Happy 4th Of July!!!

Happy Birthday America! Though I’m not an American, nor live in the USA, most of my readers are, so this one’s for all you lovely dolls – may you have a great celebration and enjoys yourselves icon smile Happy 4th Of July!!!  lanadelrey 4th july flag Happy 4th Of July!!! 4th july0fashion Happy 4th Of July!!! 4th july fashion Happy 4th Of July!!! fashion for4th july Happy 4th Of July!!! Oh… and 1 question (this one’s for all of us): if you were to name one thing (or more) you love about America, what would it be? large Happy 4th Of July!!! I’ll start and you guys feel free to add as many as you wish. So… things to love about America:

  1. Oversized food portions – you gotta love them.
  2. Movies – seriously now, I don’t need to explain this
  3. Huge houses
  4.  ‘The American Dream’
  5. New York City

and now you my lovelies…



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