but what does that mean for the makeup & beauty trends? Are they following this grunge craze or what?

Errrr… Dark lips are back in. Matte lipstick is massive for 2014 Spring & Summer. Blue eye-shadow (OMFG noooo!) is a total YES for 2014 SS. Or so they say. Slept in smoky eyes (well actually smudged eyeliner): IN. Full-on makeup sans le fake lashes making a comeback (think 90s supermodels). At this point it’s pretty safe to assume that (1) some 90’s makeup looks are back, and (2) in makeup, as in fashion, ALL is IN. marc jacobs spring 2014 makeup Makeup Trends   Then & Now.bold lips Makeup Trends   Then & Now.matte lips trend Makeup Trends   Then & Now.heavy dark makeup trend Makeup Trends   Then & Now.What remains in the past though (and thank God for that) is that lifeless matte skin of the 90’s, that had no dimension to it. Today it’s all about that natural glow, which makes it easier on some of us (guilty as charged) with an extreme glow (read oily skin). brenda walsh makeup Makeup Trends   Then & Now.jason wu makeu Makeup Trends   Then & Now.Another thing of the past is that dark lipliner. Every. Girl. Back. In.The. Day. Was.Wearing. It. Let’s just hope it died right then and there. lipliner Makeup Trends   Then & Now.lip liner Makeup Trends   Then & Now.And goodbye thin eyebrows. Hello healthy thick ones that make us look a decade younger. icon smile Makeup Trends   Then & Now. thin eyebrows Makeup Trends   Then & Now.thick eyebrows Makeup Trends   Then & Now.So if you secretly wanted to emulate Brenda’s, Kelly’s, Buffy’s, Alicia Silverstone’s or Liv Tyler’s makeup from back then. Ding! Ding! Do it. Now’s the time. Remember that grungy The Craft makeup? Oh. My. God. I adored it. Wtf was I thinking I have no idea, but if you gave me a black eyeliner I’d probably have worn it on both my lips and my eyes, and kept my skin as pale as possible. Like a true vampire I dodged the sun. :)) 90s makeup garbage Makeup Trends   Then & Now.90s makeu up Makeup Trends   Then & Now.Laugh all you want, but matter of fact is some of the most iconic beauty & makeup looks date from back then. To this day those 90’s supermodels look fabulous, with full-on makeup, matte lips, nude-brown-ish tones. To me, Linda Evanghelista is one of the most beautiful girls out there. I still find her makeup (heavy, bold, full-on or not) flawless. linda evanghelista 90s makeup Makeup Trends   Then & Now.90s supermodels makeup Makeup Trends   Then & Now.Another makeup crush is Vanessa Paradis. Perfection. With that browin-ish-rose matte lipsitck and blue or brown eye-shadow smudged rather than carefully applied she was simply stunning. vanessa paradis 90s makeup Makeup Trends   Then & Now.More looks from back in the day: 90s makeup looks Makeup Trends   Then & Now.90s style beauty makeup Makeup Trends   Then & Now.cindy crawford 90s makeup Makeup Trends   Then & Now.drew barrymore 90s makeup Makeup Trends   Then & Now.helena christensen 90s makeup Makeup Trends   Then & Now.kate moss 90s makeup Makeup Trends   Then & Now.So where do we stand today? Makeup wise. All this look-at-the-past is topped by all the beauty gimmicks makeup artists come up with. Then by a dose of je m’en fish-ism, and by the ALL-is-IN-thing. The result? We get some pretty amazing makeup looks: bold bright matte lips, eyeliner, contouring & highlighting. And I dare say I free pass at doing bold lips and eyes at the same time. bold makeup trend 2014 Makeup Trends   Then & Now.

“The old axiom was that you privileged either eyes or lips, not both – a mean suggestion, on the lines of “have fun, but not too much”.” says a makeup artist for The Guradian a while back. “There is something smug about women who insist they go for the natural look – and something deeply annoying about men who say they like women without makeup: are they sure they have ever seen one?”

saturated matte makeup tren Makeup Trends   Then & Now.More looks from today: 2014 beauty trend matte lips Makeup Trends   Then & Now.bright lips looks Makeup Trends   Then & Now.lips makeup 2014 Makeup Trends   Then & trendy looks Makeup Trends   Then & Now.mattelips zps39cd8ce9 Makeup Trends   Then & Now.matte makeup trend 2014 Makeup Trends   Then & Now.matte red lips Makeup Trends   Then & Now.Earth being a huge place, there is enough space for everything and everyone, so au naturelle or not, go with the flow and with your mood, cause at the end of the day makeup is all about expressing a mood & a state of mind. xoxo



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  1. The 90s was a time to come out of the shell. It inspired new looks in fashion, hair, and make up. I just love the 90s, creativity was in full force then.

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